Lil Wayne Confirms Impregnating Lauren London

Earlier this morning (August 18), during a visit to Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show, Lil Wayne confirmed rumors that actress Lauren London is pregnant with his baby.

There has been talks on the gossip blogs about Weezy’s relationship with the actress for some time, but the interview marked the first time the New Orleans native addressed his role in her pregnancy.

“That’s not rumors,” he said, on impregnating London, “That’s a kid, that’s a child, that’s a life. You don’t hide from that.”

Wayne already has two children, Reginae Carter and Dwayne Carter III, with two more babies on the way.

In related news, the rap superstar recently canceled two tour dates in Canada. A rep for his label has cited health issues.

“Lil Wayne, due to illness, was advised by his doctors to cancel the Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival tour stops in Western Canada,” a press release from Universal reads. “The tour, headlined by Lil Wayne featuring Young Jeezy, Soulja Boy, Pleasure P and Jeremih, was scheduled to come through Vancouver and Edmonton on August 17th and 18th. Wayne, his band and crew arrived in Canada with full intention of performing but were forced to cancel the dates due to doctor-mandated rest. Young Money Presents America’s Most Wanted Music Festival will continue their tour routing as planned and extends an apology to the fans for the cancelation.”

The Young Money Tour’s next stop is scheduled for Englewood, Colorado on August 20. –Elan Mancini

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  • Louisianimal

    I’m a fan of Wayne’s music, but I am not or never will be a fan of men just continually making babies. How can you realistically raise 4 or 5 kids with different mothers. I’m not talking about buying them shit, I’m talking about actually raising them.

  • jburg

    thats one ugly nigga!! Damn what was she thinkin!!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine




  • BeerGangsta

    Its a dam shame that money can get you a bad Bitch! No matter how ugly you are. Ice Cube said I use to wonder how the hell ugly dude get a fine girl number. He getting juice for his ducket. I tell girl in a minute I drive a Bucket. That was the shit for you dam new school jerks that don’t know what real HIP HOP is!

    • 619

      “I tell a girl in a minute I drive a bucket
      and won’t think nothin’ of it
      she can walk or ride, either leave it or love it”
      That’s my shit!

      • Reemycks!

        They say I’m not the o, the n, e
        Say Ima a rutheless N-I double G-A
        Cause Im gaming on a female thats gaming on me.
        You know I spell girl with a B!


  • NYknowsBEST

    Men get the fuck outta here wit this bs news… Why you tryin to convert xxl in2 Enews or some other gossip shit… Stay on hiphop and things that affect it. What the fuck is gonna achieve??? Is this news gonna enhance wayne somehow or give more fans??? What the fuck is the point????????

  • Trenton Watts

    “that’s a kid, that’s a child, that’s a life. You don’t hide from that.. I agree completely..Wanye is a gentleman don’t get it confused people! You got to be that way when dealing with dope ass females! It’s the only wa keep it hood but be a gentleman and the rest is Easy!!

  • Tony Grands

    It’s obvious Weezianimal ain’t spending any of those milli’s on condoms.

    Mystery illness?


    God forbid he needs to reach out to Magic or something.

  • DownSouth

    It’s like when Mannie Fresh said, “You do da damn thang when you a ugly dude; and you know you ugly but the fine girls still jock you.” lol


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  • HNIC

    If being a rapper can help you to attract Lauren London caliber tang, then I need a recording deal & an auto-tune machine, stat! Why? Cause, I spit hot fire!

  • Tre

    Damn. And I use to like her. But if she’ll let a nigga like him raw dog, I’m way cool

    • BIGNAT

      nah tre weezy lets them drink the lean then he slides in between.

  • dapz123

    wat mans gon deny gettin wit lauren london

  • Young Greecy

    That nigga look like the predator, Laura you deserve better, holla at me. But only after you get an abortion Im not taking care of no predator children!!!!

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Come on ya’ll she bleeds once a month like the rest, and just like every dude here who gets pussy with some regularity. Sometimes you go raw. (not often though)…

    Just because she did a few videos or what ever, dont mean she’s a stand up classy broad. Its like the boy Don McCaine said.. $$$$. She saw (young) money sighns when she bedded that nigga down and let him go raw, and got off the pill to get the nigga. LOL

  • Ben

    Cheer up fellas, she lost big time. She let him hit cuz hes a huge rap star, and hes caked up. She is no longer LL she is et’s baby mama smh.

  • D-Lloyd




  • DrewBreez

    Chill with all the grammatical errors. C’mon XXLStaff. I need more syntax.


