XXcLusive: Boi-1da Speaks on “Forever”

With “Forever,” the monster collaboration by Toronto-upstart Drake and rap superstars Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, leaking onto the net yesterday (August 26) and subsequently causing a frenzy with hip-hop fans, XXLMag.com caught up with producer Boi-1da to get more insight into how the song came together.

According to the T. Dot beatmaker, the track was initially meant to introduce Drake last year. “We made that song maybe last summer,” he explained to XXL. “It was originally supposed to be a song that Drake was supposed to come out to, maybe we were trying to make it like a first single. Somehow it got leaked out onto the Internet, a version with him, Wayne and some dude named [Nut da] Kid and everybody was upset about it or whatever, but we knew that it was just a huge record and we had to do it justice.”

The song’s rebirth started about three months ago when Kanye decided to record a verse. “Originally it was supposed to be Drake and Kanye,” he continued, “but the forces that be pulled some strings and we got Eminem and Wayne on it too.“

Boi-1da says that Drake wrote the hook and his verse first. Then Kanye penned his bars as a response to Drake. Wayne then recorded his verse after hearing Drizzy and Ye’s, and Em heard everyone’s rhymes before writing his own.

When asked who he feels spit the best verse, Boi-1da was quick to state his opinion. “Honestly I’m gonna have to be biased and say Drake,” he said, “really it’s between Drake and Eminem. I’ve never seen anybody hold up on a song with Eminem, like usually Eminem blows out. Drake’s my dude, and he’s my favorite rapper, but knowing Eminem I thought he was gonna blow by everybody, but Drake came strong. It’s like a toss up. And like that’s never been done before, I never heard a toss up between Eminem, it’s always just Eminem cause he’s a monster.”

Mack Maine, president of Young Money Records, told MTV News that they are currently trying out R&B singers to redo the chorus, but 1da thinks the track that leaked is the final version. “That’s news to me,” he said. “I like the hook as it is.”

“Forever” hits iTunes tomorrow. It will be included in the soundrack to the LeBron James documentary, More Than a Game.Jesse Gissen

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  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    It caused “a frenzy with hip-hop fans”? I guess I missed it.

    • DetroitDraper

      Me too…


      • GIBZ

        just more blatant drake dick riding by the wonderful staff at xxl lmao

    • joe p

      em kills it for real all them others can suck a dick drake kanye and wayne … its the same old thang man

      • Chris S

        agreed. and em was only average by his standards.

    • batman

      eminem kills is straight drake is sick though too but he aint got shit on shady

    • loe louis

      Drake needs to stick to singing if not for SHADY i wouldn’t have even been listening to this shit!…and Kanye had the tightest verse…

  • fly city 810

    why is it for artist that come out of canada they only have sucess if they rap wit american rappers dis nigga/jew cant spit id rather here yung berg ,this fool wont last america owns hip hop and hes scared to perform here keeps fakin fallin of stage,goes to hot97 and reads written lyrics of his blackberry, looked shook as hell @ da bet award cause dats probly the most niggaz he ever been around. soon as u work off ya advance money its back to canada for u fuckin faggot

    • Nice

      “I used to be local, but thanks to all the haters i know G4 Pilots on a first name basis” gtfo here fly city…

    • RDS

      “Lost some of my hottest versus down at Cabo
      So if you find a Blackberry with the sides scroll
      Sell that mothafucka to any rapper that I know
      Cause they need it much more than I ever will”

      -Drake “Say What’s Real”

      I can’t stand lame ass, hatin’ ass fuck-niggaz like this, making a big ass deal outta nothing. Him having rhymes in his Blackberry ain’t a big deal. Him fuckin’ up trying to find them when he should’ve been prepared was the issue. The dude’s already said he keeps flows in his blackberry. You talkin’ wreckless like dudes don’t memorize their written rhymes and call them freestyles. Some of ya’ll niggaz real suspect with these blatantly ignorant-ass comments. Hasn’t school started for most of ya’ll? If not, your know-nothing ass needs to be camped out in front of them doors before them shits open. Education first, opinion second.

      “Males shouldn’t be jealous, that’s a female trait…”

      - Jay-Z

  • tronthadon

    This shit aint all that to me..that new Beans song wit tha video go harder than this shit

  • j-fred

    yeah u did moron

  • murK

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

  • Enlightened

    “The forces that be” got Eminem on it huh?

