Super producer Just Blaze is ready for his next project. The hit maker who has crafted monster singles for such rap heavyweights as Jay-Z, T.I. and Fabolous recently spoke to about his work with up-and-coming MC Jay Electronica.

“Jay Electronica is the next thing that I’m gonna put a lot of my focus in to,” Blaze said.

The cult rapper’s name has been buzzing for quite some time. Finding fans in Nas – he produced the song “Queens Get the Money” on the rapper’s last album - The Alchemist and Mos Def - with whom he is currently touring – the New Orleans rapper is probably most known for having a baby with ex-girlfriend Erykah Badu earlier this year.

According to JB, Electronica has been offered several deals to put out some material. “There is a deal on the table, he said. “Actually there are multiple things on the table. There [is] actually some interest from some pretty major players. I’ve sat down with a few folks about it and it wasn’t like I solicited it from them, they came to me like ‘What are you guys doing?’”

As far as what that project will be, JB had this to say, “More than likely what it’s gonna end up being is a full length EP. I’ll probably executive produce it, I won’t be doing the whole thing, because there are certain producers that have sounds that he sounds good on that I don’t do. We still have to iron out the particular terms of the business side of it. But more than likely that’s what it’s gonna.”

Yet fans should keep their fingers crossed, because as Blaze says, the New Orleans born MC is a hard person to lock down. “One of the hard things about that was is he’s such a floater,” he shared. “Now [he] has a certain responsibility to the fans that [he] created. So it’s like you gotta lock down and focus. We’re in the process of figuring all of that out now.” – Max G with reporting by Rob Markman