Jay-Z Planning ”Experimental” Follow-Up to BP3

Looks like Jiggaman got his swagger back. Before his new album, The Blueprint 3, even officially hits shelves Jay-Z already has plans for his next album.

In an interview with MTV News, the Brooklyn-bred rap superstar revealed that he will be heading in a new musical direction for his next disc. “My next album, which I’m working on now — that’s exclusive, no one knows that — is gonna be the album that really … it’s not gonna be a #1 album,” he told mtv.com. “That’s where I’m at right now. I wanna make the most experimental album I ever made. But let’s not deal with that now; I want to deal with The Blueprint 3.” [Watch Below]

BP3 is scheduled to drop on September 11, commemorating the eight-year anniversary of his first Blueprint album and the tragic fall of New York’s Twin Towers. Featuring guest spots from Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Young Jeezy, Drake, Kid Cudi, Pharrell and Rihanna, the highly anticipated CD leaked onto the net earlier this week.

Hov graces the cover of the October issue of XXL. In the story, he defends his status as the greatest of all time. “But when I say I’m the best, I don’t say that outta my ass,” he declared. “I say that with all my stats behind me. I put that against anybody. I mean anybody. I really believe that… I believe in a lot of things. 
I believe that ‘SportsCenter’ is the best thing on TV. I shouldn’t have to prove it. But I do have these stats to prove it. I’m talking about real run. I’m not talking about years off. I’m talking about straight—boom, boom, boom—back to back. We’re not talking about heritage acts either. We’re not talking about respect what I’ve done. I’m talking No. 1 [albums] 10 times. The Beatles is the only one [to have more 
No. 1 albums]. They got 19, and if I get a surge of creativity, I could make nine albums next year.”

Jay’s XXL issue hits stands on September 15. –Max G

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  • venemez

    BP3 won’t be a number one albume either hovito.

    • dthag

      this will be another number 1 bitch

  • Eric

    you tripping… who’s gonna outsell him?

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    I hate to admit it but…I heard that leak of BP3 yesterday and that ish go hard! I might just have to cop a copy

    • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      Damnit!!! I still haven’t heard the shit yet. I’m just trying to listen to it so I can review it on the vlog like it was suggested to a nigga. But I digress…

      E8 up, niggaz!!! youtube.com/federalranga

  • mister whitehouse

    The Black Eyed Peas.

  • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

    BP3 – Good album, not great, DAMN sure not classic…

    It will be #1.

    I just hope he doesn’t fuck it off with this “followup,” like he did the original Blueprint when he made BP2 and BP2­­¹

    • that dude aeezy

      but man you forgot after jay-z drops an ok album he drops a classic so yea proply will be a number 1

    • Worley

      I had the same thoughts. The last time this n*gga did this it was because BP2 was so garbage he had to trim and remix it. Perhaps the same will happen here. But it doesn’t matter. OB4CL 2 is in stores next week. I don’t give a sh*t about nothing else but that Wizard of Poetry album. F*ck a BP3 and its “experimental” (probably something for white folks on E and Budweiser) follow-up.

  • real talk

    You kno jigga is gettin that number one spot…some of those songs r fire on the blueprint..i cnt stop listening to thank you, a star is born, and already home..he spazzes on those songs man…respect the legends..

  • P Gunna

    go get em Hov….Statistically he is the Best

  • Decker

    @ Venemez,u wanna bet that it’s not going to be a No 1 album?

    • venemez

      I’m one of his biggets fans but this album is garbage. I can’t imagine people really going out and buying the album. I had high expectations when i first heard DOA. This aint a hip hop album, it’s a POP album with mainstream Kanye 808 and heartbreak beats (i miss the soulfull west), left over Nelly furtado beats, Rihanna on the hook… Jay really let his core fans down…

      BP3<kindomcome… that is how wack BP3 is looking

  • HNIC

    After him attempting to start the trend of “D.O.A”, he better not release an Auto-tune album, a la “808s & Heartbreak”. That was Kanye’s “experimental” album. Speaking of which, wasn’t the mash-up album that he did with Linkin Park, a few years ago, an experimental album, of sorts? Where is he going with this? Hopefully not Country music. Even though that genre of music is a huge seller, if you like that sort of thing, coming from him, that would suck majorly.

    For the record, although, BP3 isn’t an official classic, most of the tracks are BANGERS, except for the Timbaland tracks. If he omitted those, it could’ve been a contender, no doubt.

    • RDS

      Collision Course was requested by MTV. They asked Linkin Park who would they work with and Mike Shinoda said Jay-Z. A lot of the music they mixed fit, but they just had him come in and re-do a few verses (Jigga What, Jigga Who, “Dirt Off My Shoulders”). They were only supposed to do 2 songs, but they liked it so much they asked MTV if they could do a few more. There wound up being 5 or 6 altogether and Jay wanted to do the free concert for their fans.

