Update: Charges Dropped Against Jay-Z’s Bodyguard

As previously reported, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s bodyguard was charged with assault and destroying the personal property of a photographer while the celebrity couple was vacationing in Croatia, yesterday (August 20).

According to TMZ, the charges have since been dropped. Apparently, the man will not have to face any jail time, but will have to pay a small fine instead.

Footage of the bodyguard and the European paparazzi getting into a scuffle surfaced online on Wednesday (August 19). In the clip, Jay’s hired muscle repeatedly warns the photographer against shooting the power couple  before finally losing his cool, hitting the photog’s camera and throwing his tripod into a body of water moments later.

Jay is currently prepping the release of The Blueprint 3 on September 11. –Max G

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  • http://thahiphoptruth.com thaboss


  • http://thahiphoptruth.com freddy m

    some guy claimed Drake was the next Jay-Z over at thahiphoptruth.com Thats crazy. Jay-z is a legand and everyone knows that.

  • BeerGangsta

    Do you know that J got the most money in the rap game right know. That’s for Rappers that went into doing there on Business. Of course charges are drop against the Bodyguard. Money talk Bullshit walk!

  • Teddy

    drake is the next jay-z just like jay was the next big when he first came but he wont be at his peak until atleast like 3 -4 albums then there wont be a doubt took jay a while aswell b4 ppl believed in him un questionably after blue print it was a wrap

  • BigPaul

    Damn shame when a real nigga can’t lay up with his queen without worrying about some paparazzi FUCKS fuckin with you! If I was jay I would’ve had dude fucked up too,real talk! Looking forward to the BLUEPRINT 3 Jay!!

  • Master Cheef

    the photographer (i use that term loosely) threw the tripod at the bodyguard, they should be pressing charges against him. shit’s backwards.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Real talk.

    This is about Jay’s bodyguard. Let Drake’s scrotum breathe for a minute.

    That young dude hasn’t sold even 1 unit & y’all got him as a GOAT already.

    And Jay was NOT the next BIG. BIG’s death paved the way for Jay to be #1 EASTCOAST ARTIST.

    Now anyone wanna talk about how this guy, who was doing his job, was almost railroaded & jailed in a foreign country that doesn’t like black men?

    • Monty B.


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  • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

    Co-Sign what BeerGangsta said

    as far as Drake I beem following dude since RFI and he’s one of my favorite but I can’t stand when ppl just started listening to him and call him a savior for hip-hop or ppl who just start listening to him and try to find anything they can to hate about the do, it’s either extreme hate or extreme dick suckin its never in the middle when a guy can be like: “Yeah drake is nice i would to see what he can do” but the way folks are wont let them be humble with it.

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  • http://www.stickam.com/theh2flow Mach Diesel

    Jigga got goons too. And I think Drake’s pretty dope. But one question: Was Drake “acting” on Degrassi or is he “acting” now? I’m just saying.

    But with that being said… check out THE H2FLOW INTERNET RADIO SHOW, hosted by HomieDaJedi and Mach Diesel, every Friday night, 9pm-12am EST. Log in to http://www.stickam.com/theh2flow OR go to http://www.theh2flow.com

    Send music to be played on the show to: theh2flow@gmail.com. It’s THE H2FLOW… GO WIT IT!!