    For all the niggas that be like, “why y’all hating on Drake?” Nobody is hating.

    It’s not that.

    Lil’ Wayne has been trying to do a song with Eminem for years. He’s said it. He even went public saying he thinks Eminem is scared to get on a song with him and all that bullshit.


    All of a sudden Eminem just decides to hop on a song with Lil’ Wayne that just happens to be a Drake song.

    Get the fuck outta here.

    All niggas like me try to explain to other dudes is there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that none of us see.

    Drake got talent, but don’t insult our muthafuckin intelligence by acting like he’s head and shoulders above every new artist in the last ten years and that’s why Eminem and Jay-Z are doing songs with him.

    P.S. He did not “build his own buzz”. Get the fuck outta here. Commercial radio does not play unsigned artists. That’s a fact. His deal had been done. That was a publicity stunt.

    • http://www.sylermusic.com Syler

      Co-sign to the fullest…

    • Silly Willy

      @ E

      I read your response to my comment on the Jeezy situation, I think you pretty much nailed it, so mad props !!!

      I like the song, Em killed it, and the boy Drake is ill with it.

      Now, to actually believe that he did it all based only on his ability on the mic and believing in Santa Claus, Easter Bunny (no Hef) and Clayton Bigsby altogether is exactly the same thing….

      • Enlightened

        Nuff Respect and exactly on that Santa Claus and Easter Bunny shit.

        I think that’s the problem most people have with him.

        • Bruce Leroy

          I’ve been thinking what 50 cent has spoken out about! His song has been worked by Universal since day one! I thought to myself how can an unsigned artist be giving at least two spins every hour, interviews with the nations top radio stations, a feature on Jay-Z’s BP3, Superstar Co signs, performing at HOT 97 SUMMER JAM, videos on MTV & BET, etc, etc,… I was downing myself, I felt like I jsut wasn’t trying hard enough to get noticed I felt so inspired by this man and thought, “Maybe he’s one hell of a huslter and charming MOFO” lol… Truth be told, don’t believe anything you hear, half of what you see!!

    • Bruce Leroy

      Yo I was thinking the same thing! Even 50 cent called it! He said the record is being worked! I thought to myself how the fuck can your song be played twice every hour nation wide, get superstar rap collabos, get to perform at HOT 97 SUMMER JAM, ETC, ETC… IF YOU’RE UNSIGNED?????!!!!!!!!

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      Stupid ass yes they do the nigga had a video on 106 & Park a couple years back get your facts straight and honestly all you bitch ass niggas is hatin on dude yall niggas is just like the ThisIs50.com niggas if you a hatin ass mufucka then u a hatin ass mufucka dont try to deny it this nigga has been gettin co-signed by your favorite artists for a reason yeah nobody may be lookin at your favorite up and coming artist but who fault is that dont blame on no mufuckin industry politics yall niggas dont know shit about that on this site you lame ass niggas work a regular ass 9 to 5 like everyone else if you hot you hot bottom line the nigga had the bread to record his songs build up a fanbase through blogs and television connects and yall niggas be like this nigga didnt build his own buzz you stupid fuck you just said that they dont play unsigned artists on commercial then how the fuck did he get played then what you gon say “he got em on the payroll” you also gotta be hot u stupid ass nigga i hate when niggas think they know what they talkin bout when it come to the industry if u hater then wear dont be a pussy and be like Drake has more publicity then my favorite rapper nigga fuck your favorite rapper get over it dont listen to his music you only build his rep my puttin these comments on this mufucka this nigga be havin the most comments on the site kuz of u leech ass niggas say what you want bout this comment but i dont give a flyin fuck because i have come to realize that everyone on here always gotta put in they 2 cents like a lil bitch but are not known anywhere else outside of xxlmag.com so for all you niggas who are even thinkin bout saying somethin dont bother

      • HNIC

        Real talk, Marlo!

        I agree that there’s a plethora of “Mad Rappers” on this website.

        “My shit is more John Blaze than that…”
        Sound familiar?

        The moral of the story is: Get out there & grind like there’s no tomorrow, because, it isn’t promised to any of us, or simply shut the fuck up!

        I’ve heard it said before that the only thing that comes to a sleeper is a dream. Think about it.

