Jay-Z Announces BP3 Tour Dates

Days before his 9-11 benefit concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Jay-Z has announced a full-fledged arena tour.

Jiggaman will be hitting cities throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Officially kicking off on October 9, Jay will play at the Bryce Jordan Center in University Park, Pennsylvania and will stay on the road until November 22 at the Frank Erwin Center Arena in Austin, Texas.

As previously reported, Hov will be playing MSG this Friday on the eighth anniversary of his first Blueprint album and the tragic collapse of the twin towers. Proceeds for the show, titled “Answer the Call,” will go to New York Police and Fire Widows and Children’s Benefit Fund. Tickets will go on sale today at noon. They can be purchased for $50 each at ticketmaster.com.

Jay’s latest album, The Blueprint 3 is currently on shelves. The album was moved up from its original September 11 release date. –Max G

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    hope he come thru the GA Dome. i work there events, i will get backstage.

    • ff1one@yahoo.com

      if he does give me some tickets big homie

  • Gorrilah

    Who fuck cares anyway about 40 year old dick-head without a mustache perfoming.Krs and Gayzee are killing hip-hop faggots.Yall dick-riding motherfuckers just love this faggots.Gayzee stop rhyming and concentrate on getting twins with Beyonce man.Fuck that stupid rhymes give-up the mic and let the young ones pick it up.Fuck

    • LEO

      GAME? is that you?

    • latino heat

      @ Gorilah
      “bird ass niggas i don’t mean to ruffle ya, i know your waitin in the wings but i’m doin my thing” Jay-Z from, Ain’t No Love.

      plus he’s doing the concert for charity so stop being a fuckin idiot.

    • BIG Ry

      Shut up kid,Jay z could be 80 with alzheimers and still destroy your favourite rapper.

  • tronthadon

    Shut ur dumbass up..he pose to drop tha mic so these non rappin ass niggas can run this shit in the ground even more..you aint pose to give shit up you pose to have a muthafucka take it and prove they are worthy i ratha hear Jay than lil wayne gay ass anyday..come to Ga J

  • MDAce15

    I cosign Tron.

    You dont get the game handed to you young’n, you EARN IT!!!

    If you don’t like or feel Jay’s music thats cool. To each his (or her) own, but dont be ignorant and act like nobody likes his music.

    Jay-Z sold out Madison Square Garden (for concerts thats like 30,000 seats or something like that) in 4 minutes… 4 MINUTES!!!

    People still listen to and respect Jay. If you dont thats fine. Just keep listening to Soulja boy or lil boosie or hurricane cris or whatever it is you “think” is hot. But dont think for a second that one of the best of all time is gonna disappoint his millions of fans just so these wack rappers can get there 15 minutes of fame. Make hit records (like Drake) show consistency (like Fabolous) and be your own artist (like Kanye) and your time will come. For now, it’s still Jay’s time.

    • Nefarious

      Cosign.. some ninjas cant be satisfied..I been listen to bp3 and I cant get where people talking bout Jay had subpar bars. My question to those people is do you know the definition of subpar? Jay maybe 40 but as far a lyrics, and emceeing he still got the skill set to do it, probably till he 50…..and to Gorrilah, nobody can hold you back if ur shyt is the truth… look at all Drake accomplished without a label..stop bytching Grind

  • venemez

    “Jay Z moves BP3 from 9/11 to 9/8 in fear of not being the number one album after reading venemez’s post on xxlmag.com”

  • http://xxlmag johnny r

    thats fucked up. I thought 2day would be Raekwon’s day. I’m buying Cuban Linx 2. I dont know about yall….

  • K.ing

    ake hit records (like Drake) show consistency (like Fabolous) and be your own artist (like Kanye) and your time will come. For now, it’s still Jay’s time. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    is that u Fab???

  • latino heat

    i didn’y know the album was bumped up to today. i’ll be on my way to Best Buy in a couple hours to get both albums.

  • Escobar9300

    Gorilla, you sound about as dumb as a room full of Soulja Boy fans. What do you expect Hov to walk away from Hip-Hop while dudes like Wayne and Soulja boy piss all over it? Fuck that. Until some new GENUINE talent steps into hip hop, Jay Z and Nas have keep dropping knowledge to keep the shit alive.

