Eminem’s Relapse 2 is the Most Anticpated 4th Quarter Release Says XXL Poll

The results are in. Ten days ago we asked readers to tell us what fourth quarter album they are most amped about, and a majority of fans have voted for Eminem’s Relapse 2.

Of the close to 8,200 readers that weighed in, 33 percent elected Slim Shady. Close behind with 30 percent of the overall votes is 50 Cent’s long delayed fourth album, Before I Self Destruct. 1,878 people voted for Young Jeezy’s Thug Inspiration 103 and 1,163 for Lil Wayne’s rock-influenced Rebirth project.

This makes the second win in a row for Eminem. When we asked fans who delivered the best verse on the star-studded ”Forever” track, 69 percent of voters gave it to the Detroit lyricist.

As of press time there is no release date for Em’s Relapse 2. Last month, Paul Rosenberg, the rap superstar’s manager, told XXLMag.com that there is no truth to Relapse 2‘s rumored November 17 drop date. –Max G

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  • AZ40

    Then that means it may not even come out…why not throw the detox on there as well you know those “coming soon” albums…third

  • H-DUB

    Hold on, Dr.Dre, Eminem & 50 Cent still this year? No Way, i´m going for RAKIM !!!

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    Yeah…I have a feeling it doesn’t drop until 2010. I’ve been accused of being an Em “stan” so I won’t say that I’m waiting for this…

  • MAC 10

    Man that shit ain’t comin out this year. I knew from the minute Em said he was gonna release 2 albums this year that it wasn’t gonna happen. I mean come on dudes on Em’s level gotta wait to build it up and create anticipation. Besides, no way Em drops two albums before Fif drops one. I think before I self destruct will come out this year



  • Nate

    Em could or he couldn’t. One strategy (when your album is the top selling rap album of the year) going into November/December is that you want to milk the most sales from that as you can. Assuming Pt 2 has also a lot of fire songs that were saved Em’s release of Pt 2, would span additional sales in the Christmas season to part 1. Parents, friends, and fans who purchase it for themselves or others will pick up a extra copy or their first one of Pt 1 if they are going to get pt 2. Parents will buy their kids both oftentimes as a christmas gift. If Part 2 comes out that gives a reason to do so. You know when a artist comes out 4th quarter and he always sells, that his previous recent product also sits next to him on the shelf. Chances are a consumer buying one product will buy the other of the same artist before grabbing another artist. It’s a good strategy to milk a additional 250-350K Relapse 1 sales from mid Nov-mid Jan let’s say if Relapse 2 was dropped November 17th or 24th.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    lets get real…em is more hype than hope for hip hop. Dude has great cadence and rhyme scheme but no content. BA da da ba da ba ba ba da da ba ba da ba say things ba da da ba da ba ba da ba ba da ba hating. em is very predictable, and the below average hip hop fan and people who just joined the culture will always jock em because it looks and sounds good to the naked ear and eye. No hate, just real talk.

    • Chris S

      no disrespect…but you’re a retard. real talk

  • j

    Not surprising. His 1 little “forever” verse even killed his own album. And thats why he is Never a feature.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    If he didn’t, I highly doubt that it matters.

    Look @ his “return from vacation” numbers. Not that I give two monkey squirts about sells, but dude came back like he never left.

    I’m all for the money but, @ this point, it seems like overkill. Unnecessary. Why not make sure it’s absolutely perfect, so folks won’t have the same complaints (like the accent) & drop it next year?

    Hell, people are still buying Relapse 1. No need to DMX it.

    If nothing else, he’s in a PRIME position to ride the rest of the year out touring, where the real cash is…..

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    50-BISD Nov (check the buzz/press, it’s coming 1st)

    Em-R2 Feb/March


  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Dre in June? Thats a guess, right?

    No surprise with these results though.

    E9 up!!! youtube.com/federalranga

    Tomorrow is a good day and I aint talking albums…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      The n*gga’s taking flicks with a hermaphrodite, on a commercial that’s on ERRRDAY, getting production credits heavy since April. T.I. confirmed he got a check for that Dre leak.

      We ain’t seen Dre in years. Detox is coming. He might switch up with Em.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

        Both of y’all cats already know how I feel about the whole “Detox” urban legend.

        I got 5 reasons, ha!

        I’ll believe it when I buy it…..

  • daydeezy

    Who would be waiting for $0.50 to come out , that dude Killed his own buzz, he has been wack since his first album.and 21 questions was cool and candyshop…. he should Change get it..lol to $0.01…lmao


    no surprise here. i call bullshit on the dude sayin eminem has no lyrical content.you obviously dont listen to much of his music. (ff1one@yahoo.com).eminem has some very lyrical songs with content.beautiful,stan,how come,cleanin out my closet,sing for the moment. just to name a few.like i said you obviously arent listening closely to his music.you cant say he is hype when even his peers who most are highly respected rappers themselves say he is one of the best to ever touch a mic. now thats real talk.