      • Enlightened

        OK. So name one other person who did that.

        Why couldn’t Nas do that?
        Why did it take Jay-Z years of getting rejected to slowly build his career with Roc-A-Fella.
        Why couldn’t Eminem do that?
        Why hasn’t anyone else in the industry ever done that?
        Is he the best rapper ever?
        Am I missing something?
        It means nothing to get on here and try to convince somebody like you what I know or who I am, but trust I’m speaking from an understanding of how radio play and the music industry works

        You should study a little more?
        Even find the article where his manager admitted he was signed before that day that they publicized

        Where is Combat Jack when you need him?
        Combat Jack, if you around will you please chime in – on your blog or something and school these niggas

      • Enlightened

        Use common sense nigga.
        An UNSIGNED nigga with a video on 106 and Park.
        Not, INDEPENDENT.
        But, UNSIGNED.
        If you actually believe that, stop talking right now nigga. You don’t even have the right to sit in on the conversation

      • Bruce Leroy

        What makes you think radio plays songs ONLY because they’re HOT or GOOD??!!! If you’re NOT in a position to be consumed by the masses, you WILL NOT receive song play on the hour OF every hour!!! The same goes with videos! It’s all about generating money from their advertisers!!! You’re a waste of their airtime otherwise!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!! He HAD the deal in place along with everything, even 50 cent called it! Videos on BET & MTV; along with interviews, HOT 97 Summer Jam set, being on Jay-Z’s BP3, etc… You believe this was all done UNSIGNED?????!!!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/songstar1 songstar!

    Wow fly city man was all that necessary to say you don’t like Drake? havent heard the record, but id like to congratulate Boi-1da on the huge placement!

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/phzsicks PHZ-sicks

    It was also a Kardi beat left off of Not 4 Sale with Rock City doing the same hook.

    I wonder why he lef tthat bit of information out.

  • QMAN


  • RDS

    Honestly, to have done this song justice, he really should’ve done a different beat. The concept of these four people on this particular song is kinda epic. Had they recorded this over something like Maybach Music Pt. 2, something almost orchestrated where the music itself could tell a story, that would’ve really pushed that song to through the roof. No disrespect to Boi-1da, though. I just think a “Late Registration”-era Kanye track or a “Black Album” Just Blaze joint would sealed that. Hell, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder or any of those dudes. Actually, off top that I can think of, that “Good Night, Good Luck” beat would’ve worked perfectly.

    Personally, I think it’s a better collabo than S.L.U., which I was really disappointed with. Wayne’s verse there was better than on “Forever”, but I commend everyone for sticking with the “victory” theme. Too many times on collabos dudes just rhyme about whatever and there’s no cohesiveness to it. And I think a lot of cats here and elsewhere (certain other blogs I don’t mess with…waaaay too many haters) really for whatever reason just are TRYING not to like Drake. I read people like “oh, he’s this, he’s that, he’s overhyped, he’s gay, he’s blah blah blah”, but the lack of general respect is sad. Half the niggaz here comment like that because OTHER people comment like that. It’s cool to have an opinion and I respect that, but if hip-hop is dead, the fans killed it. It’s not even like people are hard to please. People are just really, really jaded and won’t give anything the time of day. Even as a radio single “Best I Ever Had” doesn’t lack punchlines. “Successful” even as a radio single, doesn’t lack a story. That beat is probably about as minimal as I’ve heard all year, but a LOT of people around here really like that song.

    I guess I just don’t get what it takes to please some people, but honestly, I think Drake’s a good look for the up-and-comers. People hate on him like “oh, he only got shine cuz he was on Degrassi”, but half the people I know that like Drake never watched Degrassi like that. Even still, people act like you can’t branch out and do other things.

    Honestly, I’m not on the dude nuts, because I would say the same thing about any up-and-comer I thought had potential to do well. That spot XXL did on the 8 free albums the other day was spot on and I was really really surprised to see people like “yo, this joint is hot, that joint is hot…why ya’ll leave off this person?” That to me says “okay, there still are some cats out here that are willing to give chances to people”. And as a life-long fan of hip-hop I respect, appreciate and admire that.

    • Brahsef

      Chuuuch. You just spoke the truth. No doubt Drake’s radio friendly, but to me he’s like Kanye radio friendly. Knows how to make a hit while still honoring the art of hip-hop.