  • Decker

    Gorilla,get a gun & commit suicide already.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    yes, that was the dumbest comment ever. its not really about what is good or bad for hip hop, but the dummies who wanna use the age argument don’t realize they killing their careers. everybody is gonna get old. that argument is so stupid because soulja boy gonna be a vet soon. look at bow wow. he trying to find a place. a star is born off bp3 sums it up best. how many people have been hot as jayz for so long. na, keep going hov, keep selling out shows. i tried to buy tickets today do u know them bad boys was sold out withing five minutes. a few clicks away. get real. ur favorite rapper have problems selling out a hole in the wall club.

  • Still a Fan of Fif

    Jay-Z has nothing to prove, for him to do it this long is amazing. Nigga is spittin, while spittin the truth. What more can be said

    This is my music Friends….enjoy and give me REAL feedbackDa Damn General’s Page – ThisIs50.com : IF IT’S HOT IT’S HERE!
    Source: thisis50.com
    Da Damn General’s Page on ThisIs50.com : IF IT’S HOT IT’S HERE!

  • http://xxlmag.com PM

    real talk, I never have like J all that much. But I gotta have respect for him “I can’t do what he has no hate there”. I have bought two jay z albums, hard knock life and the black album. I was gona pick up BP3 but I heard it, too bad for MTV the leak. How many albums can he release before he stoped giving a fuck. He was talking about his next album before this one even droped, like yeah its time to move on. Why not do the lil wayne thing n push back push back push back intill he got what he wanted instead of releasing sub-par shit. It my just be me as I have said I have never been that into J. Its time to hang it up if he doesnt care anymore, or at least take a break or some shit.

  • Knowledgeable

    The Blueprint 3 is fire!!!

    HOV is keeping mainstream hip-hop alive singlehandedly right now!! Empire State of Mind is my shit!!!

  • Stoh

    @ Knowledgeable

    Lol i heard “Empire State of Mind” was like, the stand out track on the album, that and the “venus and mars” one.

    Fuck Jay-z, trying to pass this album like the Original Blueprint! Once he hears how much OBFCL2 blows his album away, hes gonna announce Reasonable doubt 2!

    But seriously Raekwons shit is the best out this year. Go get that! Download jay-zs BP3 so u can listen to a few songs about 6 times before you get sick and get it out of your system and turn that Raekwon back up!!

    Fuck it imma keep going, Why the fuck did jay-z think that having Rihanna randomly yelling throughout “We Run this city” would be a good idea?? That track would be substantially better if they took her out of the song completely, not hating, she was good on “live your life”. The only one who seems to be trying on the BP3 album is Kanye.

    Its one thing for these new young artist to put out wack shit, they dont really know any better. But Its sick how jay-z’s just shitting out these crumby albums and acting like hes JAYHOVA! Point being, BP3 Is certainly not Fire, a classic, or anywhere near his other work. Kingdom come > BP3 <—- WOW!

    • Oz

      I think Kingdom Come was a good album in its own right. Lyrics and production were pretty sound. Aside from a select few tracks the album is really good. I guess it took a lot of flack because fans were expecting a lot after a CD like the Black Album. But compare Kingdom Come after hearing BP3 it definitely shows how good of an album it was. It had much more quotables and sounded like Jay put thought into the lyrics as opposed to some half-assed bars on BP3. I guess it flew over people’s heads but it deserved credit on its own rite whereas Jay is obviously reaching with this album.

      I haven’t listened to all the tracks but this is my impression from hearing all the leaks and I doubt it will change after I’ve heard it all.

    • Nefarious

      Can you explain how BP3 is not fire, a classic or anywhere near his other work? If anything Jay has evolved. I got the new Cuban Linx’s album, and you can’t compare in my opinion JayZ to Cuban Linx aka Rae and Ghost CD.

      • Oz

        Sorry to tell you this but it is no way a classic. Maybe to your watered down ears it might sound like fire but you can tell listening to some of the tracks Jay doesn’t even care to rap.. I said and will repeat KC>BP3

  • ASID

    noway i’m going to the tour after wasting my money on this album….hate to admit it…but maybe Eminem is the best rapper alive

  • Joe

    @Stoh and everyone else re: Rihanna

    How tha F### does Rihana sound good on Live your Life, but not on Run this Town?


    Tha chick aint Patti Label, but it sounds good. Dont make sense to u? Well u may be too young to remember, but people said Mary J. Blige couldnt sing either. NOT COMPARING THE 2, just sayin u dont have to be a friggin 9 range octave singer to sound ‘good’. Emotion, melody, pain, etc. go a long way.

    When that ‘feel it comin in the airrr’ comes on, yea i fuks wit it. For some reason i love the parts where her voice fails tryna hit that high note, and many people feel the same but dont kno why.

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