While Juvenile sent the web abuzz this week with a new record rumored to target Soulja Boy, Juvie denies that it’s indeed a diss.

The lyrics in question appeared on “My Money Don’t Fold,” the street single to his upcoming album, Cocky and Confident. The former Hot Boys member raps, “Listen up soldier boy, I’ll bend your antenna/Red dot on the center of your head for my dinner/I don’t talk about swaaaaggg, cause show it/$50,000 cash in the club I blow it.”

But according to the New Orleans native, his words were not aimed towards SB. Soldier is just a slang term used down South, similar to the way New Yorkers use the term "son."

“People are taking it the wrong way,” Juvenile told XXLMag.com. “I said ‘soldier’ and everyone thinks I’m talking about Soulja Boy. But that’s been my language and my word long before Soulja Boy even came about. That’s really how we talk down here.”

Still, the New Orleans rapper understands why people think it’s a shot at Soulja.

“Some of my fellas was like, ‘Man, it really sounds like you’re talking about him,’ but they know I’m not,” Juvenile said. “So I’m listening to it like, ‘Damn, it really [does sound like I’m talking about Soulja Boy].’ It’s just a close coincidence, but I’m not.

“I really like the last song he made and my kids like it, so I don’t have no problem,” he continues. “I like to see young cats get money.”

Instead of focusing on the teen rapper, Juvenile is gearing up for release of his forthcoming ninth solo album—the first since 2006’s Reality Check.

Cocky and Confident is slated for an October release. –John Kennedy with additional reporting by Vanessa Satten