Ghostface Squashes Beef With 50 Cent, Says He’s Open to Record a Collabo

The feud between Ghostface Killah and 50 Cent is officially over. In a recent interview with, the Wu-Tang vet said that his beef with Fif is a thing of the past.

As fans know, the two New York rappers had a public war of words years back, after 50 included the Shaolin heavyweight on 1999’s “How to Rob.” Ghost notoriously then fired back on a skit from his critically acclaimed Supreme Clientele album, as the deep-throated Clyde Smith. “Yo that nigga 50 Cent, I don’t even know why he did that lil bum ass shit right there,” he said. “But I’ma tell you something. You can say all them other niggas names but niggas gonna see you based on that big daddy…If I see you up in here I’ma have about 500 wolves on you…like I said 50 you a bird and niggas gonna see you.”

After seeing an interview with Starks on Fif’s web site,, XXL asked Tony what caused the change of heart. “That’s some old-school shit,” he shared. “Back then, things were all snowballed in the air on some other shit. I didn’t like what he said, that’s where it all started from anyway. But we kicked it on the phone one time, and after we kicked it on the phone that was it.”

“I aint really trying to hold no grudge fucking 30 years later after he done said whatever the fuck he done said,” Starks continued. “So it was like whatever.”

Ghost says he would even be open for recording a song with Fif.

“It’s whatever God wills,” he said. “At the end of the day we’re still people just trying to get ahead. It’s like you’re having a fight with a muthafucka 10 years ago… you can either keep the grudge or be like ‘yo wattup’ and just let it go and shit, it’s like what the fuck I’m holding on to it for. I respect all these niggas. As long as you respect me, I’ma respect you.”

Wizard of Poetry, Starks’ R&B-tinged eighth solo LP, is set to hit stores on September 29. -Jesse Gissen

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  • Still A FAn of Fif

    Theodore Unit
    Did this nigga(despite his lyrical abilities) even show up on 50′s radar. Hell Naw

    • mo

      50′s radar? curtis can’t touch starks on his best day you lame!

  • Silly Chilly Willy

    That’s what’s up, Ghost ! Fuck that beef shit, that shit is played out, word to Frank White. It wasn’t even that big, man. Just an upcomin artist runnin his mouth to get put on (a smart move btw), nothin more to it.

    A real man will walk, but never run.

  • Curtis75Black

    That was Raeqwon talking that Clyde Smith shit !!

    • DetroitDraper

      Paper Planes was one of the illest/accurate disses of all time..I fucks wit the GZA




  • http://-- gaddic

    Alot of n*ggas would hate on Ghost saying he ain’t got no backbone and he’s goin soft but I think he’s pretty much right with this move

    But why didn’t Ghost record 50 cent diss songs after Fif bust to gain a little more buzz?

    Man! that woulda been exciting!!!

    He woulda brought Rae in it and eventually the entire clan and Fif would’ve brought Em and the whole interscope family in it as well

    Damn that shit woulda been entertaining!!!
    RZA Ghost Rae take on Eminem Obie trice and Banks!!!
    Six wicked lyricist going toe to toe damn i bet the Nas vs Jay-z couldn’t compare!

    Aftermath bitches

  • http://-- gaddic

    GZA/Genius (replace RZA) my mistake
    always mixing up these cats names

    BISD bitches!!!

  • enzo

    GZA/Genius (replace RZA) my mistake
    always mixing up these cats names

    BISD bitches!!

    why you replacing Rza with Gza. I would rather hear Rza battle them dudes. He comes of more assertive and authoritative in his rhymes, at least to me. You’re right though that shit would have been sick if it popped off.

  • BeerGangsta

    i like ghostface killa. hes a good rapper. i like 50 cent. hes a good rapper. ghostface was always my favorite d12 member. i like d12. my mom grounded me for stealing that cd from wallmart. i like wallmart. wallmart is good.