    R.I.P Lauren London’s career.

    She was actually talented and beautiful. Having a baby by this dope addict, uneducated, womanizer will destroy her.

    • http://XXL J-BO$$

      Nigga Wayne went to college dumbass!!! This dude is extremely educated…..know wat u talkin bout before u jus start talkin shit mane!!

  • Jericho

    Wayne already has two children, Reginae Carter and Dwayne Carter III, with two more babies on the way.
    It’s nice to see this fool NOT live up to yet another negative black male stereotype…

  • Clever

    Neither Wayne or Laura London, Can preach to the youth or anybody for that fact about Practicing Safe Sex or, support a AIDS benefit. Because neither one would be practicing what they preach. If this is True…

  • Beast McCoy

    I could never understand why so many young women are so eager to have children by themselves but then later want to build a proper family where another man shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of taking on responsibilities that were never his to begin with. I used to think most women would be smart enough to look at the struggles of their own mothers, sisters, cousins & friends and take notice of all the hardships involved with being a single parent and try to avoid these pitfalls. I guess I was wrong. Now by no means is it wrong for any man to take a child that is not his and raise him or her as his own, that is beautiful but what is not beautiful is the dead end brain dead thinking so many young women have today. I mean even in my city to find a woman over the age of even 20 with out children [yes, I do mean the plural children] is damn near impossible.

    I seriously can’t even understand how even celebrities like Halle Berry and Lauren are so accepting of being just a man’s girlfriend/ baby mama and not aspire to be wives in healthy relationships. I hate to say this but have we taught women not to value themselves to this degree that they don’t take any pride in being the beautiful, precious gifts that they are. I really do fear to see what the next generation turns out like.

    • Tony Grands


      Co-sign as usual.

      It amazes me the lack of perception we seem to have. I’ll even go one better than the broken homes & lack of self-respect; did someone cure AIDS while I was asleep?

      I was lucky to meet a young lady with no kids (I know, right?), whom I eventually married. I wasn’t looking for that, but what were odds? Definitely the last of a dying breed. I know that we, as men, have to be accountable for our actions, but seriously, if I were a woman, & was more than fully aware of the possible outcome, no way would I be so loosey-goosey with my womb.

      Children are beautiful, but if there’s no moral foundation, exactly what premise is that child being reared under?

      It’s a shame, & a self-defeating epidemic. The cycle continues….

      • nicholasdelorejo

        I see what your saying Tony and Beast but You also got to remember that a lot of women in their early thirties and up are having difficulty finding a nice resposible dude who they can have a lobg relationship. I see it everyday both young women walking with two or three little ones and older women who are always alone. I don’t know about you but as a young black man it fucks my heart up. That’s why I can’t seem to respect a young dude that has kids and doesn’t have his shit together. Instead of blaiming women as being incompitaint, I’d rather accept the burden and try to use my education to one day help young men in the future so that they can be the men for these young and older women.

        • Tony Grands


          You’re in the minority. It’s good that you have that attitude, but unless you clone yourself, it doesn’t really help.

          The point we were making is that, as a woman, they know that if they get pregnant all willy-nilly, & dude happens to be an asshole, she’s left with the brunt of the situation. She’s probably seen every elder women in her family go through it, yet puts herself in the same position of submission. Why not just avoid all the hassles & humiliation by being more careful?

          No one’s calling them incompetent, just a tad irresponsible. It’s a bad example to set, for men as well as women, but a man sets that bad example from long range. Mommy’s right here, alone, with numerous kids by a couple of dudes, struggling by herself because no long term strategy was ever put into action. If anyone has the power to break the chain, it’s the woman, because generally, men don’t care yet.

          Wayne’s a prime example. All those kids, all those moms, all those environments…..somebody’s going to get the short end of that stick, & it won’t be Weezy.

        • nicholasdelorejo

          I see what your saying and your right the women do have the power to break this chain but I think the end result is the women who can never seem to find a man. Your right in that women know what the situation is when having sex with those dudes but it’s either that or not having someone to love at all. Of course they can marry outside their race but I don’t think they should do it simply because young black men can’t have the same resposibility in sex as the women should. If the young dudes would stop their bull shit of “I take care of my kids” and start to value “I’m able to give my kids and spouse the best my mother and I never had” ten I’m sure that can also help the structure of young black families and relationships. I agree women need to avoid these mistakes but I also think black men need to remember the struggle their mothers had just as much as the women should.

        • NAWLEDGE

          I gotta send a HUGE shout out to Grands, Beast, and Nick. You dudes are dropping some true knowledge.

