Eminem May Be Headed to Trial in Apple Lawsuit

Eminem’s music publisher, Eight Mile Style LLC, along with Martin Affiliated LLC have filed a lawsuit in federal court against Apple Inc. over the sale of more than 90 of Em’s songs that are being offered for purchase on iTunes.

According to Reuters, both publishing companies claim that Apple has been selling these songs without proper permission or payment. The plaintiffs are also suing Aftermath Records, which controls Eminem’s recordings, for unlawfully entering into agreements with Apple for the sale of these digital downloads.

Apple claims that authorization had been granted and that Eminem’s publisher has received substantial royalties for everything.

A conference that may determine whether or not a trial will commence was scheduled for today (September 23). If the issue is not resolved in the conference a trial is expected to begin Thursday.

Stay tuned to XXLMag.com as the news unfolds. -Brooklyne Gipson

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    Just tell me about Relapse 2 and when it’ll be out. I liked Relapse but I still hunger for that Marshall Mathers feel. I guess we all do.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    So, if his company is suing Aftermath, where is Dre going to fall into all of this?

  • whats CraCCin

    off subject tony grand do you have a job or do you troll these boards all day LMFAO @ you

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      @what’s CraCCin

      Actually, I do have a job. I appreciate your interest in my personal affairs, though. I’ll admit that it’s kind of creepy, like as if you’ve mistaken this for a dating site, but thanks nonetheless. See, I have a Blackberry, & my service package allows for unlimited media. In laymen’s terms, I have internet access 24 hrs a day.

      Also, there’s an “S” @ the end of my name. It’s funny how there’s a select group of people who can’t see that on their computer screens. Regardless, it’s “Grand-s”.

      Lastly, I’m not sure why that random question would make you laugh your ass off. There’s plenty of things online that would be far more humorous than asking a complete stranger about their personal lives. I guess some folks are just easily amused.

      Since we’re asking questions, are you under the impression that not using proper punctuation makes you seem “hip” & “cool”, or do you just not know any better?

      • spencer

        Im not going to lie, I have thought about asking the same sort of question. It’s a fair question since you do post on pretty much every topic, but I guess the blackberry makes it acceptable.

        • http:/tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          Maybe it’s just how my father raised me, or possibly I’m showing my age, but the last thing I do when I read the comments, regardless of how many times I see a familiar name, is think to myself, “Gee, I wonder what this guy does?”. I can honestly say I have spent the most minimal time possible in life pondering what another man does.

        • spencer

          I never really thought about what you did for a living. It’s not that strange to make a simple observation about how often someone comments on a website.

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

          Exactly but these niggas get they panties up in a bucnh when you state an observation that’s that fuck boy shit that tony grands nigga is a lame

      • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

        Grands you a fool why you break it down to’em like he’s Stan and shit LOL. I thought it was kinda quiet of late no battles goin on or nothin what up. $yk what happened with the music thing you got NewYawka and Impeccable locked away in a studio or something usually them two would have found someone to try and go in on by now.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


          What up doe? Nah, I was just having some fun spitting [||] with y’all cats.

        • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

          Grindin like some bad breaks my boy. Thats whats up im waitin for the jump off but i dont think Cracc and Spence got it in’em.

      • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

        @Tony Grands with a S

        I never wondered if you worked because it doesn’t affect me in any shape or fashion, but I did ponder how a person can be found on almost every post I see. It’s not really funny to me it’s more of an observation you know.

        I get on this site in my free time on my mac notebook, in between classes, or if I’m just simply chilling in my dorm room. If I had a blackberry I probably would be in more , definitely not 24/7, but maybe a about 3 hours a day or so.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          @marlow with an L

          Wondering, pondering, thinking……..

          If you do any of those in regards to another man, that’s suspect. Being in college, I would assume that your priority chart should be too full to squeeze a man you don’t know into the itinerary. Maybe you just need to get some pussy. Or dick, but no judgments here, homie.

          I wasn’t aware that there was a quota for doing something that, as you so eloquently stated, doesn’t affect you. Yet, you felt a need to discuss it. That’s compelling, if not slightly pathetic.

          Again, like I said earlier, why is what someone else does so important? That speaks volumes to the level of inactivity that you immerse yourself in.

