Jay-Z Remains in Top Spot, Kid Cudi & Drake Make Impressive Chart Debuts

Hip-Hop dominates this week’s Billboard 200 sales chart thanks to Jay-Z and the flood of new major rap releases that hit shelves last Tuesday (September 15).

Holding down the No. 1 position for the second week in a row is the self-described Frank Sinatra of the rap game, Mr. Shawn Carter. Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 sold an additional 297,900 copies this week, bringing his two-week total to an impressive 774,000 units, according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

Coming in at no. 4 is Kanye West’s protégé Kid Cudi. The XXL Freshman alumnus failed to meet his 110-120K projections, but still managed to break 100k with his Universal/Motown debut Man on the Moon: The End of Day, officially selling 103,900 CDs in its first week. The disc received a boost in sales thanks to its $3.99 price tag at amazon.com.

Two spots down at no. 6 is Cudi’s fellow Universal label mate Drake. The Toronto-bred upstart managed to surpass expectations by racking up 73,300 in sales figures of the shortened, retail version of his critically-acclaimed, free mixtape So Far Gone.

Landing one spot down at no. 7 is Baton Rouge trap star Lil Boosie. Fans picked up 48,700 copies of the Trill Entertainment rapper’s new disc Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz in its introductory week.

The Black Eyed Peas slide down to the no. 10 slot this week. The group’s latest disc The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) tacked on an additional 40,200 units to their growing sales number, making their overall stats stand at 1,111,300 after 15 weeks.

In his sophomore week on the charts Raekwon plummets from the no. 4 position to no. 22. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Pt II, the sequel to the Wu-Tang rapper’s 1995 classic solo debut, moved 21, 300 units this go-round. After two weeks, the Chef is sitting on 89,000 in sales.

Sitting tight at no. 31 is Eminem. The hip-hop heavyweight continues to keep registers ringing well into his 18th week on the charts. Relapse rang in 13,800 CDs in sales this week, bringing the Detroit superstar’s overall tally to 1, 438,500.

Miami vet Trick Daddy debuted at no. 34 this week. Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug, pulled in a 13,200 in sales in its first week on shelves. Fellow Floridian Pitbull landed two spots down at no. 36. The Latin rapper’s new disc Rebelution sold 13,000 units this week, bringing its three-week total to 72,100.

New releases by the New Boyz, KRS-One and Buckshot and Q-Tip failed to make it into the top 40. Skinny Jeans and a Mic by the New Boyz landed at no. 56 with 9,700 albums sold. Survival Skills the collaborative effort between KRS and Buck pushed out 8,400 discs from stores, earning the duo a seat at no. 62 and Tip’s Kamaal the Abstract came in at no. 77. The former Tribe Called Quest frontman, was able to sell 6,500 discs of an album that was originally supposed to drop in 2002.

Foundation, the new disc by M.O.P did not make it into The Billboard 200. According to the Nielsen SoundScan report the disc sold close to 2,100 copies in its debut week.

Next week look for Us, the new release by indie staple Brother Ali, to make it onto the charts. –Max G

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Tough week for M.O.P.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      For real! Well I was one of the 2K.

      Still haven’t opened Foundation or Survival Skills yet.

      • General

        Survival Skills was solid…

        Can’t front though, I didn’t pick up M.O.P., just was never a huge fan of theirs

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Cool. I gotta let Linx 2 breathe for a minute and see what Kris & Buck are doing.

          My brougham told me the MOP production is kinda shoddy…

      • miles archer

        Yeah, I was one of the 2k. Went to Best Buy in L.A. and it took em 15 minutes to find the two copies they had stashed in the back room.

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          miles someone is hella mad @ you! HA!

          No one looking for Kamaal? I’ve had that album SINCE 2002… Miss the NY DJ pools.

        • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

          Yo $yk is that Q-Tip album tight? I’m either gonna buy it myself or just brun it from one of my co-workers…

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          If you like Tony!Toni!Tone! type of flavor…

  • General

    Good to see Jay’s numbers stay strong in the 2nd week with most people’s numbers falling dramatically in their second week…

    Congrats to Cudi and Drake for strong sales. I know I didn’t expect either one to sell as much as they did…

  • GIFT

    Damn MOP needs some major backing like when they came out w/that single “ANTE UP”. They go too damn hard to only get 2100 units off. The games got politics. Hopefully the continue to build up and increase that number.

  • romil

    How is Raekwon only under 100k, this shows that the internet and downloading is killing the game. Rae sold more disc on immobilarity, everyone is bumping Cuban Links 2 but his sales are low sumthin aint right

    • Brahsef

      Rae’s new album is tight as hell, but lets not lie to ourselves and say everyone is bumpin OBCL2. Only hip-hop heads are checkin on Rae, and there aren’t many of us.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Naw romil ain’t stretching it. I hear it in cars more than BP3.

      See it like this. You buy it, get high to it, bump it around the peeps, they want a burn copy for instant gratification instead of buying it, $5 is charged, everyone is happy, except EMI & Rae.

