Bun B Speaks on Relationship With Rap’s Next Generation

Bun B is for the youth. The Texas-bred rap vet has appeared on songs by more than a handful of MCs from hip-hop’s new generation and in a recent interview with XXLMag.com, the Underground King explained why he’s so open to lend out his talents.

“If I could, if it made sense I’d do a song with everybody,” he told XXL. “But that’s not being realistic so I try to make sure I align myself with the right people out here.”

Some of those people Bun is speaking about include T.Dot upstart Drake, who Bun blessed on the track “Uptown,” Atlanta newcomer Donnis (“Country Cool”) Cipha Sounds’s artist The Kid Daytona (“Air Born”) and D.C. rep Wale with whom he has several songs.

“With me calling myself an Underground King if I’m not affiliating myself with the Drakes, and the Wales and the Kid Daytonas and the Donnises of the industry that’s on the come up, you know people like B.o.B. and what not, if I’m not in tune with the streets before they blow, then I couldn’t really call myself an Underground King,” he explained.

Bun also wants to make it clear that his cosign is genuine and not financially motivated. “It ain’t always about money,” he said, “people think I’ll pop up on a lot of stuff cause I get paid to, but most of these cats’ll tell you I haven’t taken a dime from ‘em. None of these new artists, ain’t nobody got those crazy budgets like that and it’s a mixtape.”

The UGK rapper was recently a part of the 4th Annual New Mexico Takeover in Albuquerque. As previously reported, Bun took the stage last Sunday (August 30), along with Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Flo Rida, Pitbull and Twista, among others. –Elan Mancini with additional reporting by Carl Chery

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  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    that’s not how the apostrophe is used. let’s not get all worldstar over here and shit.

    • Mistah R.E.D.

      lol. right.

  • money mitch

    Bun b is my favorite rapper and has been since i heard his verse on “murder” from rydin’ dirty he is definitely a sincere dude when it comes to who he co-signs i just can’t get into drake’s whack ass but i love the fact he is fuckin’ with the glc from chicago!!!


    shouts out to bun b a read dude

    • black d

      but that man aint no blood

  • HNIC

    “Bun also wants to make it clear that his co-sign is genuine and not financially motivated.“It ain’t always about money,” he said, “people think ’ll pop up on a lot of stuff cause I get paid to, but most of these cats’ll tell you I haven’t taken a dime from ‘em. None of these new artists, ain’t nobody got those crazy budgets like that and it’s a mixtape.”

    Damn. I already had huge respect for Bun, but, after reading that, I have much more respect for him. That is keeping it Trill, my dudes!

    He just have to prepare for the onslaught on non-stop calls that he’s going to be receiving from everybody & their Mama, wanting a mixtape cut now. Don’t overextend yourself or your hospitality, Bun. You’re better than that.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Cosign HNIC.

      In a business as cutthroat as the rap industry, that niceness is taken advantage of far too often. But, respect has no dollar amount. & he clearly receives that.

      He’s been in the game long enough to use that position to his advantage, though. When he wants Drake, for example, on a hook, out of love he’ll have to up that service as “a favor for a favor”. That’s pretty savvy.

  • AZ40

    He always been a real dude…crazy underrated too.

  • Curtis75Black



    Bun B: When keepin’ it real goes RIGHT

  • http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS TC

    LMAO @ Ron Mexico

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  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Its cool to see Bun B giving his two cents to the rap game’s up and comers. I hope that he’s not just jumping on tracks with cats that don’t have skill though, and teaching them about the rap industry as well. IF on;y there were more cats like this willing to give a helping hand to these newbies…they certainly need it in this industry nowadays the way the rap game has been lately.

  • cat

    problem is bun MURDERS these new cats! come on how OJ juiceman or flo rida gonna hold a candle to this trill nigga? they not even near his level.

  • fatDan

    All I know if that bitch Drake(sorriest name ever in rap) slips up and tries to say some shit that he better than Bun-B, he’s going to have the whole state of Texas on his sorry Canadian ass. Ehhhh! Pass the hockey.

  • matty21

    UGK 4ever…Bun B keep dat ear n feet 2 da street

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