Update: Details Emerge in Juelz Santana’s Domestic Violence Case

Details have emerged in Juelz Santana’s alleged domestic violence case with the mother of his son, one day after news broke that the Harlem rapper was arrested.

According to the Associated Press, Santana was officially charged with making terroristic threats and possessing a weapon. He is being accused of intimidating his girlfriend with a knife. Captain Dean Kazinci told the AP that Santana alleges that the woman carried the knife and she was the aggressor.

Despite yesterday’s reports, the woman did suffer minor injuries, but did not have to seek any medical attention.

Juelz is currently at home on $5,000 bail. He is set to be back in court on September 9. –Elan Mancini

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  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Juelz, if your pops/uncle/older brother never told you, now you know firsthand; these women will push you to your limits. Don’t give in.

    It would be a damn shame to get knocked down a couple of rungs over a female who probably will just laugh @ your downfall. Baby momma or not. @ least now you know to stop giving her the poison.

    Fuck the media, do you & get your shit right.

    • anutha_level

      true dat homie…i’ve ALWAYS lived by the principles my pops hit me with: if you EVER feel the need to even THINK about putting hands on a chick, or if a chick continually pushes you to that emotional breaking point then you need to re-evaluate why you are with her in the first place. some women have a completely warped idea of what “love” is supposed to be. word to ike and tina…

    • these posts are racist


      violence against women is a serious issue in this country and around the world. Man up…go hit a guy as big or bigger than you…not a woman. He and anyone else who is has such lack of control of their emotions that they would assualt a woman for any reason possesses the mental capacity of a 3 yr old. Real “bosses” control their emotions…wack wannabes beat on women.

      • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


        I’m unclear why you typed my name, as if I need to be lectured on this topic. Maybe you’re in agreement with me, & I’m just not understanding, but it doesn’t appear that way.

        I’m positive you misinterpreted my comment, from how you responded. I suggest you re-read. In no way, shape or form did I condone hitting women. My drop can’t even be misconstrued to even slightly resemble me saying anything remotely close. Maybe you wanted a debate; there’s plenty of ignorant commentors on this thread, which puzzles me more so to why you’re “gunning” for me.

        I don’t get it.

        I advised against letting women get the best of “you”, & gave a couple of examples on this comment & the one below as to what would be the smarter decision. Again, I don’t get telling me to “man up” when my comment was one of the few with a positive, mature, “manly” attitude.


        • these posts are racist


          I addressed you because i respect you enough to challenge you/your thoughts…

          I didn’t mean you should “man” up, i was speaking sarcastically/ironically in general. I understand your comment and did re read it – and I stand by my response. Your comment, while literally saying it is not acceptable to lay hands on a woman, has other meanings. Your comment places the blame on women and hence, in my reading of your comment, “justifies” a man hitting a woman as “understandable” but something you advise against since it could land the man in trouble. I’m saying that statement and the tone of your comment – mainly that woman push a man to hit them…is troublesome to me.

          You feel me?

  • daddytruth87

    I’m not with beating women and all that, but me and my homeboy had this convo last night… some bitches need to be smacked

    • HNIC

      My dude, it’s far better to take a step back, re-access the situation & if you are still heated, then get away from her immediately, before it escalates to something that it doesn’t need to. The law will ALWAYS err on the female’s side, regardless of who the aggressor was, when it comes to domestic disputes. Even if she initially attacked you, you’ll be the one who’ll be taken in & have trumped up charges against you.

      It only takes a few seconds to make the wrong actions, that you’ll be suffering the consequences from for a very, very long time. Have we learned nothing from Chris Brown… other than a few dance moves (or how to choke a broad out)?

      • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

        Co-Sign fully

        These broads are crazy and good for push buttons. You lay one finger on these girls (and I mean literally) its over for you.

    • Bigpaul

      CHUUCH!! I’ll smoke to that shit daddytruth87! There are women that exist who go way over the line with men. And those women need to have their hair combed with a good palm to the scalp!! PROPS TO ALL THE REAL WOMEN!! I hop that Juelz didnt fall into that trap! These “ELROYS”(cops,pigs,etc.) aint playin that domestic shit no more!! Hold ya head, & handle that fam.

  • PSnatcher

    I bet the real story is the chic pulled the knife on him and he took it and then proceeded to smack the shit outta her.

    I’m not an advocate for domestic violence but these women be wildin’ sometimes, they think they real tough and try to provoke dudes, then when they get a back hand it’s a tragedy and they try to play the innocent victim roll.

  • out there

    Did this dude not listen to his own song “Jealousy”? smh….

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Maaaaan……fuck a bitch!

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  • hate

    co-sign out there

    i don’t follow the dips like that, but i used to dig them when “from me to you” dropped.

    “jealousy” was always my favorite track on that cd. definitely the most truthful shit juelz ever wrote.

    bottom line is:
    i’m pretty sure “jealousy” was written about this same broad!!

    yo i go thru shit with my girl too but damn homey.

    that cd’s 6 years old and you still bein physical with her?

    you buggin fam. stay away from that bird. she gon’ be your downfall

  • PapaBueno

    Damn..Rhianna done fucked it up for everybody..whats this world comin to when u cant hit a bitch…
    fux what yall talkin bout..HIT BITCHES!

  • Lastgreat1

    How can you win, if you touch them, then your gonna get the Chris Brown Treatment or you can stand there and get you ass whooped like Charles Hamilton and forever have to play that role. If any man out there knows a angry female, them letting you walk away is not working either, catch 22……

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      Yeah, it’s definitely a catch 22. But the twist is knowing what you’re working with ahead of time.

      Santana knew/knows what type of broad she is. Any situation with a chick of that caliber has to always be dealt with accordingly. Because when all’s said & done, any consequences will fall on him. Until something changes, thats just the way shit is.

      I know from experience, once a woman can take you to that point of violence, she won’t stop & “you” won’t be happy until you really prove to her how upset “you” truly are, which can be deadly. His best bet is quit while he’s ahead, take this ‘L’, & move forward with his life.

      Or, go out like a “straight G” & let her “catch” a “.22″ & call it a lifetime. Either way, unhappy, angry females are dead weight. Even if it’s the man’s fault she acts like that.

  • young kcaz

    i dont hit women but i slap bitches… noone to grown for a ass whoopin… elz stay up

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  • mr2bad4me

    if you want to fuck with hood bitches, then this is what you get! i don’t care how cute or good the sex. don’t fuck with hood bitches even if you from the hood.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Some of y’all are funny up here. Some of them “b*tches” have brothers, uncles, homies, etc.

    “Menace To Society” anyone?

    Words of advice:

    Be prepared to take that L,

    Or walk away from that broad.

    • anutha_level

      yup, just keep it movin mang

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Original post won’t go through….

    Out of empathy, I can rationalize his apparent situation. In the circumstance I believe him to have been in, from experience, I do understand. I stand by every point I made.

    What’s the difference between a man or a woman provoking physical confrontation? The difference is the man, who decides ultimately if he’ll allow her to push him/her to that extent of “retaliation”.

    The wise man is aware of the repercussions & acts accordingly. Whether or not I believe in hitting a woman or not becomes irrelevant if I can differentiate between right & wrong. Under some instances, women do push too hard. & sometimes they deserve what they get, even if what they get is abandonment, which I advise to the fullest.

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