Day 6: XXL Gives Away Jay’s New X Cologne

In celebration of the release of Rocawear’s new X cologne, will be offering readers the chance to win a bottle of the company’s new fragrance.

Fans interested in entering the contest will have to email with their full name and address along with the answer to the following question: The opening track on Jay-Z’s Blueprint pays homage to what hip-hop legend?

The first person to email the correct answer will will a bottle of X. will be offering readers the chance to win one bottle per day for the next two weeks as we post new trivia questions based on Hov’s 10 previous albums. Good luck! -XXL Staff

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  • Pyth

    Easy… Slick Rick Of Course

  • Pierzy

    Hammer? Positive K?

  • that nigga

    Who wants to smell like a Camel anyway? And who the fuck wheres rockawear?

    • Kingsley

      They say I’m a camel, that means I mastered the drought, what the fuck I’m a animal, half man, half mammal, My sign is a Sag, this is just what I planned to do,

    • Tony Grands

      Nah, it’s probably more like Rolls Royce leather & Beyonce’s morning breath.

  • that nigga

    I heard she had HALITOSIS, damn that, mixed with mornin breath?? What a concotion!