          The mentality of black women AND men are the fault of both parties. Success in the black community has been advertised as simply having lots of money, clothes and women to go along with it. Ie, Drake’s song “Successful”. This has been implanted over and over by our OWN people as what success means and intelligence and perseverance are downplayed as “white boy lame” qualities.

          At this same time, young women are infused with the idea that the “thug” will treat them right and protect them and soon they can “change” him. They find out that this is a fantasy too little, too late, with two kids. Young black men see that all the good looking women only go after the thugs, so they turn from their righteous directions and pursue the mythical path of the “successful thug ass nigga”.

          More of these young cats are killed off in the streets, and are actually CELEBRATED for the life they led. Its a vicious cycle. Young black men become thugs because that’s what black women want, and young black women want thugs because that’s what black men are becoming.

          Our situation wont change until BOTH sides take a good look in the mirror, look at the road they’re heading down, and take that responsibility to change.

          I’m afraid for the new generation. I actually came across someone who said “Fuck Africa and Africans”. That’s right. “Fuck Africa and Africans”. We are doomed unless our newer generation learns to respect their history, their culture, and themselves.

        • Tony Grands


          I hear you, my dude. It makes sense, but thats not the world we live in.

          But, click my link, on my name & check out the most recent entry. We could even finish the discussion there. You’re a pretty smart cat, you’ll further understand how I, personally relate to the problem we’re talking about.

        • Tony Grands


          What’s good, fam!?

          Appreciate those words.

          You can click the link, too. Shit, anybody who’s feeling the overall tone of this particular discussion, for that matter.

        • PerfectPoints357

          I have to disagree with you on one point Nawledge although you hit it out of the park. Most cats dont become thugs to impress the women they become thugs because of a survival reflex. There is a break down in the black family dynamic today. Gone are the days that we are used to when you addressed your elders wih the respect that was deserving of their years of knowledge. I dont say fuck Africa but i am far from being a African in the words of Smokey Robinson i am a Black American and proud of it. Folks kill me with that back to the mother land. My history is a mother,father,Grandmother,Grandfather, Greatgrands and so on who were raised in the south. True indeed i have ancestors who were from Africa but i have never been. Most Africans do not look at us as Africans anyways. But i said all that to say this we as a people must begin to rebuild the Black family if we are to begin to fix the problems we have in our communities. On this point i definetly agree with you. Instead of turning away from the child who is headed down the wrong path we must keep their feet on it. We as black men must show our sons and nephews how to be jus that. The Black mothers must show the young black daughters,sisters and neices how to be just that instead being in the club with them. Jus my .15 can anybody make change for a Brother?

        • NAWLEDGE

          ^^^^Great point Perfect. I forgot to mention the survival aspect. You’re absolutely correct on that.

          I’m not one of those “back to the motherland” types, but I do feel we must pay homage to our ancestry. I’m Haitian, damn proud of it, and I’ve never been to Africa either. But like the saying goes “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”. Synonymously, those who never respect their own history, will never respect themselves.

          I’ve always hated the “us/them” mentality. Tribalism is one of the main reasons the black community has been so dragged down and has fallen behind. We’re in no way the only community to do this. We have Koreans vs Japanese, Mexicans vs El Salvadorians, Persians vs Sikhs, European decent vs Jewish decent, etc. But our community has already been wrought with enough havoc and dragged through the dirt. We shouldn’t be doing it to each other, but it’s not a perfect world.

          I agree. We all have to step it up and do like Marley said and emancipate ourselves from mental slavery.

          This was a damn good discussion. We all need to exchange emails and put together a book or something.


      • sabring

        Happy to here the odds were in ur favor but married women and men contract aids to usually from they’re mate! Things happen, your talking as if u can’t get a divorce online now, marriage has become such a joke. By u getting married with no kids doesn’t make ur foundation stronger then the next u r still taking a risk and in my opinion meeting someone with a child or children gives me a little preview of what they have to offer good or bad.

  • Tony Grands
  • Tony Grands
  • EmCDL

    Damn, LL’s tang is tainted with Lil Wayne’s juices….SMH


    WHY would a sexy ass female want a nigga that KISS OTHER NIGGAS in the MOUTH???? I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR THAT BITCH. I dont care how fine she is.

    *bumps I AINT THE 1 by NWA*


    Sometimes I used to wonder
    “How the hell an ugly dude get a fine girl’s number
    He’s gettin juiced for his ducats”
    I tell a girl in a minute yo, I drive a bucket
    And won’t think nuttin of it
    She can ride or walk, either leave it or love it
    I show her that I’m not the O, the N-E, say
    I’m a ruthless N-I double-G A
    Cause I’m gamin on a female that’s gamin on me
    You know I spell girl with a B

  • Monty B.

