Lil Scrappy Plots Comeback LP on DTP

Crunk Ain’t Dead. Lil Scrappy is currently prepping his DTP debut, The Grustle, the Altanta artist’s first album on a major since 2006’s Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live on Lil Jon’s BME label.

The album title, The Grustle, refers to a combination of “the grind” and “hustle.” According to DTP label representative AJ Dixon, the disc will feature appearances by Maino, Trey Songz and DTP leader Ludacris. Fellow Atlanta resident Don Cannon has contributed beats for the project.

Scrappy recently released the video for the album’s first single “Addicted to Money,” which also includes an guest spot from Luda, earlier this week.

The Grustle is scheduled to hit stores on December 15. –Max G

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  • lol


  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Why the dude scrap always got the I need to take a shit face?

    This dude been bouncing around like a prostitute. One sec its LIL John, then he’s over there with 50. Then he’s on his own, now he’s with Luda’s label (that, by the way has not had a successful act other than Bobby Valentio).

    His verse on that lil John song a number of years is really all I recall from him. Honestly

  • BeerGangsta

    Scrappy is wack! Luda don’t let this Bitch in DTP. Nobody listen to that wack shit. Leave him hanging. Scrappy CDS Sells Sucks!

  • DetroitDraper

    Yea I just downloaded his new Dj Don Cannon hosted mixtape and it was straight trash..I was never a fan of Crunk music but I had a lil faith in him back when his solo came out wit the 50 cosign and it was actually a solid effort. The mixtape was horrible you could tell he was tryin to emulate gucci/jeezy on this one…he was’nt soundin like his self at all..not like that was too great to start wit.


  • aybay

    that addicted to money song is hard as hell tho thats a great one

  • DBHH

    Lil’ Scrappy has been on his grind to come back!! If you are an indie artist on his grind like Scrappy, sign up for a private consultation with experts in the industry and get that extra help you need to become a star! Only at

  • Nacirema_Dream


    I guess you forgot Chingy sold over 3 million records on DTP. Even though Chingy albums after that were pretty wack.

  • REAL TALK 09

    I always thought Lil Scrappy had potential to the next big thing!..His swag overpowers the music though….”No Problems” and “money in the Bank”(wit Yung Buck) were nice hits…I hope Luda can bring out his best..if so,the Prince Of The South can easil;y be king right about now…its better than Soulja Boy The New Boyz andf The GS Boyz and all the other crap dat dominated 2009!…..Good Luck Scrap!


    Scrappy Comeback….Sorry to say, but it seems he never did enter. He lacks the ability to evolve, advance his artistic Skill, seems to me every plan he’s come up with has been a flop. For him to go over to DTP?? That’s not going to provide anymore of a push, than when he was with Mr. Curtis???? Take the little money you have and, go back to school, that’s a plan. We don’t need anymore sound-a-like rejects, that’s causing the Artform to be tainted. Lil Scrappy, your still a pup, that never matured to a BIG DOG, ya dig?

  • Avenger XL

    Dude has no reason to comeback. Why does DTP
    keep signing these dudes? Let’s see

    Shawna- Luda was getting some head (Dropped)

    I-20- must have had that weeeeeeed(DROOOOPPPEED)

    playaz circle- no excuse duffle bag boy was a wayne song.

    Field Mob- They were dope but miss managed and now one of their members is in jail (DROOOOOPPED)

    Chingy- Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! garbage in garbage out. DROOOOOPPPPED for calling himself ching-a-ling

    Willy North pole- is Dope but I am sure DTP won’t know what to do with him. Plus he has know character just a lyrical southern dude talking typical southern ish.

    Lil Scrapy-Tax write off anyone. The only reason I could see adding him to my label was because he had a brand in the LCD rap world.

    Bobby Valetino- Proof positive R&B is dead.

  • bryan

    boo boo

  • Mario

    man ludas been washed up for a minute i was hoping this album was going to have another 50 cent co sign cause born 2 die bred 2 live was a solid effort just like DetroitDR***R said.

  • Mr. North

    The era has passed when everyone can come back out (circa 2005). I don’t remember any of Lil Scappy’s songs. So….

  • Harra$$

    Dude is trash he use to rap with my homeboy. Dj Cree! Atlanta aint got no love fo scrap! Take the S off. and it is what it iz! Lol! Dude had his fifteen. its ova!