      They explain it actually in the DVD that came with the CD. And yes, I did actually cop it and am one of the few people that will honestly say I enjoyed the experiment.

      I would think an experimental album for Jay would be more like “American Gangster” than “808′s & Heartbreak”. That album sounded like nothing that came out all year. Or since. Maybe a Chicago House/Blues/Jazz sound or something and some rock. He said he’s listening to Kings of Leon and Drake’s So Far Gone doesn’t sound typical of Hip-Hop. I’m sure he’s leaning somewhere in that region.

      • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

        I actually bought it and enjoyed it as well. I mean, it DID sell a million copies or better so SOMEONE bought it, even if they claim otherwise.
        I remembered not knowing anything about it until it was about to come out, as in the MTV special was on TV Monday night and the album was releasing Tuesday. I bought it the day it came out.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


          I bought it, also. & I still listen to it, from time to time. For what was supposed to be achieved, the “experiment” had a good outcome, to me.
          I don’t expect him to “capture lightining in a bottle” again, though.

  • http://www.StevenSoderbergh.Com Steven

    Jay-Z will be know as one of the best lyricists of all time. He will be known as one of the best Sellers of all time. He will be known as one of the greatest pioneers of bringing HipHop to the mainstream. But did he motivate me to be better, did he stimulate thought, did he provoke me to help the next person, did he help Memphis Bleek’s career…the answer to all of those questions is NO! Greatest of all time…Nahhh. One of the best…ehhh why not!

  • Jimmy_R

    Blueprint 3 is gonna be #1, look at all the people he has feat. on there, the KING of Hip Hop is back and he ain’t never gonna be stopped

    it’s Roc Nation

  • jab1


    • HIPHOP

      “So Ambitious” The official Anthem for FAll 09 into Winter 09/10.

      GTFOH hater!

  • Mutafda/Mullah Atari

    Oh this dude will be singing with autotune over Coldplay like tracks next. SMH

    And aside from a few great lines and a few as in 3 good songs BP3 is a weed plate.

  • BP3 great album

    album is a great album and actually sets a blueprint for things to come in the future. i promise you are going to see some trends be set and people follow in the same footsteps. He blacked out on that last verse of Thank you.

  • One900Romello

    I usually listen to albums three time before I give a complete judgment. First listen of B.P. 3. It’s good. A couple tracks I would skip over but again I didn’t give it my 3 times to listen to it. hard to catch all metaphors and points first time around. B.T.W. Rhapsody has the whole album heard for free on some trial listen tip. But regardless I’m getting the album and going to the concert (hopefully)

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      That’s what’s up, One9!

      I actually gave BP3 a thorough listen and now it’s on heavy rotation in the Silly Household.
      Raw genius…..

  • alderman j

    “We’re not talking about respect what I’ve done. I’m talking No. 1 [albums] 10 times. The Beatles is the only one [to have more 
No. 1 albums].”

    How can you in the same sentence say, (We’re not talking about respect what I’ve done.) Then go on to talk about what youve done?????? All you have to do is listen to him and its obvious he is reaching. He says Jim Jones and Game arent competition, he doesnt focus on them, the first song on HIS album HE mentions THERE names!! Where im from you dont speak anybodys name that is beneath you!! And if you do speak there name you dont get a pass later on!!!

  • alderman j

    And if you gonna make an experimental album dont release it, KEEP THAT SHIT AT HOME AND LISTEN TO IT IN SOME HEADPHONES, i dont want to hear that crap!!!!

    • Silly Chilly Willy

      What it do, Aldo ?

      You know, just because he makes an experimental album, that doesn’t mean that YOU should feel COMPELLED to hear that “crap”.

      Please retain the option to stop caring about good music and don’t pay attention to it. After all, an open mind and a broken skull is pretty much the same thing, isn’t it ?

      Cheapest way to do it: “You not feelin me? Fine ! Costs you nothing to pay me no mind”

      Have yourself a very stankylegged day !!!

      Peace !

  • latino heat

    “you niggas gonna learn to respect the king”. – Jay-Z

    BP3 = #1 album, again.

    haters do what you do best.

  • YUMad

    The one thing I love and hate about the internet is that it exposes the bitch in men I’ve never seen so much hate for one person I mean it’s disgusting! “Pull ya skirt back down grow a set man!”

  • Justin C

    Yeah yeah yeah there leaking his shit hating lik allways. im buying 3 fucking copys now.

  • Mexistan

    I’m calling Electric Circus BS on this one

  • liberachi

    blueprint 3 is UGHHH! man i was sick to my stomach when i heard it.

  • DUDE


  • General

    I hope by experimental he means that he will experiment in making some hot tracks with just blaze, because this CD (BP3) ain’t the one…

    Its not hate, i’m just disappointed in all the buildup to this CD and then after downloading and listening to it now 5 times, I think Kingdom Come was actually better than this…

    Oh well

  • MosMcFly3000

    I read these comments and think: “damn these niggas are stupid.”