      I would love more Drakes, J Coles, Wales, Charles Hamiltons, Kid Cudis, Wiz Khalifas, etc than Ice Cream Paint Jobs.

      • HNIC

        I fully co-sign the two posts above. Well said!

  • Too$hore


  • Enlightened

    Why is it that everytime I hear Drake say “nigga” it sounds like I’m supposed to be mad – like a white dude just called me that or something?
    It just don’t sound right

    • j

      I feel the exact same way. I bet the A&R @ Young Money are more gangster. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

  • Akon
  • daydeezy

    “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE” EM KILLED THAT SHIT PERIOD. how the fuck you say Drake verse was better , Never come on man he will still let you make his tracks without you putting his Dick in yo mouth” All they needed on this track was Andre 3000 and Jay-z…

    • DownSouth

      I knew someone was gonna bring that up. Drake is kool, but you already know anything Em jump on, he’s gonna crush err body. And he wrote his verse last too! You already know! I know Drake is Boi1da’s boi, but he shoulda told the truth. Like you say, I’m pretty sure Drake is still gonna get beats from him

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

      • HNIC

        In business, loyalty & money are synonymous; meaning that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you – Hence, Boi-1da’s diplomacy within his statement. He’s trying to get bread in the future, I can’t knock that man’s hustle.

  • E


    • Hanch

      Its ok! Dont go kill yourself cause Lil Wayne’s verse sucked major nuts. Since this is pretty much the only time Wayne will get a chance to work with Em he should of went back and redid his verse then. So that tells me Wayne thought his verse was hot and guess what ITS NOT! Its horrible actually!

      • Word.

        dats tru he did not work wit em but @ least he heard both drake’s and kanye’s verse and some how managed to write da worst verse ( not sayin that wayne’s verse suckd, just dat it was da worst 1 in da song

  • nabz

    this dude usin all the money he got from actin to get where hes at

    • Capital G

      *I’m disgusted with myself for even knowing this*

      There’s no way in hell dude used his “acting money” to get this far.(under no circumstances am I a stan or even pseudo-fan of Drake) He talks about trying to kick start his music career a couple of years ago and using his last $20,000 to make a video that got zero play. With that being said, it’s the MACHINE he signed with that’s ramming this kid down our collective throats. Personally the shit ain’t for me but the young man is obviously doing something right to blow up this fast. If shit was really that easy Saigon would be a platinum artist, Charles Hamilton would be all over the place (and actually mean something) and Sha Stimuli wouldn’t be toiling in the underground since the early ’90′s. Young kids and bitches buy records, Drake ain’t no dummy and that’s who he caters to, the demographic that actually spends money on music.

  • Wonder

    first time heard this beat & same hook was this version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A-Du7ma-gI

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Drakes song did not start getting “serviced at radio” <- (hate that term)untill the deal was done or very close to being done. But dude had a pretty large buzz long before the radio play of “your the best”. They were leaking songs from that mixes tape months before any bidding war began, and he got consistent feedback that lyricaly he was no slouch. But yea, he does say “nigger” instead of nigga when he talks. Check out a post of him on WSS from a month or so ago. lol

    And I’d rather have a million Drakes than a million AsherEM’s

  • Tre

    I didn’t much care for the record. Is it me, or is Swagger rappers getting boring as shit? Kanye, Wayne and Drake are all boring on this song. Then Em jumps in and bully’s the shit out of the track.

    Don’t like it? Don’t Care! Em smashed the whole damn track. That was double time and chasing the beat he was doing. GOT Damn!!!

  • SmokingWayneBrady

    What is wrong with all you fan club ass niggaz!? You pick your genre (that’s type for 75% of yall)of rapper and defend that shit wit an attitude that anything difrent is wack. I ain’t even a huge fan of the cat but most of the shit I heard he rips on, and his style is refreshing, and I’m am president of the “Fuck commercial hiphop fan club” and would not piss on wheezy if he was on fire holding the cure for aids. Just listen and stop acting like girls. No homo (I hate using that term) but yall mad cause the nigga is a pretty boy who already had scratch, money, and was an actor got the nerve to have light eyes and CAN KILL IT.Some of the marketing shit is gay (isn’t it all?) but over all he is a lyrical rapper that’s getting airplay get behind it dummies for he starts catering to pop like Kanye did.

