Kid Cudi Projected to Sell 110-120K, Drake Set to Move 55-60K

The projections are in and XXL Freshman alumnus Kid Cudi is ahead of the class.

Industry inside source has the Cleveland native’s Universal Motown debut, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, at around 110-120,000 in sales for his first week based off of one-day sales figures.

Cudder’s Motown label mate Drake also has an impressive first week numbers. HitsDailyDouble has the Toronto upstart set for a 55-60K debut with the retail version of his critically-acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone. Lil Boosie is projected to sell 24-50K with his new album Superbad and Trick Daddy’s Finally Famous LP is estimated to move about 12,000 units on next week’s Nielsen SoundScan report.

Over the past couple of days, Cudi has showed up onstage alongside Jay-Z at the rap superstar’s 9-11 benefit show, as a musical guest on Late Night with David Letterman and performed at the MTV Video Music Awards. asked the Cleveland rookie how he feels these looks are gonna help his album. “I think it’s gonna make a lot of people more aware,” he said. “I think it’s gonna make a lot of people a lot more interested because in these last couple of days like you said, each of those moments has been different demographics, the Jay-Z was definitely a hip-hop show, and later on seeing me on David Letterman, which is a very mainstream show, you know you don’t see a lot of hip-hop artists on a Letterman type show, so each thing I did was very monumental.”

Stay tuned to as the official Nielsen SoundScan sales report will be released on Wednesday, September 23. –Max G

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  • General

    Damn, I honestly didn’t think Cudi was gonna sell that much, so congrats to him if those numbers hold true…

    Drake did hella good numbers for a EP that has been out now for damn near a year for free (the free version even having more tracks on it)…

    • General

      OH Yeah almost forgot…


  • Ya Boy

    Good shit Cudi’s albums pretty solid And listenable all the way through. And Damn I can believe Drake sold dat much 4 a fuckin Mixtape. U know he’s gonna sell a mil when his album comes out.

  • matt swagg

    kid cudi is da shit!! that album is fire!!

  • Enlightened

    What the fuck is wrong with the labels and this Drake situation?

    OK, this nigga has the biggest buzz right now. Big enough to sell outsell 90% of the rappers in the first week with some shit that was free a year ago.

    Why no mention of his album?

    Imagine if at the time 50 Cent was supposed to drop Get Rich or Die Tryin, they were re-releasing 50 Cent is the Future or one of his other mixtapes.

    The shit don’t make sense to me. His buzz ain’t gon’ get no bigger. If anything they gon’ let his shit die down. I don’t understand. I guess they waitin until after the Young Money and Lil Wayne new album.

    They wait too long they might drop the ball though

    • nicholasdelorejo

      To me I don’t think that an artist can simply sell records due to a buzz. Asher Roth had a large buzz when he debuted but it didn’t do any numbers. Drake on the otherhand not only has a buzz but also has been putting in the work in proving his talent is worth it even though he’s still overhyped. To me that’s why Roth’s album didn’t sell well. He pretty much sat there and let one song and the label to promote his work as opposed to putting in the promotional work himself. Fuck a cosign from Em. Roth should have tried to ask Em if he could work on a song with him, released another single, or at least tour for a while before the album release. My point is that hype doesn’t sell records like before. These days you have to build up a fanbase as well as curious fans. That’s how Jay and Em were able to sell as much because of having a large fanbase who were willing to go to the store and buy their albums.

    • Mutada/Mullah Atari

      What up E

      They said the same thing about Waynes buzz. They kept pushing it back, and pushing it back. Then boom, he does 1.5 the first week. I think if Drake keeps the mixtape songs and guest verses tight and lets the machine work its magic, he’s looking at a Feb/March 2010 release, that may do 500-600k, or who knows. But who knows.

      But I also have some doubts too. Him doing 50-60k, might make a few people nervous. It may just be another AsherEM thing, big on the net but has not penetrated the real consumers who buy records. That may be a reason to keep working the buzz, untill everyone knows Drake. My younger brother always says “I hate lil wayne” when “Your the Best” comes on the radio. He cant tell them a part and that might be the issue <- (in drakes voice from “Your the Best)

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Just because he’s YOUR boy don’t make him MY boy…”-Any G

      The $ got them trying to create the anthology off the back.

      But we’ve been saying son(Drake) has to put that work in.

      Cudi has that ‘Ye connect. Meet the inspiration behind 808′s…

  • Tony Grands


    Maybe that “Jay-Z co-sign” thing still has some magic in it.

    I wouldn’t think it’s projected to out sell Drake, though. They should do a song together explaining why they don’t have moustaches.

    • Worley

      “They should do a song together explaining why they don’t have moustaches.”

      Hilarious. I never trust any black man without facial hair. He’s either police, military, the government or a corporate tool. Either way, like I said, I don’t trust him.

  • Gkid12345

    Mad props to cuddi, i say his total sales after 5months will be 315k and maybe Gold plaque after a year in stores.

  • yoprince

    damn that’s big.

  • BeerGangsta

    Lie don’t care who tells it! Cudi is wack won’t Sell nothing but 10k first week. Drake goofy looking azz will Sell 110K maybe. They both are shitty to me.

  • latino heat

    there’s a lot of o.g.’s dropping. Trick, M.O.P., N.O.R.E, Capone, KRS & Buckshot, Q-Tip.

    too bad nobody’s know’s any of them are actually coming out.

    • General

      I wouldn’t say “nobody”, shit I already copped that Krs and Buckshot joint…Cudi’s too

  • Grand Prixx

    i TOLD you niggas dat cudi was gonna do numbers!(chek the blog post)i thought it was gonna b 100,000 but i knew at least 70 at least..congrats cudi

  • Shawty J

    I want to say I can’t see Cudi outselling Drake. But, considering Drake is just selling something he already gave away for free, it’s possible.

  • yoprince

    i think some of ya’ll aren’t realizing he’s selling 60k of a 5 SONG EP. that’s really big.

  • HU

    Hopefully no mention of New Boyz signifies the end of retard rap. They shouldn’t sell more than 75 copies. I saw them on tv once and they are genuinely mentally slow. It’s actually quite sad. Good riddance to them and all similar nonsense.

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  • Nate

    Not bad for Cudi, hella weak for Drake getting the most coverage this year for a new artist, mixtape or not.

    If Cudi has numbers of Fabolous or better that’s pretty good for this market. he knows he needs to tour to make that money. Get it while it’s hot.

  • KG

    Heard Wale projected to sell 5-10KB first week…

  • http://xxlmag south

    Drake doesn’t write his own shit anyway

  • Khari


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  • Jarred Lynum

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