          Thanks for chiming in.

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

          As far as the pussy thing I’m good I got a baby moms and as far as being suspect it has nothing to do with it if you constantly see a nigga on every post you gon think to yourself this nigga has no life which you probably dont and made that shit up about your blackberry why you brought it up idk why fuck you need to explain yourself for and by the way you look stupid as shit tryna sound smart like really its not needed you’re on xxlmag.com just another example of smart dumb niggas

          Tony Grands with a g a and a y

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          Thats cool you have a baby moms. I have a wife; step your game up homie. I brought up the Blackberry because someone asked me about it. So I responded to that. You should scroll up & re-read that entire exchange that didn’t involve you. It may clear some things up, & save you a lot of unnecessary typing. I look stupid, yet to all those who read your remarks, you admitted that you ponder on what I (a man who has nothing to do with your life) do. Fail.

          Trying to sound smart? Nah, this is me all day, everyday. Thanks for thinking I’m smart though. I explained myself because apparently cats thought I was more interesting than Em & his Apple legalities. Figured I’d oblige. As far as seeing niggas posting all the time, I can say with the clearest conscious that I don’t give a fuck what other men do. Somebody could post back to back, which some cats often do, & that has absolutely nothing to do with me commenting. See, my pops raised me to do me, & not worry about what someone else is doing. Curiosity kills cats. & for the record, you broke down your entire day just to EXPLAIN YOURSELF, pertaining to the 3 or so hours you spend on here. Seems you’d be guilty of the same crime of explaining, sir. You came to me, conversing with no one in particular about how you felt about my life…….yeah, I’d say thats suspect.

          & the g-a-y thing was very peculiar.

          “by the way you look stupid as shit tryna sound smart like really its not needed you’re on xxlmag.com ”

          ^^^Good to know that you don’t think too highly of the readers. Including yourself. Whether I have no life or otherwise, the real concern should be why it’s of so much concern to you. Doubt me all you want, that’s not going to affect me, & unlike you, I mean that when I say it.

          On some real, I don’t see a point with this whole back & forth thing, especially when you chose to become a part of something that was done & over with, but if you feel the need to continue, & have some asinine “e-beef” , have @ it, my dude.

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

          Ummm dude I’m 18 what I look like getting married and fuck are you writing me your life story for on your blackberry? aren’t you conducting business or something son you are a fuckin clown I can tell just by the way you are takin precious time out your life to write me a novel i say novel because i doubt any of the bullshit that you wrote was true (i didnt bother to read because I could tell it was nothing but fictional nonsense you were trying to express so i could feel stupid or somethin) and dude do not think that I think you’re smart because I definitely think you’re dumb ass just for writing me all that like i was gon read it and yeah I dont think to highly of you I dont however i did read the bottom as i was writin this i was dissin you to begin with I was expressin how I thought it was interesting that you post the most on this site more than anybody I didnt say you had no life but by the way you just wrote me that essay I can see that you don’t

        • CHAMO

          damn Grands they ridin your nuts hard lol. In the words of Ace Ventura in Ped Detective, all these niggas “OBSSESS MUCH????” fuckin fags get off Grands nuts.

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.


          *A Dumb Ass

          *I wasnt dissin you to begin with

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

          Looks like dude above me is suckin tony grands dick its probably the same nigga if not get the fuck on with your life

        • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

          And no one asked about your blackberry you brought it up so you could use it as an excuse to being on this site all damn day like you do

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Uh Oh. Smells like Em is breaking away from Aftermath.

    No disrespect gents, but step your life game up.

    I do architecture hardware consulting & get 5 beans to even look at you, a buck an hour to work. I get the blueprints delivered to the crib, take about 1-3 hours to shop for hardware @ Kohl’s, Home Depot, or exclusive stuff where I can order online. No employee insurance, no time clock to punch, although deadlines can be a bi-atch.

    While dropping on XXL all day if so be it. Then hang out at night and polly for more custies, or keep working.

    Don’t forget interns & weed carriers get paid to roam the forums. It’s 2K9. Brethren have access to each other 24/7. WiFi.

    Think out the box, it works if you have a master plan. Oh, & internet access.

    Get it how you get it.


    • spencer

      What the hell are you talking about?