  • alderman j

    what id do sally wally charlie?????

    that metaphor is kinda like jays metaphors right now, just wrong man!!! an open BRAIN AND A CRACKED SKULL, are pretty much the same thing, so this is a case of MIND over MATTER!!! I pay you no MIND, so you dont MATTER!! Let your metaphors make sense before you try to analyze what i say!!!! PEACE CLOWN!



    • Silly Chilly Willy

      I see…

      Well, please accept my apologies….

      I’m really sorry that ignorant dumbfucks like yourself (who can’t even tell a metaphore from an antiphrasis but thinks every words put together is a metaphore, might I add) are so goddamn sensitive. I really am…..

      But after all, OJ got a guest blog spot so why should we be mad about you being dumb ? There are more important subject at hand right now…

      BTW, Beavis was looking for you…

  • Anon

    Next week Beatles are set to dominate the charts, the only problem is that they rereleasing all their albums, but Sgt.Peppers… and The White Album got a good chance of taking the number one spot.

  • Anon

    Jay-Z is being selective with the facts, with that said he has done something remarkable but he aint never sold 10 million on one album, so Biggie, 50Cent, Eminem and 2Pac got him on that one.

    Next week Beatles are set to dominate the charts, the only problem is that they rereleasing all their albums, but Sgt.Peppers… and The White Album got a good chance of taking the number one spot.

    Also Jay-Z is including the R.Kelly album as one of the number one albums, same logic applied to Paul Mcartney and you will see he has 26 number one albums, John Legend and George Harrison have 22+ number one albums.

    Beatles & Rolling Stones have sold way more than Jay-Z has, Beatles done over 600 million copies. Next week it will be way more.

    • venemez

      so its the Beatles vs Jay Z… looks like i might be right with jay not being number one. Lets see the numbers on wednesday 9/16.

      See you then assholes

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      I was gonna drop that info for the non-informed.

      Except you meant John LENNON. S’ok.

      BP3? I like the first 2 songs, the Jeezy cut and the Pharrell collabo. Hate the Swizz beat, and the others haven’t really caught me, even the leaks. Ok except “Hate” with ‘Ye.

      Real talk. But it’s only a couple of days of listening.

      • Anon

        Lol, Yeah meant Lennon.

  • 831

    anon how long their music been around??? how longs it been in stores for people to buy?? everyone just hates jay sell a few mill watch them turn on him. on another note the dude aint a gangster no more hes set u wanna hear gangster shit slap jay rock or nipsey . or wayne hes a blood ahahahahahahah

  • Anon

    I was just saying Jay-Z shouldnt comapre himself with bands like Beatles, I aint got a problem with him, I brought The Blueprint 1 & 2, American Gangster, Reasonable Doubt & Vol.1 In My Lifetime. Also 40 years from now I doubt Jay-Z will sell that many albums.

    Onto the numbers don’t lie. How many copies do you think Jay-Z brought of Kingdom Come? I wonder how many copies Jay-Zs sponsors going to buy of Blueprint 3?

  • Jesus Martinez

    Experimental? Every time a rapper says they doing an experimental album, its always full of some faggot electro/house music European-soundin bullshit.

  • Tone

    Why are ppl saying the BP3 is wack? i mean seriously, yall are listening to a bootleg that yall brought which means those might not even be the official tracks, some tracks just might not have made the official album its all being thrown on a bootleg. Don’t be sruprised if there are SOME different tracks and the album goes #1 seriosuly cause this is Jay-Z that we talking about

  • http://www.doerustig.nl Driedoezoe

    Me and my friends put the album up so we have something to laugh about. What garbage flows/rhyms/texts/beats.

    Seriously. Blueprint 3 can’t possible stand in reasonable doubt/vol.1/blueprint’s shadow. I’m almost ashamed when I have to convince people that Ho’v could actually rap back in the days.

    My god, Hov’ is wack these days

    And I agree with jesus martinez:
    Experimental means electrohousebullshit.

    Put some madlib, flying lotus beats and he will have a experimental album that could be taken seriously

  • Decker

    The experimental album is going 2 have a very rockish feel 2 it.Jay seems 2 be more into rock than he is into rap these days.I can’t wait 2 hear it.

  • Pingback: Jay-Z Planning Experimental Follow-Up to BP3 - The Leak


    I’m copping it da day it cumz out…9-11…..and im getting da raekwon album too…..get ya $$$ up

  • Still a Fan of Fif

    This aint jay’s greatest work, but its still one of the best aslbums of the year. Its up there with Em, for sure. Its not full of party jams…You actually have to LISTEN and THINK, much like all his albums since the Black one. \
    Like Money May, told Jim Rome…”Step your Game up”, or as Ochocinco said( in response to haters) ” Child please”