Update: “50 Cent Spent Over Half a Million Dollars” on Queens Event, Says Tony Yayo

Although 50 Cent will not be performing at the annual Family Day event in his hometown of Jamaica, Queens this month, G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo assures residents it will be a memorable day.

In an interview with MTV News, Fif’s right-hand man said that the event—also titled “40 Day,” because of its proximity to the South Jamaica Houses dubbed the “40 Projects”—cost Curtis Jackson a pretty penny. “Rumor is he [50] spent over half a million dollars on this,” he said.

As previously reported, residents in the neighborhood were concerned about possible violence if Fif performed at the event, but yesterday, New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, assured concerned citizens that the rapper would not be taking the stage.

“The mayor was saying he spoke to 50 and he agreed that it wouldn’t be a performance,” Yayo continued. “Yo, I can’t get at the mayor. I don’t even wanna say anything bad about him — I don’t wanna get pulled over when I leave from outta here! But 50′s big, 50′s bigger than life.”

The free event is set to take place on the afternoon of August 30 at elementary school P.S. 40. While 50 will not be performing he may still show up, with celebrity friends in tow. The day before he will be taking fans to the Six Flags Amusement Park in nearby New Jersey.

“I know he has over 30 busses for Great Adventure on the 29th,” Yayo said. “To me, it’s a positive thing — it’s giving back.” –Max G

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  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    I said it;

    “At least Fif donated a mil +(Will he get it back?) and tried to look out.”

    OK my numbers were off.

    It’s still a good ass look. Even if he squeezes Bette’s booty it’s still a good look. (HA!).

    Because y’all know most of the rappers don’t give 2 sh*ts about the hood kids who have nothing to do & no money to spend. Only want them kids to idolize them so they can take their $

    Bankrupt ass Six Flags can’t wait for them buses to arrive.

    Let the 50 hatred commence…

    • jburg

      Co-sign. That is a good look for 50. Nigga gotta find some way to spend his money. Why not add another day to some kid that otherwise could have been looking for trouble on that day.

    • Silly Willy

      “It’s still a good ass look. Even if he squeezes Bette’s booty it’s still a good look. (HA!).”

      Agree. As long as Fif don’t try to fondle a shawty at Six Flags, it’s a good look. You know how Curtiiiiisssssss get down with Amusement Park……….

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine


        Can’t front that was an ill beat.


    yo i live down the block from South Jamaica Houses and ps 40 yeah them lil niggs need something to do for real but thats good of 50 and that lil park he fixed up is good too even if that shit allways locked up i never seee any body in that shit but city workers taking care of it alot of rappers dont do shit for their old hood nothing positive anyway

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Real talk you should prepare a comment drop on what really happens when this goes down for the cats who are nowhere around there, since you are around there.

      Other people would like to know the real deal.


  • giantstepp

    Good look 50! Even if the City is giving you shit about performing, giving back to where you come from is always appreciated.

  • http://xxlmag.com goldie

    he wanna give back 10 years into his career, he realyy trying to promote da album, hes done in this game

    • http://www.jamal7mile.blogspot.com Jamal7Mile

      I disagree. Google/Bing G-Unity Foundation.

    • Sincere

      A rapper does something positive and still gets hated on WTF goldie? Fif is one of the few that’s been consistently trying to help out his community. The man has given scholarships, fixed parks, free concerts, even the nino brown (turkeys for the holidays). The man is bringing 30+ buss loads of inner city youth to six flags on his own dime, i mean who the eff does anything close to that?

  • AZ40

    I don’t fuck wit 50 to tough but giving back in any capacity even if some don’t think it sincere (goldie) is still pretty good at least those kids is gettin’ something they may never experience

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Word is bond.

      Them kids ain’t got nothing to look forward to. And we know block parties have drama regardless of celebrities. But if a cat is providing entertainment, food, festivities, a memorable moment, let him breathe.


      And before anyone gets it twisted I am a fan of the babies & their future/fun. NOT 50′s.

      So let me leave some brain food:

      Where was Jigga when Marcy Day happened? Ain’t nothing around the P’s named after him. Don’t even donate to the community center. 50′s a hood dude w/$. Jay left the hood for $.

      Jay did a concert for his release of AG in the P’s w/BET. Where was the hatred then? Or was that a good look even though everybody froze their asses off? Couldn’t even provide food or heat, coming from an almost billionaire with a rich as well wifey.

      The n*gga Fif been trying to look out. Leave the hatred @ the door and recognize.