      And no I tell dudes to get their own. I support artists’ projects.

      • jburg

        I respectfully disagree. I am hearing that BP3 everywhere. Hadn’t got to cop that OBCL2 yet. Waiting for that bitch to go back to $9 bucks in bout two weeks. I am hearing that BP3 so much I am not even listening to it anymore. And why the fuck is anyone buying that Drake when you can get the shit for real? No hate, cause the mixtape was dope, but I can’t see dishing a crisp$10 for some shit I can download LEGALLY!

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          jburg what’s the word? Coolin’?


          I dropped cars, not clubs or radio. BP3 is playing there. Rae’s got the streets. Well at least where I’m @.

          Yest. evening I pulled up to the light & this nerd cat & I were both playing “10 Bricks”. We actually pulled over to the park and blazed one in my whip talking about Nipsey while I played my special OBFCL2 recipe.

          But I agree with the Drake thing. Should have dropped an EP with 7 NEW songs. It’s working, but I wouldn’t be too happy paying for something that was free in the first place(and still is free if you look hard enough).

          Guerilla brainwash promotion is a b*tch…

        • jburg

          Ain’t hatin on that!! Everybody got their own taste. I hear that J and Alicia playin eveywhere!!! I am in Nashville though. Alot of people know J cause he is more “mainstream” than Rae.

  • giantstepp

    Ok, I know that sales dont equal skills etc. But if rappers and fans would truthful, those wood numbers are not a good look! 2000 from MOP? KRS and Buckshot and Qtip fails to make the top 40?? Hell, Im from the so called golden era when dudes were moving units so im not even impressed with OB4CLII’s numbers either after two weeks.

  • Brahsef

    Grats to Cudi and Drake btw. Feelin Cudi’s CD and selling 100k+ on your debut is quite impressive in this sales climate. And Drake’s about to be puttin massive numbers on his debut release. Selling almost 75k on a re-released mixtape that was originally released get for free. Shitttt. I’m saying 500k+ on his debut.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    The contrast between Jay & Rae is interesting. Both were downloaded rampantly, both are respectively hailed as “good albums”, but the numbers show that Jay-Z’s fanbase reaches far & beyond Hip Hop. Can’t front on that, by any means. By all the ‘Net hype, I thought Rae would @ least have done 100k by now. Niggas snatched that shit online & never looked back.

    Cudi surprised me. I bet Charles Hamilton is mad as hell, like “That shoulda been me!”. Herion is a powerful drug…

    Boosie is about to be the next Gucci Mane when he gets out of prison. Damn shame that he’s probably planning some “Welcome Back” album already. God bless him though; he’s in a hell of a place right now.

    Hate to say, but MOP’s window of opportunity closed when the buzz from “Ante Up” died down. Very few cats from the ’90′s can still connect with today’s audience. Outside of the core fanbase who’ve been down since day one, heads ain’t really checking for them. & most of us are older now; got responsibilities that come before buying an album.


    I`m one of the few that stills thing BP3 is garbage.
    Glad my broke ass didnt waste my hard dollar on it.
    As for raekwon i make sure that i got two

  • Brooklyn

    i didn’t expect cudi to do over 100k that’s for damn sure. and it’s definitely fucked up that he sold more in his first week than rae did in two weeks, but it’s not really surprising because rae doesn’t really have that crossover appeal that kid cudi has. but 2,000 for mop? that’s fucking ridiculous, the new boyz sold more than that. i blame it on a lack of proper advertisement though, because outside of the internet they didn’t have much promotion for this latest project.

  • sb

    jay is a rock star..

  • sb

    and…when oprah airs tomorrow it would be interesting to see if he get a sales boost like whitney..if it does then hov has taped into a brand new audience or an audience that was buying him already that we were unawre of…i give him a week or 2 tops before he reaches platinum..good for hov..that D.O.A record is crack..Another classic for Jay

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    And before I run my errands, I will say this.

    Just like we were talking about Em when he dropped, Jay is the same. Their fanbase doesn’t just include the hood. Models, trust fund babies, suburb dwellers, super rich people, old people who like hip hop, 9-5ers, you know, PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY BUY CD’S AND GO TO TOURS, WHO SPEND THEM DOLLARS/EUROS. They count also. Don’t forget them or you are short changing yourself Mr/Miss Anyone on the Come Up.

    That other guy everyone hates is also on their level. Not the new guy. And not the Douche-nozzle© guy either.

    • sb

      very true $ykotic

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    I can see how Cudi did the 100K. I live in LA and Power 106 (Hip Hop) and Kiss FM (Pop), both played “Day and Night” non stop. I dont know if somone pushed the button or is that song was organic, but he probably made a shit load of non-urban, fans with that song and its radio play. I downloaded the thing and could only stomach 4 songs before it went into the trash bin. But good for him and hip hop.

