Lil Wayne Asks Fans to Pray for Drake at NY Stop [With Exclusive Video]

On Saturday evening (August 1), the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival hit the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in New York. Thousands gathered at the outdoor theater for the highly anticipated concert featuring Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne.

The “Birthday Sex” crooner, Jeremih, opened the show with his catchy tune and soon after another R&B star on the rise, Pleasure P, performed his single “Boyfriend #2.”

The crowd thickened as Soulja Boy came to the stage. “Turn My Swag On” and “Donk” had his fans dancing in the aisles as he and his S.O.D. Money Gang counterparts swag surfed across the stage.

Jeezy came to the stage as “Who Dat” blew through the speakers. ATL’s trap or die rapper had the fans going crazy as he went on to perform a few R&B songs that he dropped a verse on, including “Love In This Club” and “I Luv Your Girl”, but he quickly let the crowd know that “ this ain’t no R&B concert” and continued into his rhyme from the “Umma Do Me (Remix)”. XXL’s September cover artist ended his set with an electric guitar intro of the National Anthem leading to a crowd favorite, “My President Is Black.”

The man of the night, Mr. Weezy F. Baby was up next. Wearing just camo shorts and a tee, his presence took over the theater. He was allotted a little less than two hours to perform and Wayne gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. With such an extensive discography, the New Orleans native ran through many of his hits including, “Got Money,”, “Mr. Carter,” “Fireman,” “Go DJ,” “Prom Queen,” “A Milli” and “Pop Bottles.”

Young Money’s own, Shanell, hit the stage often to sing the hooks on Wayne’s songs, and performed one of her own, “Play In My Band” featuring a verse from the young rapper. Weezy also performed a quick set of songs with his father, Baby and they had the theater bumping with their latest radio killer, “Always Strapped.” We all knew the Young Money all-star team would soon take the stage which included Jae Millz, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee, T-Streets, Tyga, Gudda Gudda, and the Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj whom were all well received.

Although the crowd was aware that Drake suffered a serious fall at the previous stop on the tour, they still had high hopes of seeing hip-hop’s latest phenom. Wayne informed the crowd that Drizzy would be getting surgery today [August 2] and to keep him in our prayers.

Young Money cleared the stage, and it was back to one mic, and one man. He slowed his set down with Tha Carter III tracks “Tie My Hands” and “Comfortable”; however, it would only be for a few minutes that Wayne was sane enough to stand still. “Lollipop” started to play and Shanell was back on stage “entertaining” the Cash Money millionaire. The audience chanted the unforgettable lyrics to “Every Girl” with Wayne as the rest of the Young Money camp came out. The show ended with a quick tribute to the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

There isn’t a date for when Drake will be back on tour, but after the show’s next stop on August 2 in Virginia Beach, America’s Most Wanted Music Festival will hit his hometown, Toronto on August 4. -Kamaria Gboro

Check out this video below of the Young Money camp performing Drake’s verse off of “Every Girl.”

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  • Ally W

    Weezy Jeezy Kanyesi Whre Is Drizzy

  • EReal

    Drake is a touchdown.

    Word to Ron Mex.

    • joe p

      i pray that all these idiots stop makin this shit they call music …

      • DA Goon

        im prayin with u

  • BeerGangsta

    Dam they brought that country shit to New York. I am glad I miss this wack shit. No good Rappers and no good beats. That’s fuck up. Wayne talking about praying for Drake. When New Orleans had that Hurricane. Bitch Wayne did not help people out. That’s a Bitch in my book. And that ugly bitch Birdman.

  • Pierzy

    I’ve BEEN praying for Drake…

    …to just go away and leave us all alone.



  • Collan

    “with his father, Baby” – Whats you on about? are you retarded?

  • TonyGrand$

    “a touchdown….”


    Word to Chris Brown.

  • Tony Grand$

    “a touchdown….”


    Word to Chris Brown.

  • Silly Willy

    “The audience chanted the unforgettable lyrics to “Every Girl” with Wayne as the rest of the Young Money camp came out.”


    Ahh, that’s my favorite. It starts with……ummm, how did it start again?….Is it even a rap song ?..Word?….how could I ever forget such a masterpiece!!! I guess I just have to drink a bottle of drano and wait for death, since those gremlins won’t never fuckin die.

  • Silly Willy

    ““Lollipop” started to play and Shanell was back on stage “entertaining” the Cash Money millionaire”

    Excuse me while I poke my imagination’s eyes……

  • Bytheway

    Fuck a prayer for that dude. R.I.P. Baatin! Slum V foreva!

  • dave

    i know this is tottally off topic but some of these new leaked tracks off of the new slaughterhouse album are just unreal… def buying the album

  • Q! tha Great!

    Slaughterhouse niggaz!!! go get that! AUG 11th!! HIP-HOP lives again!!

  • Baltimore

    dam xxlmag has love for the deceased?,,,whats up wit a posting for my man from Slum village,,,yall did the same sht for michael jackson…yall posted something about drake when michael jackson died,,yall suck

  • retfrye


  • solo

    too many haters in this world. dude hurt himself and everybody talking about his music…. i bet if camel looking ass jay z got hurt yall bitch noggas would be crying like the hoes y’all really are. peep game…. i dnt care much 4 drake or jigga… KEEP IT 100

  • THENEW11

    hating especially on a public scale is sad…especially if u supposed to b a man. very sad… if u ont like it fine by y the hate.. cause u cant do it..lolDrake aint just buzz he’s a true talent listen to his stuff.

  • Fireforreal

    Drake is dope but his music doesn’t live up to the hype. He’s good but if you go on all the hype and the bitches you’d think dude is the next Rakim/Krs-1/2pac all wrapped in one.


    Pray for Drake? WHY? Who the ef is he?? what the hell has he done? its not like he is stuck in poverty or Darfur. Its not like he has a terminal decease.

    Suck horse D**K, Drake

  • $ykotic



  • Brooklyn

    did he go into a coma after his fall? did he have some kinda christopher reeve type injury where he’ll be paralyzed from his neck down for the rest of his life? did he suffer a life threatening fall? why are people supposed to pray for him? i could see if he was somebody important like the president, or the pope, or somebody like that, but some high yella canadian psuedo-rapper who hurt his knee? i mean damn, the way wayne talking, you’d think that somebody decided to recreate a scene from degrassi and shot this nigga in the spine or something.