      And giving $ out don’t help. Most people blow it on foolish trash and want another handout quicker than you think. Showing them kids how to grow food is WAAAAAAYYYYY better than giving them dollars for tainted chicken wings @ the China spot.

      Expand your minds brethren.

      let the 50 hatred commence…

      • ULTIMA

        real talk my dude!

  • K.ing

    Goldie = Jarule

    nigga ain’t even been in the game a good 7 years…

    • Detroit Gem

      Right, GOLDIE must be some hoe 50 fucked on the road…..

      50 is one of the best in HIP HOP. Regardless of what he’s done to Ja Rule’s career. Shit he did us a favor probably.

      Shout out to GUNIT, Detroit fuck with you!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Oh yeah,


    Let the 50 hatred commence…

  • sealsaa

    Goldie expressed his honest opinion. Get over it.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      “Get over it.”

      Word ahk?


    I commend 50 on this shit but my question is why is Yayo’s punk ass always doing a interview and aint done shit

  • Young History in the Making

    yo i think its good to see fif doin positive things..like some posters said already, aint too many rappers out there that even think about what the kids in their old neighborhoods is doin…let alone care about em……so thats a good look no matter what the outcome…the nigga coulda been selfish wit his money in this recession…hell its his money…but he aint so..i think its a good look..

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Can’t knock a dude for trying. Even if it’s genuine, it’s going to be perceived as half-ass, or insincere, so it’s a lose-lose.

    But, he (probably) couldn’t give two shits about the negativity; the kids are grateful. & he’s not performing, probably won’t be walking around too much either, which technically would be more face-time than standing on stage.

    So, I see it as a man attempting to give back. No more, no less.

    Kudos Curtis.

  • ricardo benes

    this is promotion for his next album. its working, but, personally, i don’t care for it. praise 50 Cent

  • QueensNigga

    K.ing says:
    Goldie = Jarule
    nigga ain’t even been in the game a good 7 years…

    Bitch ass nigga NEW YORK was in 04 get off 50 dick he aint doin shit for u stop tryna be YAYO

  • sealsaa

    Word, get over it.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine



  • white boy

    But 50’s big, 50’s bigger than life.

    Tony… That sounds like some ass lickin’.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

      @white boy

      You forgot to type “Yayo” after “Tony”, & [||] after “ass lickin”.

      • Nefarious

        LMAO. I know u mean that shyt too.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine



  • Slimm

    I think its a good look…how many rappers you know at that peak in their career would consider doing a show in the hood. Atleast he is giving back instead of taking from the hood. Majority of these rappers drain the hood of their swagger, clothes, lifestyle, etc. and sale it to the mainstream as if its something cool to be. After all that the hood has blessed him with, atleast he is giving back. More rappers need to do the same, instead of forgetting “its the hood that made them who they are”!!!! WOuld someone please stop interviewing Yayo, like he is the G-Unit spokesperson?!!!! I love G-Unit, but lets switch it up and see what the other soldiers are thinking, 50 can talk for himself.

  • General

    This is a good look for 50. I’m not a fan of 50′s music anymore, because to me he became exactly what he despised when he first entered the scene…

    However, you can’t knock a man for giving back to his neighborhood…

    So props to 50, now if he could just teach DJ Whoo Kid how to write a fuckin blog

  • ImaculatePrince

    Lol @ 50 fuckin with Queens now he fell off..Yet when he was “that dude” he left everyone behind.Fuck outta here Fif, u knew to keep ya lame ass off stage

  • BeerGangsta

    This Bitch did not have no 500,000 people there. They was waiting down the street. So When G-UNOT came out they could beat they azz! That’s why these Bitches have Police around them. Bullet Proof Vest on. These Bitches are scared.

  • geico lizard

    $490,000 was spent on security or 50 cent.

  • Sincere

    “50 told me if they hate then let em hat eand watch the money pile up”

  • Nate

    yeah, most you guys are spot on with the comments, cept of course the snake-ass “let’s start some shit for effect Goldie”.. with the

    “he’s done in the Game”… bS

    That’s like saying Jordan (exaggeration of course) was “done in the game” before he came back….. like he wasn’t relevant.

    Remember Goldie in the “off season” between albums drops 50 still makes his 30-70Million.