    $yk, In LA, I’m hearing niggaz bumping that BP3 at the light. I cant recall hearing anyone on the OBCL2. That being said, all of the mid to late 20′s hip hop heads I know, have it in the whip and IPOD. I still say hats off to Rae for doing what he has so far. With NO radio or video play what so ever. He could have sold out and did a “r&brap” joint with Ne-yo and tried to get some air play. But he stayed true to what the album should have been and deliverd a superior album to Jigga.

    Bossie, did pretty well actualy. I agree with Grands in that he’ll be on some Gucci Mane shit when he gets out. He has a small, but loyal fanbase.

    And Jay Stone you are not the only one who admits that BP3 is a weedplate. With the exception of 3-4 songs, its his weekest effort since the BP 2.0 or what ever the fuck that double album weedplate was called. Peace

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Co-sign Mutada

      I don’t hear Linx 2 out here on the street. Maybe once or twice, but that was only the Hip Hop kids on their way home from Southwest or something.

      I hear Drake, Wayne & Jay, though. & most of those were either females, guys who THINK they’re females or uppity nigs with their fancy cars & shiny wheels.

      & the “nigga” niggas (lol), those dudes are bumping the Ugh Squad: Gucci, OJ, Boosie or themselves.

      Far as Cudi, I was bumping Day & Nite, still listen to it when it comes on the playlist, but the songs I heard after that didn’t impress me in the slightest.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      It is in the state above you’s.

      Someone just drove by playing “Daggers” while I snatched the mail.

      Always bills…

      • DETROIT

        just to chime in on the above argument. EVERY BOOTLEGGER THAT I WENT TO WAS SOLD OUTTA CUBAN LINX 2! in Detroit no less. now i know they prolly burnt more jay cds, but the fact that rae surpased most bootleggers’ expectations says alot. no one in the hood buys real cds anymore, they’re like 4 for $10 on the block. also, in this age of instant gratification, let’s not forget that quality music will always sell. rap fans get to caught up in the 1st week numbers…THRILLER DIDN’T SELL 100 MILLION IN ONE WEEK! that was over a long period of time. nas went plat 10 years after illmatic dropped, and people will always buy illmatic. THE ROLLING STONES OR THE BEETLES COULD OUTSELL JIGGA TODAY WITH SHIT THEY MADE IN THE 60′S! look what happened when mike died. 2 years from now now one will be mentioning bp3.

  • DUDE


  • brand-new

    the one thing about raekwon’s sales that show promise is, he’s beating pitbull in sales and pitbull is played in every club,radio and he has better promotion, while rae has little to none of that.


    no surprises here. i expect to see Jay on top again next week. shit, maybe even two more weeks after that. i finally got to check out the Blueprint 3. i think its hot, 3.5/5 IMO. it may sound average but its not. my fav. trax are A Star Is Born (J.Cole can fucking spit), Reminder (dat shit knocks! love it), Real As It Gets (shit knocks too), Already Home, Empire State Of Mind, & DOA & Run This Town. those songs alone are worth the (what?) $11. its not a classic, but way better material than your average.

  • raul

    it looks like Kid Cudi is the xxl freshman ofthe year

  • http://j-mace.deviantart.com Shawty J

    I wasn’t expecting Cudi to do projected numbers, but I was expecting him to outsell Drake. I’m planning on getting Man On The Moon later this week. So Far Gone on the other hand, I already had the mixtape so I just downloaded the two new songs.

  • Omar

    Copped Kid Cudi on Amazon for 3.99, its ok, but if I had spent 5.00, I’d be extremely pissed

  • REAL TALK 09

    Skinny Jeans in a Mic!..Ha Ha..less than 10,000….LMFAO,..maybe there is hope fvor hip hop…now if hip hop can regain its soul..after JayZ done sold his..hmmmmm…

  • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

    n these days and age the folks who actually buy albums (uppity niggas, females, & “nigga” niggas whoever they are) either just don’t know who Rae is, did’nt even know he was dropping (his PR is not on their game) or just don’t fuck with him) so it’s no suprise. However on iTunes he was like number 2 for like 2 weeks so I kinda did expect more, but I’m not suprised by these numbers.

    As far as BP3, it’s been the only thing I been hearing in cars, clubs, ipods, clothing stores, and etc.


    BP3… CLASSIC!!!

  • caino

    l’m surprised the chef aint over 100K but like someone said before its true hiphop heads that are buying that disc! The thing with Jay-Z and Em is that the got the pop chart on lock as well, so peeps that dont usually listen to hiphop will go out and buy the album , pushing up the numbers.

    Shame for M.O.P, looks like they need to think of a new strategy.

    Dont understand peeps buying Drake when its available for free. But l’m impressed with Kid Cudi!

  • BeerGangsta

    J will go Platium in 2 weeks. Ya’ll dummies should go and buy KRS1 and Buckshot CD. Go and by Rae CD. Hip Hop Fans are Dead! BEP is still strong with a Million CD sold and more.

  • Stylistic

    How do Krs and Buckshot only move 8400 units and Wack-ass Lil Boosie 48,700? Dag Hip Hop fans have gotten wack but I’m glad to see Rae’s album successful. OB4CL2 is the best album to come out of the east in quite a minute!!!

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