  • http://www.xxl.com WeOWn

    Truth be told every went real sept for Ye but I think em went the hardest Wayne n drizzy was the toss up….oh yea stop hatin on Wayne ……it’s ok

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  • Fireforreal

    Hey whatever happened to Saigon ? I guess he’s coming soon.

  • hate

    When asked who he feels spit the best verse, Boi-1da was quick to state his opinion. “Honestly I’m gonna have to be biased and say Drake,” he said, “really it’s between Drake and Eminem. I’ve never seen anybody hold up on a song with Eminem, like usually Eminem blows out. Drake’s my dude, and he’s my favorite rapper, but knowing Eminem I thought he was gonna blow by everybody, but Drake came strong. It’s like a toss up. And like that’s never been done before, I never heard a toss up between Eminem, it’s always just Eminem cause he’s a monster.”

  • hate

    come on son. you buggin

  • ion know yo

    Honestly I didn’t get anything special from the song. Sounds rushed n I’d (once again) honestly rather listen to slaughterhouse….

  • http://thahiphoptruth.com dont click my name

    dont click my name mother fucker

  • Double

    Its so funny how people come on her just to criticize and hate on artist when they couldnt spit bars to save there life. Some of you people need to get a life.

  • ?

    It was a toss up?
    I think it was pretty clear to me…Em went in on the track.
    He purposely switched up his flow and his voice was booming off the track so it made you pay attention to him.
    Eminem killed it…Point blank


    “It’s like a toss up. And like that’s never been done before, I never heard a toss up between Eminem, it’s always just Eminem cause he’s a monster.”

    ^^Touchdown: T.I. ft. Eminem off T.I. vs TIP album, Em definitely was outshined, IMO.

    • Capital G

      @ SOUTHSIDE-

      I just went back and listened to that joint, that was a good call fam. Listen close though, their flows are damn near the same, only the subject matter differs. Imagine if one of them were removed from the track and and the other one spit the whole shit. It would all sound the same, so who bit who’s flow? Or do you think it was purposely done to sound identical? Think on it for a minute.

      • Hussle’s Way

        Eminem was going thru a LOT when he recorded this verse for T.I. He even said himself its one of the weakest feature he’s ever done and he’s sorry for that.


        ok. i just listened to it about 3x’s. but, i can’t really say. i’ve heard both of them flow & deliver a number of ways. it possibly could have been done to sound identical, idk. i’m curious to hear what you (Capital G) mean, though. let me know.

        @Hussle’s – it was kind of a weak verse, not WACK, just a lil weak. i dont think it sucked. do people set their standards too high for Em, hell any elite MC?

        • Capital G

          Southside, what I meant is they both ride the beat the exact same way. If you removed Em’s vocals but TIP spit the same verse it wouldn’t come out sounding like TIP spit a verse written by Em (like when Dre does). Or switch it up and remove TI’s vocals and let Em spit ‘em. Kinda like Biggie and “gimme da loot”, two different voices, same vocal pattern, one dude. Point being, they’re interchangeable on that one track. TI spits his shit, Em talks about running kids over, TI spits again. Essentially, no one stood out on the track.

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “Eminem murdered you on your own sh*t”.

    Thousands on the internet agree Wayne provided wack juice.

    “Originally it was supposed to be Drake and Kanye,”

    “Then Kanye penned his bars as a response to Drake.”

    Surprised this went over dudes heads.

    And if cats really think this buzz is self created, I make Drano shakes for cheap.

    • Capital G

      I’ll take my Drano shake in banana cognac, please. (you know I ain’t serious, we all know it’s the MACHINE, word to Neo and Morpheus)

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine


        I just got reminded right now that sheep can be sold in many ways (HMMMMM). A full length shearling for me & my girl for a buck fifty. Home grown UGG’s for another three quarters.

        5 sheep, 2 cows, 7 chickens. I’m good baby pa. Clothing and food.

        This dude Drake said he’s gonna rape the same mofo’s he calls the N word with the ER on the end, & release half of his “anointment” CD for premium $. Cats are OK with it.

        We USED to put out songs and were happy people even noticed the labor. 4 free.

        Even right now, I’m playing myself with this drop but:

        Don’t think this has anything to do with the North American Union?