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        @ spencer

        The same thing you are.

        Just because someone drops in the comments a lot doesn’t mean they’re not getting paid or doesn’t have life. I gave my version for others out there who read what we say but don’t interact because they wish not to be chided.

        @ PP357

        I got busy with my consultant thing. People are trying to sell them houses, ya dig?

        Trust me them dudes are lurking. Good 2 see/read you’re around homie.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      Well I’m currently a college student but back to the topic. I know I should be upset for Dre at this moment but I’m not. I don’t blame Em for breaking out from Dre considering how he can hook up with a production team that can probably make better tracks at a cheaper price. Also Dre has had umpteen chances to build a line-up of acts (Brooklyn, Eve, Busta, Rae, Rakim, Bishop ect). He had artists begging to join Aftermath but managed to fuck them over. I would say he’s a perfectionist but honestly the tracks from Relapse make me think otherwise. Dre, like Diddy, need to focus on the acts they have now instead of riding the coat tails of one successful artist.

  • Detroit P

    Just because someone drops in the comments a lot doesn’t mean…doesn’t have life.
    No shots. But it kinda does. Seeing as how no matter where you’re commenting from(at home or on-the-go) you’re taking the time to read all this stuff and then comment on it and then read the comments…shit takes time..time that you’re not using to interact with real people…there could be 3 people sitting next too you right now, but how fully are you really interacting with them if you’re reading and typing online..if you’re at work, do something productive or talk to co-workers…I’m just sayin…but personally I don’t care how you spend your OWN time.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Everybody doesn’t work around three or four people. Some jobs require isolation. Others people have the ability to multi-task, well I know that I do. I text/type/hold conversations daily, simultaneously, & never does it hinder my productivity no matter what I’m doing. & If I notice it does, then I’ll stop what’s irrelevant & focus on what’s important.

      Plus, how long does it take to read a few paragraphs & type several sentences? It’s not like XXL is writing college thesis’ on intricate topics.

      “.…but personally I don’t care how you spend your OWN time”

      ^^^^That was my point earlier on to Spencer. Why/when does what someone else does become a topic of conversation on a thread, where most people use alias’ to begin with & the majority of folks aren’t going to be honest about anything verifiable anyway?

      • Detroit P

        I feel you, see my reply to $yk

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    @ Detroit P

    C’mon son. I thought you were better than that homes.

    So what I like building with people on XXL. I literally just came back from the bank & McDonald’s(them Angus coupons are the business), picked up 2 of my boys & some Swishers, and are back kicking it with my people while “talking” to y’all. Did you skip over the part of my drop where I said I go out @ night and polly and pick up NEW business? I interact with many on the daily.

    Some days, yes I wanna see what Grands, TPAR, Enlightened, Pierzy, Herbz, latino heat have to say. Knowledge is infinite. Ain’t nothing wrong with seeing things from someone else’s perspective. Even if I don’t know them. How well do you know EVERYONE in your universe Detroit P?

    Then let me play devil’s advocate and ask you why you are on here so much as well? I thought it was the love of hip hop, not because you had no life.

    “time that you’re not using to interact with real people…”

    So you’re gonna tell me YOU ARE NOT A REAL PERSON. I’ve read way too many of your sentiments to think otherwise.

    And I’m not even trying to get @ you, because sometimes you make me think as well. I’m just saying to you and anyone else who is reading, don’t let that “commenter” stigma settle in. There are some good dudes on here who handle their B.I., who come through because they like the cypher we(all of us) create.

    Even Mike Bigga gave us credit for being some of the most intelligent commenter’s out there. And he blogs heavy for the industry.

    Holler back Detroit P, no animosity here. I’m done for the day. Well maybe will treat girlfriend to a Rick Ross dinner(finest of crabmeats). And no lie, my peeps said peace as well.


    • Detroit P

      Realtalk, I’m aware that I over-simplified the topic to the degree where it seems like I’m on spencers side, but I didn’t feel like writing a whole lot, so I tried to balance it all out with that line about how I don’t care what you do with your time. I’m just saying that there’s some validity to what he’s saying. and maybe I’m a terrible multi-tasker(scratch that maybe, I am a horrible multi-tasker) but I can’t be on the internet reading and writing, while talking to somebody else. This issue(really it’s a non-issue) is more complex than how I presented it tho…it’s not my business how yall choose to spend yall time, for the most part I don’t judge. but I feel whatchu sayin.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        That’s why I presented my view from jump, not to dick ride, but like I said, to show other people who maybe have a good view to present, but don’t wanna go through the back and forth, that it’s all gravy.