    And the point of this day is to give back in a REAL WAY. Lots of little kids will mention their day when they have to write some kind of school class paper about something like “what they did this summer”. You know how many kids will have a great memory from this? Ones that can’t afford a standard US treat like parents paying for a summer basketball or football camp or something like that. Getting to go to a G.A park, and seeing a free concert where other celebrities like Mayweather, Odom, 50 are showing up is a big deal for a lil kid.

    Don’t hate because of your personal failure (basement bitch boy) or because 50 found you, fucked you, and fled. (on rag cunt bitch)

  • Nate

    “expressed his HONEST OPINION”..


    well HONEST isn’t proven…(avoid cliches)

    and I think anyone who wasn’t in special ed knows that being GIVING without any return is


    but the bitch ass haters want to spin GOOD deeds into something BAD..

    remember EVERYONE has an opinion…

    doesn’t make them all GOOD, and especially not RIGHT…

    A lot of racists and rednecks “EXPRESS THEIR HONEST OPINION”.. does that make us look up or consider their flawed thinking??

    Goldie is like the person who didn’t see the movie at all but comments on the site where both the dozen reporters gave the movie an “A” and the 10,000 people who commented also gave it a “A”, but he/she wants to rank it a “F” for the attention most of all, and secondly to start the conversation.

    If you hate 50 with a passion, or think he’s trash

    1. Don’t Go to the event
    2. Don’t click on the daily G-Unit news article.
    3. If you accidently do- Don’t comment.

    50′s career is over when he says so.



  • DV8

    I swear Yayo is 50′s publicist or something. Everytime something conserning 50 pops up in the news. Yayo got something to say.

    • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands


      What’s good, homie?

      Funny thing, when Yayo runs around sucking 50 off as Tony Yayo-the rapper, he sounds like Curtis’ condom, but if he stepped back from that “I need to rap too, boss!” attitude, dude could actually be his publicist/promoter a la Don King.

      Really clean up a lot of bullshit. That would be a good look for him. Still get all the G-unit perks, without half of the half-ass work. Something tells me he’s already appointed himself as Fif’s mouthpiece [||]. Maybe it’s articles like these…

      • DV8

        wudup Tony G? Im good been hella busy but ive been checking in every now and then.

        Yayo needs to establish his own identity and some kind of career and stick to it because to me he just looks like 50′s cheerleader. He is the equivelent of a “kept-man”.

        • X

          Yayo is 50′s Memphis Bleek.

          Good that 50 is giving back.

        • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

          I’ll take it a step further…

          Yayo is 50′s Spliff Star. Those 3 [Spliff, Yayo, & Bleek] should link up & do a Baggage Handler’s Anthem.

  • 300

    Let’s be real bout this, they don’t want 50 to perform cos they know he’ll get shot in the hood, don’t think he knows what the hood looks like anymore, fake ass gangsta!!!Imao!

  • bylaw99

    Ive read all ya’lls comments and what gets me is the fact that some of u say.. he’s doin this for his album, this shit has been in the making for months…you cant just rent 30 buses in less than a year, even so his album still hasnt even got a single yet so gtfoh! Then u say he’s scared to perform..i dont know what states u live in but when the Mayor steps in its serious bizness not a hoax. And the police thing, cops get popped alot as of late so why aint nobody took shots at 50 all this time! Yea u think they cops but u scared to try em!

  • bylaw99

    If fif is so scared then why after all these years wit the Preme issue, Murder Inc issue, Fat Joe issue, D block Issue, Dipset Issue, why aint nobody tried 2 test him, think he rolls wit cops well if i’m worth half a billi i aint rollin wit no hood niggas i wont professional security! besides cops get popped 2 but aint nobody tried 50′s cops! Yeah….

  • Nina D

    Kudos to 50 for putting some $$ back into his hood. I think EVERY rapper should atleast put up a computer center, Playground and a scholar ship for kids doing well in school after they sign their first record deal.

    (I think Curtis is hungry again and all the garbage he has been putting out, will soon end after he is done with his contract with interscope records).

    Say what you want about Curtis, but he aint no dummy.. listen to his latest mixtape, not half bad (seriously.. and I’m not even a 50 fan like that)

    “After the drought.. (Interscope) comes the Flood.. (new deal, new music)”

    -50 cent on Forever king Mixtape

  • greg

    dont hate yayo or fifty . 500.000 nas only makes 3 mil a year, puff dont do shit for harlem but make our kids dress gay, 50 trying to reconnect with the people let him live smug som bitches ….get money yayo peace

  • maine0616

    When is Yayo gone stop being fifty’s and get of his dick. I can’t stand his non rapping ass!