    • nicholasdelorejo

      I see what your saying but the problem for me is that for every song Em has with content there is a shitty song he makes that goes with it. But on the real the problem I have with Em is not Em himself. It’s the stans that slob over every song he makes. Every time Em releases an awful song, people praise it as the greatest thing but ignore other rappers like Lupe, Talib, or what have you. I’m sorry but “We made you” is a shitty song and “Beautiful” is incredible. I can criticize Em and still consider him a good lyricist much like any other rapper. It’s the Em stans that can’t seem to do that.


        i feel ya.but people tend to judge him solely because of the corny songs.thats what i cant stand.people dont seem to realize that thats how he has always released his music.he tends to stick with the same formula because thats how its worked in the past.yes i myself, think he should get a little more serious and cut back on the corny shit too,just to switch it up and keep people more focused on his talent.because lets face it,thats when he really shines is on the serious shit.

  • http://-- gaddic

    NO way in hell Em is releasing Relapse 2 this year and if he does it’ll be in mid late december
    More than likely it’s a 1st quarter

    As far as Detox- May-Sept 2010
    i doubt we’ll be lucky enough to get Doc’s medicine by or after Christmas
    And if fifty’s singles don’t gain rotation he ain’t comin out this year either
    (2bad for Bishop and cashis they have to wait to release their debut albums it’s gonna be much longer no wonder Stat and creek left!)

    Jimmy iovine=screwing interscope young artists

  • Braille

    I think relapse 2 is going to be ok…relapse 1 was ok…before I self destruct is like has potential but only if we heard a damn single..rebirth is going to ok…Im not getting that one thats a no no…but nigga…nigga…nigga…thug motivation 103…that shit gonna be bangin just because every album this nigga jeezy had he amazed me I though fa sho the nigga was done after 101…this nigga put out 2 more albums and them mufuckas was bangin…and I am proud to saiy I am a fan…to see the stats for the anticipation of jeezy didn’t make me upset…I just know he’s going to suprise some niggas yet again

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      I do think that Jeezy’s going to surprise a lot of people next go ’round.

      I’m not a fan, but he’s does his lane well.

      Definitely not expecting the lyrics to make me think (a la Rick Ross), but I can see him dropping a banger when cats ain’t even looking in his direction.

  • ee bubble

    Im to the point i dont want to hear detox, anymore, dre can go ahead and keep that.


      im sure youll be bumpin the shit out of it when it does finally come out.dont be so quick to judge.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn man I still haven’t copped the first Relapse yet…


      you should.it is a little uneven in my eyes.but the sings that are good are really good.

  • heartlandG

    Tha Relapse iz coo-U just gotta be a sicc minded mofo to listen to it erryday–>Only so much rape molestation rhymes I can take->Delivery? Stoopid tho

    Omaha,NeBlastya —>We got next!!!!

  • Frank

    TM 103!

  • BeerGangsta

    eminem is a good rapper. i like eminem. its good he’s selling his next album for only four quarters.

  • Chris S

    i would definitely qualify as am eminem stan, but i’m waiting for Lupe more to tell you the truth.


    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL


      I’m uber-coppin that ish

  • http://myspace.com/kidpistol Kid Pistol

    No sheeiiit. Easy answer, just like who had the hottest verse on Forever.

  • Caino

    Sh*t , is Detox actually ever coming out?? l was looking forward to Relapse 2 but l didnt actually get that much into Relapse, l gave it a few listens but now ..not so much!! Altho Lupe’s new album should be straight fire. The Cool was highly underated (Go-Go gadget flow)

    on a side note : I like all of the music in my I POD, except when it’s on shuffle, then I like about one in every fifteen songs in my I POD…… l just dont get it !

  • alderman j

    Im not getting fooled again, spent 10$ on that crap for 4 good songs and a bunch of obnoxious nasal flows. Im not feeling it, i gave that first relapse away, after getting over the initial shock about some of the crap he says you realize the songs arent really that good!! Seriously, if its that good, can someone give me the best verse off the album??? Quick??? And dont google it and copy and paste it in here, if its that good you should know it by memory. Please somebody school me???

  • ryan newton

    Rakim – the seventh seal will be the best hip hop album….ever

  • Technique

    Dre, i’m down here/under the ground dig me up/ broken tibias fibias/yeah fix me up/50 sluts all of em dyin from asphyxia/ after they shit and piss through a christopher reeves sippy cup.

    Just a little snip from “underground”, Relapse is hard.

    (sorry bout the typos)