Eminem to Talk About Relapse 2 on Shade 45

Eminem will check in with his XM Sirius Satellite radio station, Shade 45, shortly after it’s five year anniversary, to talk about his highly-anticipated LP Relapse 2.

Em plans to sit down with DJ Whoo Kid this Saturday, (October 3) at 3 p.m. and then again with DJ Tony Touch on Tuesday at 9 p.m.

When Relapse was released in May Em appeared on a Shade 45 special program titled “Shade 45…Eminem: The Pre-lapse Special,” a three-hour interview about the making of the album.

In these upcoming appearances, Em will similarly talk about the making of Relapse 2, in addition to his scheduled performance at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans on Oct. 30 and his role in developing DJ Hero.

As of press time there is no official release date for Relapse 2, but it’s expected to drop before the end of the year.

For more information about the radio program visit Sirius or XM Radio-Brooklyne Gipson

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  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    I think this album will probably be pretty dope. We shall see.


    drop the release date.so we can watch you outsell lil wayne.

  • Deezy

    Weezy said it best, ‘lil wayne is what they gotta say or mention.” lol

    Dudes love hating on Weezy. I guess that’s how it is when you’re at the top.


      im not hatin on him.im just tired of hearin him and constantly hearin about him.dudes wore out his welcome.you can only play your self out for so long before people grow tired of you.oversaturation is what destroyed no limit and cash money in the first place.thier music got played so much people got tired of them,same is happening with wayne.i like him (dont think he is the greatest,he is over rated in my eyes).i just think it would be nice to see a show down between the two of them in record sales.

      • cold


  • Fireforreal

    I like Em but who gives a fuck because he took 4-5 years off and dropped a good album but it was far from his best. I want to hear the best possible album from him possible,not just a album jimmy iovin’es punk ass just wants to make some quick bucks from. Where the fuck is Detox ? Em should say he’s not dropping agian until Dre finally drops his long awaited album.

  • caino

    l got that relapse and l must admit l enjoyed it , tho l have already stopped listening to it, he needs to stop rapping in stupid accents!

    altho l’m sure it will go platinum pretty quickly

  • E-Hustle

    Marshall Mather, best rapper dead or alive, period.

  • E-Hustle

    Marshall Mathers: Best Rapper Dead or Alive, of all-times, period.


      Boy quit playing wit yoself Em aint no best rapper, not even top 5!

  • Emperor Doom

    I have a feeling Relapse 2 will be even better. I want to hear that stuff he used to spit like when he was rapping in

    Role Model
    Just Don’t Give a Fuck
    Girls (Limp Bizit diss)

    the intense raw shit

  • http://-- gaddic

    E-Hustle you are are idiot
    Even Em himself knows that statement is not true

    “There’s no one best rapper they’re just good at different things”-Em(on winning The best rapper alive VIBE Mag poll)
    I bet you haven’t even listened to Illmatic or better yet Paid in Full in your entire life!

    Eminem is one of my favorites but to say he’s accomplished more than Nas and Rakim is just blasphemy!
    He’s on his fifth album with three classics in the bag and a quality lp

    Nas=5 classics and 3 quality lps

    (Ill.Itwas.Still.Lost Tapes.Untitled)+(God’s Son I am & Hiphop is)

    Em only has 3 classics(Slimlp MMLP Eminem show )and Relapse
    Em has a long way to go to get props as a GOAT
    Relapse2 should be illas fuck though-can’t wait

  • D Loc

    yo gaddic, whats blasphemy is putting Nas in the same sentence as Em. In that vibe interview Em was obviously being modest so he doesnt come off as a cocky dick like weezy (the self proclaimed g.o.a.t.) He knows and you know that as long as Em n Dre are collabin its gonna be fire. Plus Nas could never sell like Em sells. Its just not happening. Em is the Air Michael Jordan of hip hop, rap, or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I aint even that much of an Em fan. Facts are facts pimpin.

  • DV8

    looking forward to it.

    and fuck Detox. Dre been talking about dropping that since before 50′s 1st album. I stopped giving a fuck after Game’s 1st album dropped.

    Em might be top 10 but definetly not top 5. Not when names like Rakim, Nas, Black Thought,Jay-Z, Tupac, B.I.G., Tupac, Pharoah Monch, Common, Canibus (yes Canibus!!!), RedMan, Scarface, certain members of the Wu, Andre 3000, Ceelo Green amongst others are mentioned. You really have to know your history before you start a GOAT conversation. Most of these voting polls that come out nowadays is really just a popularity contest.

  • http://-- gaddic

    you should calm down
    By the way when do record sales = superior quality

    Encore = 12 mil
    The Blueprint = 2 mil
    Which album would you say is the better lp?

    only a fuckin fool would pick the 5yr old lp!!!

    Know your hip-hop history
    Illmatic is arguably the best rap album ever created!!!

    By the way Michael Jordan skill-wise ain’t got shit on Wilt Chamberlin!!!
    If Wilt was in the MJ era Magic , Bird and the whole bunch of these greats would be minced like meat when The Stilt touched the court!!!



      Blueprint is way better than anything made, but that wilt Jordan statement, wilt would not make it N MJ era!


      and whoever said encore sold 12mill?? where u hear that im on eminem side trust but damn from what i heard encore in usa sold over 5 mill? unless your talking world wide? idk its in the xxl mag with eminem couple months ago it says how many eack album sold but idk if it is just in usa?? idk what em sold world wide


    im not gonna lie eminem last album was dope but this next album i think will blow pass his first one cause since first one dropped em can out with the warning and forever verse and man he killed it like back in the day hes comin hard i think eminem is savin the best for last! plus heard dj premier and elton john and plus dre picked all the beats for this next one they allways start out buildin up steam then boom!!
    and far as him going away for 4 to 5 yrs i have no problem with that i understand he was going thru sum real hard hard times and i no how that is if no one doesnt understand that they selffish it must be hard for dude to hear negtive comments when they dont understand what he was going thru sumtimes shit happens and you got to take a break when ur best friend dies and you get into drugs and tryin to figure out how to find your way back but thats how it is no one cares bout what you going thru they jus expect you to serve them no matter what but cant wait eminem im behind you homie and im copin 2 of your cds on this next cd and cant wait for d12 and dre