Kid Cudi Speaks About his Recent Media Exposure

With his debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day officially hitting stores today, caught up with Kid Cudi earlier today (September15) to talk about his recent media exposure.

Over the past couple of days, the XXL Freshman alumnus has showed up onstage alongside Jay-Z at the rap superstar’s 9-11 benefit show, as a musical guest on Late Night with David Letterman and performed at the MTV Video Music Awards.

XXL asked the Cleveland rookie how he feels these looks are gonna help his album. “I think it’s gonna make a lot of people more aware,” he said. “I think it’s gonna make a lot of people a lot more interested because in these last couple of days like you said, each of those moments has been different demographics, the Jay-Z was definitely a hip-hop show, and later on seeing me on David Letterman, which is a very mainstream show, you know you don’t see a lot of hip-hop artists on a Letterman type show, so each thing I did was very monumental.”

“I think it raises eyebrows,” he added, “like ‘Wow he can do a hip-hop show at Madison Square Garden with Jay-Z and do a hook, and turn that back around and do a performance on Letterman,’ it just has people more curious about what I have to bring to the table, just off the strength of the songs and the collabs and the versatility.”

Cudi faces competition from several new rap releases this week. New discs by Drake, Lil Boosie, Q-Tip, Trick Daddy, New Boyz, M.O.P., N.O.R.E., Capone, KRS-One and Buckshot have also all hit shelves today. Stay tuned to as the official sales figures from all the new CDs are reported next Wednesday. –Max G with reporting by Carl Chery

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  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    I dowloaded his joint and could only stomach about 3-4 songs before it went into the trash bin. Just not my kind of music.

    He had one REALLY dope song though called Soundtrack 2 My Life.

    You can REALLY hear how much Kanye swagger jacked him on the 808 album. (Although I know cudi wrote some of it.)

    • lesotho

      Man its so easy to be critical. Man check your spirit. No one wants to know that you trashed the songs. Someone spent time making a song and you just say you trashed it. You didnt have to say anything. Man you should really check your spirit. Be blessed.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Not really checking for Cudi. I’ll wait and let y’all tell me the verdict on shorty.

    I’m copping MOP & KRS/Buckshot this week.

    • Tony Grands


      C75B sent me an email last night & said Buckshot/KRS is banging (yes hetero)! Did you get J7′s connect off the site?

      Anyways, Cudi is a class by himself. It’s going to take more than a quick nod from Jigga & a few guest stars to really get folks open.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Yeah I got that. Good looking.

    Next weeks #’s drop will be very interesting.

  • EmCDL

    Q-Tip coming out with something this week? And M.O.P.? Where the hell have I been???

    Yall let me know how that Kid Cudi album is…I’m still comtemplating if I’ma get it or not.

  • ChinCheka

    Why is it that every time a new Hip Hop album is going to come out or has been rleased its all about how much it sells the first week? FUCK THAT WHO THE FUCK CARES AS LONG AS ITS GOOD FUCKING MUSIC. I am not sure about other folks but I dont care how much they sell and never have. This is hop hop… A music… A culture not now much a musician can sell in the first week. Get the fuck out of my face with that first week sales shit.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      You are on point with your argument.

      Unfortunately mainstream rap is a business, because it is owned by big corporations, and therefore numbers & sales do count and are scrutinized.

      • Tony Grands

        Second that.

        It’s not so much that the fan actually gauges any skill/productivity by how many copies are purchased, but the the investors (labels, parent companies) do.

        For the sake of starting a conversation, they ask us, XXL users, how do we think the artist will sell. It’s similar to them asking us can Drake make a classic album, or do we remember the 90′s?

        Purely speculative.

        Unless one happens to be from the 50 Cent school of Hip Hop economics. In that case, it’s how many copies sold that determine’s an artists artistic wealth, as well as his monetary status.

        Then again, it’s just a fun fact for some people; Hip Hop trivia per se.

  • j eazy

    real talk cuddie iz in his own lane and he makes music that sounds like nothing else out and i think most of time itz great music. But i kno a lotta niggas wont feel him cuz he too soft. but kid cudi>>>>drake straight up

  • abdulnasir

    d problem wiv the cudi album was the number of sad songs and eerie music to some of them, but definitely you can hear where Kanye swagger jacked 808′s n heartbreaks from.

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