    • latino heat

      damn homie, why would you steal a cd from Wal Mart? all they sell is clean versions. at least steal it from Target.

      • BIGNAT

        hahahaha you didn’t notice he said ghost was in d12

    • ChRi$


      youz a fuckin idiot nigga, keep off xxl my dude real talk

  • BeerGangsta

    G-UNOT and Wu! Ghost is the weakest Rapper out of Wu. 50 could never Rap worth a dam. So the beef to me was nothing.

  • Mag

    In before wu stan melt down…

    Edit: Too Late

  • Nate


    What we gone do? 50′s back around!!

    Hey, 50 can we make peace? Can I get some rap scraps? Can you put me on a verse for one of your albums? I need some exposure. No? How about a mixtape then? Whatever, anything!!

  • Beast McCoy

    That’s what I call manning up. You become a man when you’re ready to put childish things away and that’s what this is PUTTING CHILDISH BS AWAY. Now if more brothers would think this way, there could be no end to the things we could change in our lives and our community. We are all trying to thrive & survive. This may be a small issue but it is big step many won’t take.

  • Dr Flav

    Its clear many of you don’t know history since the issue occured before Aftermath signed dude even before he met them and beer gangsta is obviously drunk.

  • http://XXL Gratefultouch

    What up xxl?

    I hear ya ghostface and dats the truth.
    and i say dat everybody,should be thinking the same way.beef is geting play out 2.
    and why do everybody grind 2 eat?
    but at the sametime they be in it up beefing.
    we all got 2 eat on god given earth.
    and i say dat.we should come together now of days. put all the beef in the past.
    and just live our lives.and it don’t matter 2 me who sell the most long everybody is geting by and eating good.
    dats what it is about now of days.and liven it up with our family love one’s.but anyway big ups 2 u ghostface and 50cent and all the rappers in the world who is trying to get by.
    god bless yall all.and may i say lets get back 2 the love,money,power,respect,and given dat 2 eachothers i am a e.o.t.s.4 life holla peace 1.

  • KQ

    ‘Clyde Smith’ may have been on Supreme Clientele but that was Raekwon, not Ghost who said that shit.

    Fuck 50 anyway. Dude is damn-near irrelevant, only good for amusing interviews…his day of making good music are long gone.

  • geico lizard

    “Cherchez la Curtis” the mixtape coming soon…Tony Yayo was snitching about ghostwriters so he wont be on there.

  • crisis

    who cares
    the Genius still shits on 50
    “hes TOO smart”
    even fif admits it

    also, ghost is wearing an awesome shirt in that picture

    • c. gabi

      read your last sentence and scrolled back up at Ghost’s shirt…..DEAD.


    • P. Harris

      c. gabi

      did the same thing… ROFL

  • Still a Fan of Fif

    Flight 187…niggas dont want it with Fif or The Unit

  • Patrick

    Clyde Smith is Method Man look at Meths album credits besides if you know your Wu correctly it is known hes real name is Clyde Smith listen to that skit on Supreme Clientele Meth speaks a certain obvious way. Look on Wikipedia you’ll see his real name anyway.

  • Patrick

    Clifford Smith Clyde for short of course.

  • 92FS

    Good that dudes is wising up and putting petty shit behind them. Either way. Ghost would murder 50. Lyrically AND literally.

  • romil

    Ghost did that so him and Rae can be on . All these cats squashed there beef with 50 because hes a good avenue right now for promotion on the web. lol

  • A-Boogie

    On the real, who these cats were beefing?
    50 called and said it was news to him….

    have you seen Rico?

  • Crocker

    Please tell me how Curtis Jackson is still relevant to todays hip-hop scene?


      The highest selling rap artist in NY….

      The 3rd richest rapper in the game…..

      the most popular website >(black ) after Media Take Out….

      need i say more bitch!!!! ”

  • lostgyrl

    Glad to hear!! Love them both!!! Was even compared to Ghost once. My boy made me blush,lol!!!

  • GREG


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