Q-Tip Speaks on Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson Celebration

Q-Tip isn’t the only one throwing a party for Michael Jackson’s would-be 51st birthday.

Director Spike Lee is celebrating the pop legend’s posthumous birthday with a celebration in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Saturday (August 29).

“[Spike] wanted me to [DJ] his, but I had mine going so I told him he should get [DJ] Spinna,” Q-Tip told XXLMag.com. “His is going on in the day, I’ll probably stop by there and say ‘hey’ and Spike is going to come over to my joint in the evening.”

Spike Lee’s tribute takes place from noon to 5 p.m., at the Nethermead Field. As XXLMag.com previously reported, Q-Tip is also observing MJ’s 51st birthday with “Long Live the King! A Birthday Celebration for Michael Jackson,” Saturday night at the Nokia Theatre.

Q-Tip is also honoring Michael Jackson with contributions to Michael Jackson: The Remix Suite—a set of remix albums with classic MJ songs revamped by the likes of The Neptunes, Polow Da Don, Stargate, Ryan Leslie and Tricky Stewart.

“I did a remix of ‘ABC’ that’s on there, Q-Tip said. “Just try different chords to go with the melody, make it still feel musical.”

Tip’s long-awaited, previously shelved sophomore solo album Kaamal The Abstract hits stores on September 15, on Battery Records. –John Kennedy

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  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Did’nt Tip used 2 tap Ms Jackson ass a while back in the 90′s. (Good look 4 him 2 honour MJ)

    I mean they did a song 2getha’ & a luv scene in that juice movie & Pac (RIP) was pissed that Janet keeps ignorin’ him.

    Where JD @? Maybe he has already remove that tatoo he had of her by now…damn when it rains it pours.

    Anyway MJ gonna b’ finally laid 2 rest on 03/11/09 . I wishin’ 4 29/08/09 his birthday.

    Lastly those kids are his so GTFO

  • BeerGangsta

    True or False! Ya’ll haven’t played a dam Michael song in 15 years. Know he died here come everybody on the Dick. Before that ya’ll was saying that he was Gay,Rape Kids. Rap Fucker was dissing him on songs. Michael had a kid in the air about 50 to 100 feet. Playing with him. That’s a Bitch in my book. Fucker was sleeping with kids. This is what ya’ll called a dam king. Ya’ll are Dummys! Michael told the Doctor to give him that Medicine. He did not won’t to live no more. He wont’ed to die.

    • Somethin New

      ^^^ The perfect example of an fake ass internet thug.Always writing crazy shit for attention.

      Ayo Beer,that’s really thoro of you to attack a person that’s deceased who can’t defend themselves.THAT’S GANGSTA!!!!!!!!

      • BeerGangsta

        I know dam well you did not come at me like that. I was just letting ya’ll know. If you like an artist. Don’t wait until he die. To start playing they music. This shit will happen again.

        • Something New

          If you don’t like something or someone,just move along and do you.The man is dead.Nobody is saying you have to like Michael or his music,but at least respect the dead.

          If you’re a gangsta,go after a mofo that can get back at you.Usually when an artist dies,people pay homage by playing their music.Nothing is wrong with that.

          Everybody has done some shit in their life,even me.But it’s really a bitch move to wait until a person is six feet deep to fire rounds at them.
          That shows character traits of a coward,fool bitch made nigga who talks shit but ain’t gonna do nothin but sit the bench and watch the game.

    • Somethin New

      To BeerWanksta
      Please use the fuckin spell check and write complete sentences.

  • http://thahiphoptruth.com hater r me

    beer gangsta is right. I totally agree. Do any of yall know what this thahiphoptruth.com is. i keep seeing it on comments on xxlmag.com

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