        And I told you before I see what you do here. We cool. My dudes with me now said you were real talk as well because they remember you from previous posts.

        I’ma go cop some frog legs and skrimps. Be back. Don’t be afraid to holler. Anyone else wanna build, drop. It’s obvious this thread is dead beyond what we posted here.

        Or drop your 16. Never know who from Shady is looking…

  • Federal Ranga

    Its the return of the misfit, cant believe that I missed this
    Good to see my Commission!!! niggaz handling business
    Since this post’s about Em, I’ll make the flow absurd
    Funky like frozen turds. Shoutout to Paul Rosenburg
    $yk said drop a 16? Thats what the fuck Ima do
    Say what you will when its over, but fuck it I’m through
    Even I can say I’m on here everyday in this piece
    While I work, vlog and blog 7 days of the week
    What I got? 8 bars left? I need something to say
    I hate lesbians! But I fux with the gays
    Look how you acted when you read that. Probabaly raised some eyebrows
    For all you know, I’m witcha breezy get laid right now!
    You probably saying, “He frontin. Fuck his rhymes. That shit sucked.”
    But its hard to write a comment while getting ya dick sucked
    So I’ma leave it at that. I had to flow for the stans
    Leave ya’ll alone for the day and pass it over to Grand$…



    • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

      Goin once Goin twice!!!!!!!! i see its startin to get a lil hot in this piece.

  • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

    Lol @ Rappin on threads, it was good i guess, but thats not my style
    Peep a nigga performin for Marion Barry & Kurtis Blow (My Godfather)

    YouTube “Lyfe Of Tha Kid”

    Step yall game up niggas I’m actually doing this shit.

    • CHAMO

      BOOO ur Godfather is Kurtis Blow and u on xxl.mag commenting about how u wonder what other commenters do with there time???

      FAIL! lmaooo U MAD

      • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

        Are you a female because you are showing tendicies what does Kurtis Blow being my Godfather have to do with me being on this site like really why the fuck would that matter but you are a clown so it’s no talking to lame ass niggas

        & like I said YouTube the shit and step your game up fuck are you doing with your life at least ya boy claimed he had an occupation whether he’s isolated or he’s a novelist idk i wasnt really studdin what he was sayin but you are just clown point blank period now get off my dick and go back to conversing with these other niggas champ (and wtf is a chamo)

  • GIBZ

    nah it aint gettin hot. Grands and Syk cooled that shit down real quick.

    LOL at the obsessed cats in here with how many times ppl comment. If I want, I’ma comment 20 muthafuckin times. What the fuck is it to u? I know that if u niggas comment 20 times, I aint thinkin shit ‘cept for responding to whatever point u made in ur comment. Other than that I dont “ponder/wonder/think” what these commenters do, just as long as they bring something to the commmenting table. Which Grands and Syk do. everybody else just hatin which is an emotion. Emotion is a female trait. Fuckin faggots. lmaoo U MAD!!!

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      Emotion is a female trait?? Read the bible cuzz because you sounding ignorant as shit: God made mankind in His own image, so we experience emotions, just as God Himself experiences emotions. Emotions are said to be neither “good” nor “bad,” but the behaviors that arise from them can be either positive or sinful.

      Just another example of Smart Dumb Niggas


    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      I already exposed you for the idiot that you are so you have no word in anything anymore I wasnt mad I said it was interesting how one person can manage to be on every post on xxlmag.com so dude really just shit the fuck up because you’re just not intelligent one bit your maturity level is the equivalent of a4th grader really just don’t say anything you’re reminding me of Cam when he was on 60 minutes

      W=Wack (Really be more creative)

      I’m thinkin of changin it to

      W= Wrappin ya bitch up bruh

  • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

    Lol at how feminine niggas act on here resorting to lil girl phrases “U mad” the fuck they do that at?

  • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

    Well a nigga is abouta call it a night had fun goin in on you losers but a nigga has a test tomorrow see you fools never

  • Mobuck$

    Now everybody got they hand in the pot /till you eithier cuttin em off or you hand em a knot..J-A-D-mwah..

  • kevin

    Job or not, some of you guys are straight up XXL nerds. It’s cool to check up on here, post on some comments here and there, but you some of you really act like the entirety of your life revolves around what’s happening on the XXL comment list and blog spots. Sure, you can say I must be on here a lot to know this, and I am, but I enjoy checking up on the news and bangers. You also think It’s cool, literally cool, to use proper grammar while posting. You guys make vblogs, have your own domains for blogging, and crawl around on XXL 15 hours out of the day either in search of a job, or just because you’re XXL nerds. The fact of the matter is that nobody really cares about what you have to say on youtube about an album, nor does your go-way-back knowledge of hip-hop impress me. Yeah, this post is somewhat meaningless but I had to point it out once I read about that tard above saying something to Grand[SSSSSS]. I had to make sure I got that right, so you’re recognized as the almighty Tony Grands uber blogger and elite commenter.

  • kevin

    Oh, and word to the COMMISSION! lmfao.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Yeah word to the Commission. What about it. Laugh out of your ass, I laugh out loud through my mouth & tongue for all to hear and read.

      “nor does your go-way-back knowledge of hip-hop impress me.”

      And your limited knowledge doesn’t impress me either. You ain’t nobody, nobody scared of you, lower case kevin.


      MY BIBLE STUDY IS SERIOUS. “but the behaviors that arise from them can be either positive or sinful.” SERIOUSLY, WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK YOU JUST DID?


      @ GIBZ


      Y’all little boys get your sleep in for school while the big boys put in work. Drop a 16 b*tches or build on reality. Yeah that’s my homie. I got 5G’s my man Grands WILL MURK YOU LYRICALLY.

      We are here because we love hip hop. Why the fukk are y’all here? I promote nothing but my WORD.

      And so fukking what I drop a hundred times. I’m good so I will drop on XXL whenever the fuk I feel. Don’t like it? PAY ME NO MIND. I COULD CARE LESS.

      Worry about yourself and not the next man chumps.

      • *Block*


        “nobody scared of you, lower case kevin.”

        Now that was funny!!!!!

        I can honestly say them cats in the commision pretty good wit there word game except for Ranga…but no beef there lol

        I have to agree though…what another man does shouldnt matter at all. Yet everyday you see people getting fired,beat up,killed,locked up, and praised for minding other peoples biz…Its the american way…

        To start another topic…what do yall think about The illuminati???

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          “what do yall think about The illuminati???”

          That’s what I talking about. Let’s build, and leave the emotions to the broads.

          Where should I start? Big business? Tri-Lateral? Drake? Oprah? North American Union? I’ve been schooling the youngin’s on this since 95…

          gmail the name brother. We should have been pollying…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Yeah word to the Commission. What about it. Laugh out of your ass, I laugh out loud through my mouth & tongue for all to hear and read.

      “nor does your go-way-back knowledge of hip-hop impress me.”

      And your limited knowledge doesn’t impress me either. You ain’t nobody, nobody scared of you, lower case kevin.




      @ GIBZ


      Y’all little boys get your sleep in for school while the big boys put in work. Drop a 16 b*tches or build on reality. Yeah that’s my homie. I got 5G’s my man Grands WILL MURK YOU LYRICALLY.

      We are here because we love hip hop. Why the fukk are y’all here? I promote nothing but my WORD.

      And so fukking what I drop a hundred times. I’m good so I will drop on XXL whenever the fuk I feel. Don’t like it? PAY ME NO MIND. I COULD CARE LESS.

      Worry about yourself and not the next man chumps.

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        And you dropping Kurtis Blow’s name & the good book gives you no stripes.

        EARN YOUR OWN.

  • caino

    wow, getting a bit heated on the comment section today boys!! Peeps on their period or somthing?

    Back to point in hand, Is Em lining up a move from Aftermath, did aftermath do some shit behind his back? who knows!

    Ps l work everyday, l come on this site everyday, l am married, l have a son (shout out to baby B!!) my life is good, going to see some french hiphop on saturday night should be good, (is that enough of my life story?)

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