    I don’t understand all the ruckus.

    She’s another Video Hoe. Not a Academy Award winner.

  • Fireforreal

    True. Lauren is fine ass hell but she will NEVER be considered a upcoming hollywood star,just another bitch who got pregnant by an athlete or entertainer.It’s funny how bitches give it up with no protection to dude’s with doe when there’s a higher chance he got a std because he’s gettin more pussy than the average nigga lol






    • Brahsef

      About time someone who’s not hating.

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  • GO-Getta’

    Lick the lolipop nah i mean the rapper. Whoa both Lauren & Nivea @ the same time. Hi hater.

  • lostgyrl

    I love my girl Lauren!! I’m happy for her! Her baby is loved and will be well taken care of! And that’s all that matters to me!!

  • lostgyrl

    After reading some of these comments, I guess I’m a dying breed,lol. 32,smart,beautiful and artistic with no children by choice. I refuse to be a statistic. I believe in being married with children. And will have my wish!

  • Tony Grands

    “with no children by choice. I refuse to be a statistic. I believe in being married with children. And will have my wish!”

    ^^^^ See Lostgyrl, if more females had that same attitude, which I’m sure you’ve had all your life, then the conversation(s) we had wouldn’t have existed.

    Not enough young women take their importance to heart. They keep it @ face value, & don’t understand the backfire.

    Good for you!

  • Federal Ranga

    You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me…

    I’ll even go outta my way to say I’m not shocked by this at all… however… I think (keywords: I THINK) it was in this very magazine that Lauren said and I (try to) quote “It’s funny when people tell me I’m beautiful because I don’t think I’m beautiful…” She said that shit (something in that context)!!! So I wouldn’t put it past her to even have fucked Weezy from the jump, y’know?

    Another video girl L.

    E6 up!

  • Q! tha Great!

    LOL! this is comedy!!! typical young black male, running around having children with multiple womwen. so that make four children and four baby mamas right? Well what can you expect out of Lil Wayne, I mean look who his role models and mentors were? So I could see this happening. no surprise there.

    on the other end Lauren surprised us with this. but then the pblic always fall prey to their own assumptions and opinions. none of you mutha-fawkas really know who Lauren London really is, all you know is the movie, TV and vidios and magazines. who the fawk care that she got down with Lil Wayne! celebrities are human too and I don’t think it was for money ( but then again u never know)

    the issue is the irresponsibility that is reflected to our youth. everyone will be talking about it, many will think it’s okay and tolerable. even admirable. butit set us all in the trap of thinking that this behavior is normal and thats just how black people do. Lauren and Wayne are in unique positions of influence, and it seems like they didn’t take that into consideration. granted the are only human and should be allowed to do whatever they want. but they both should have realized how this was gogin to effect and influence the youth that follow their every move and word.

  • gary

    nobody,has afe sex in the intertainment biz they meet and f@#$ if wayne can get londan i need to write some crap rap s@#$ and alisha keys bad as i want to nail her lol

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  • tronthadon

    This world is becoming a sad place..he’s a fake blood that kisses men and children hang onto his every word..its gonna be alot of homo thugs wit children in the next decade..niggas dont listen to their parents they listen to tha nigga whos always on tha radio and who got tha most money and that baddest “bitch”..its all a front this nigga is gay..he droppin babies like its nothing and 3 of tha babie mamas bad even tha latin girl from last year..i see through tha bullshit Dewayne Carter


    lil weezy needz some rest he probably got the ninja!

  • Brooklyn

    damn, i heard the rumors but didn’t want to believe them, lauren london is one bad ass chick and to get pregnant by wayne? that’s just fucked up. but i can’t say that it’s surprising, he did say he like a long haired thick redbone. and as for lauren, don’t nobody need to feel sorry for that bitch, she gonna clean up in child support court, she ain’t gonna never have to work another day in her life. but for real though, where the fuck was she when those nuva ring and ortho evra commercials were on? all the damned kids wayne got, we know he ain’t wrapping that shit up, but sisters supposed to have backup too.

  • El Tico Loco

    LL’s damaged goods now, can’t hate on Wayne for the conquest, but how u gonna hit anything raw? Fuck a disease, one of these broads gonna get him Nas’d up. Kelis started a trend and her lawyer’s stock is thru the roof by now

  • $$DOLLA$$

    Weezy is one step closer to screwing every girl in the world hahahahaha