DTP Says Ludacris/Shawnna LP Still in the Works, Despite MC’s T-Pain Connection

Yesterday (September 21) a new track by T-Pain and Shawnna hit the net, with Pain introducing her as the newest member of his Nappy Boy roster.

On the track, “Dope,” which finds Pain returning to his rapping roots, Shawnna proudly starts her verse off by spitting: “It ain’t no secret that lyrically I’m the reason Nappy Boy had to put me on their team.”

When contacted by XXLMag.com to find out if she was officially signed to the label, Nappy Boy records said “no comment.”

Surprisingly the T-Pain collabo comes after news that Shawnna is working on an album with longtime associate Ludacris entitled Battle of the Sexes. XXL contacted Luda’s DTP records to see if the album is still in the works. Label rep AJ Dixon said it is still a priority at the label, but as of press time there is no release date.

Shawnna started off as a member of the female rap duo Infamous Syndicate. They released their debut Changing the Game in ’99 on Relativity. After the label folded ‘Cris drafted her for his Disturbing tha Peace crew and Def Jam inprint, where she released solo two albums, 2004’s Worth tha Wait and 2006’s Block Music. –Elan Mancini

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  • BeerGangsta

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  • heartlandG

    Huuh!!!!!!! My name lil Darrell
    LOL SMH @ yo…typos??? or u just lil bus special?

  • Tre

    @ Heartland G: Co sign!!!!!!!

    Reading that shit hurt my brain! Guess thats what happens when smart people read dumb shit.

  • fatDAN

    Co-sign HG!!! Beer is that supposed to rhyme? lil bus special or new to the language?

  • 123

    Are all of you co-signing “being smart”?
    Because if you had even half a brain you’d realize that “breed” is supposed to be bread and “won’t” is either want or it’s supposed to be won’t.

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    Are you dudes all “lil bus special” or is BeerGangsta?

  • Mobuck$

    even tho shawnna tight ..she still wont do numbers especcially not at this quarter in the game..

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Do nigga even use the word “lyrically” in their rhymes nowadays? Poor Shawnna, she should’ve been “released” a sex tape, hit a bitch in the head with a bottle or shot one of her homegirls in the stomach by now if she wanted to stay relevant.

    She should let Wayne hit it raw. That niggas making broads famous right now.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Oh yeah-

      My dude, you completely misunderstood every comment directed @ Beergangsta. Good try though, but No Dice. Read those comments again.

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      • that nigga

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      • BeerGangsta

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  • Eric

    i’m still laughing cause he called homie “lil darryl”

    that was some funny stuff right there

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      That had me rolling. Beer is indeed SPECIAL.


      Don’t hurt yourself trying to decipher what shorty’s saying. We won’t.

  • DUDE


  • DownSouth

    It’s a trip cuz Shawnna is actually good. I remember the song she did with Twista on a DTP compilation, and she was keeping up with him. Sometimes people can be truly talented and still be successful. Unfortunately, most of the time, you have to have a gimmick.