With Michael Jordan being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this past Friday (September 11), Leroy Smith, the man who motivated his airness to become "the greatest basketball player ever," is starting a petition to get his name on the HOF ballot.

For those who aren't familiar with Smith, he's the player who beat out Michael Jordan for the last spot on Laney High School's varsity basketball squad during MJ's sophomore year. Now, the self-proclaimed "most valuable motivator" demands his just due.

Though he's been quiet in the past 30 years, Smith recently began his Hall of Fame bid by releasing DVDs and appearing in commercials advertising his motivator skills and his greatest achievement—fueling Michael Jordan with the drive that pushed him to become the basketball G.O.A.T.

In addition to commercials and an ongoing petition, Smith recently released a video titled, "Gift to the Game" to help make his point. In the clip, Smith showcases singing chops reminiscent of R&B singer/producer Ryan Leslie, crooning, "When I give a speech it’s a standing ovation/Shazam! One word motivize the whole nation." [Watch Video Below]—Marvin Brandon

For more information on Leroy Smith, visit getyourbasketballon.com.  

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