        Rapper wanna show stacks??? Show me a stack of Ameros. I will be impressed.

        And very cautious…

        • SYK=OLD HATER

          Seriously, Syk, the more I see your posts the more I realize that you are an old bitter hater.

          I know you will try to post something witty that honestly just comes off as the same, BITTER.

          You rate songs on the Bangers Section Comments like you have some formula, except the formula is

          Old Rapper-4 or 5

          Young Up and Coming Rapper-2

          We could argue all day about the powers behind Drake and how his buzz was manufactured, but the bottom line is that he has buzz and it is geniune. He is on radio, has a beyond solid mixtape, and whether you like him or not he not only held his own on a track with 3 Superstars in the game, but shined on the track as well.

          Did he “body” Eminem on the track? No, but he every bit held his own and it could be argued that he outshined Ye and Weezy.

          So do yourself a favor and take your old hatin fake ass to the retirement home and make sure to bring your boy Jay with you

          Hip Hop

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine




          *spits Henney on computer screen*

        • Capital G

          Damn kid, you get under a youngin’s skin by spittin the truth? And when the fuck does “old head” become a slur? How about it translates to “one with experience to speak on shit”. These young cats have two ears and one mouth, lil fucks should listen twice as much as they speak and maybe they might learn a thing or two. Like not rockin women’s jeans and neon colors looking like Back to the Future part 2 background extras. And if I offended any young “e-thugs” I would tell you to blow me, but that ain’t my thing. Treat your boyfriend to a round of head instead.

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    No1 can out-ryhme Em & i mean no1. Wizzy got his wish of bein’ in a same track with Em & that just it..ditto!

  • $yk aka Don Mac aka Rob Cookorkian

    Need the patent.

  • omg4real

    Damn this dude’s beats SUCK! How fucking corny & lame is this shit gonna get? Excuse me while I go hurl. . : s m h :

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    Everybody make sure you hit up my link on myspace or youtube and become a part of the new movement to bring awareness to the gay community’s contribution in hip hop. I already have Mutada, Tony, and Persian signed up. We need your help to stop the discrimination in hip hop against our people.


    Be Proud

    • Capital G

      For fuck’s sake I hate you. Are you really too stupid to figure out all you’re doing is giving Fed extra exposure? (What up Fed? the real Fed, not this still in the closet gangsta) Kill yourself, nah scratch that, keep on living your pitiful existence riding another man’s dick. And to think YOU have to audacity to call another dude homo. Pathetic faggot.

  • Enlightened

    Why are people on here acting like Lil’ Wayne verse was garbage?

    I thought it was better than Kanye’s easily in my personal opinion. I feel like Kanye clearly came the most average

  • screezy

    dudes on here tweakin forreal.. even if the “MACHINE” was behind drake.. and pushin all his songs.. and givin him radio play or whatever.. they can’t provide him wit the songs he make.. last two songs he came out wit are old as fuck wit new artists and verses.. its always gotta be a scheme or some shit behind it.. dude just cant be nice and he been releasin mixtapes since 06.. the real reason all these niggas latched on is his management company is a beast.. HIP HOP since 1978 manages kanye wayne drake and jeezy.. plus jay-z put them on and they like the biggest management company in hip hop right now with only like 5 artists.. so basically they can get drake a song wit anybody aint no fuckin machine its about who u know and yo hustle. respect

    • Capital G

      My man, the Machine being referred to is HIP HOP since 1978. The people behind the scenes are the ones with the access to place him at the forefront. No one said it’s a negative plan for the kid. The argument is, he obviously received some kind of gigantic push to be put in his position.

  • Nate

    Everybody I talked to agreed that as usual Eminem won it.

    Of course Weezy did his usual piece of shit verse, that he has done on ALL high profile appearences last 3 years, he MAILS IT IN because he doesn’t care, everyone wants him for a verse.

    Drake was my 3rd fav. Kanye’s was better.

    But do you expect Drake cats affiliated to say anthing else? Of course not… not if we compare and examine the lyrics.

    Lil Bitch

  • Tator

    T.I. feat. Eminem – “Touchdown”

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  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    Brahsef you couldn’t have said it better….those artist is what the games been waiting on

  • http://www.wimp.com Matt Kmiecik

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My website is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!