Too Short Busted for “Burnin’ Rubber” Under the Influence

Veteran West Coast rapper Too Short was arrested yesterday morning (August 27) in Las Vegas on DUI charges.

TMZ reports that Short Dog was put in cuffs at 4 a.m on Thursday after the Las Vegas Metro Police found the 43-year-old rapper speeding. According to police reports TS was under the influence of alcohol and possessed a small amount of marijuana in his car.

This is not the first time Short Dog haqs been popped for a DUI. Three months ago he was busted on the same charge, also in Vegas.

He is reportedly still behind bars. –Max G

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  • Silly Willy

    Ain’t this a beeeyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaatchhh!!!!

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Glad they aint find my nigga short with no “E”, coke or other weirdo drugs. Niggas a legend

    • DetroitDraper

      Yea that shit is kinda disturbing…makes you respect em a lil less.


  • tronthadon

    blow tha whistle

  • Federal Ranga

    Everybody make sure you hit up my link on myspace or youtube and become a part of the new movement to bring awareness to the gay community’s contribution in hip hop. I already have Mutada, Tony, and Persian signed up. We need your help to stop the discrimination in hip hop against our people.

    Be Proud

  • HNIC

    Considering that it’s Too Short that we’re talking about here, it makes me wonder if the “Burning Rubber” phrase is a double-entendre of sorts (pause). I know that I have, while listening to his tracks, over the years. (Ha!)

    • DV8

      He had a song called Burnin Rubber (Shittin On Em) a couple of years ago.

  • BeerGangsta

    Dam Short Dog got busted! Every time I see Too Short. The first thing I think about is Freaky Tales! The Song that put him on the Map. DUI Charge ain’t no big deal. I glad he did not hurt nobody or somebody hurt him in accident. I will always be a Short fan. Pimp and Macker all in one man. The rest of ya’ll take notes.



  • EddySmellz

    dang, dat was jus me last nite lol guud thing i didn get caught. TS is tite. brings back da ol dayzz

  • clepto


  • Nate

    Short is in Vegas all the time. He got on my flight back to SF last April.

  • Dave Hornak

    DAMN!!!!!!! homeboy got busted,got to do that sh*& at home,hahaha,holla at ur boy.

  • DownSouth

    What trips me out is that no one ever talks about how $hort has more albums than any other national artist:

    1st three: Players; Raw, Uncut & Xrated; Don’t Stop Rappin
    4. Born To Mack
    5. Life Is Too $hort
    6. $hort Dog’s In The House
    7. $horty the Pimp
    8. Get In Where You Fit In
    9. Cocktails
    10.Gettin It (album number 10)
    11.Can’t Stay Away
    12.You Nasty
    13.Chase the Cat
    14.What’s My Favorite Word?
    15.Married to the Game
    16.Blow the Whistle
    17.Get Off The Stage



    • JamPo

      and funny thing is albums #4-#10 are classics……..

  • Tony Grands

    You know you’re getting old(er) when a picture of a rapper you grew up listening to looks more like your Grandfather than your homeboy.

    This flick does him no justice; you’ve got to see the mugshot.