Lawyer in Remy Ma Case Puts Labels to Task

Lauren Raysor, the prosecutor in the case that landed Bronx rapper Remy Ma behind bars, is asking record companies to put a “morality clause” in their artists’s contracts.

It has been two years since Remy shot Raysor’s client, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, in downtown Manhattan in an alleged dispute over money, and Raysor plans to mark the anniversary by publicly calling out record company executives in a press conference for their role in their signees’s violent acts.

Raysor will announce her new proposal for record companies at noon today (August 24). “Lauren P. Raysor is asking all record companies to insert a ‘morality clause’ in their contracts with all artists— not just rap and hip-hop artists— as a way to show them there are consequences for their actions,” a spokesman for the attorney said in a press release. “Ms. Raysor will have visuals explaining what the morality clause entails, as well as a 12-foot-long timeline chronicling violent incidents involving rap and hip-hop artists.”

Remy is currently serving an eight-year bid after she was convicted of assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion in connection with charges of shooting Barnes-Joseph back in May 2008. Remy maintains her innocence while she is incarcerated. –Elan Mancini

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  • Beast McCoy

    Sounds like someone was hoping the Remy Ma case was going to make her a star and when it didn’t she had to cook up something that might get some press time hopefully a book deal or if she’s real good a Fox News Show. I might have understood motivation and agreed with this proposal [even though this would probably curb little in such behavior] if it came out of our own community but this just seems like another person trying to make a living off the demonization of rap. Because if this would ever be a clause in contracts than Rock Singers and all other musicians should be held accountable to any new standards or code of conduct as well. Notice that she says all artists but she chose to focus on Rap & Hip Hop Artists on her timeline. Really sounds like nothing but a gloryhound howling at the moon to me.

    • http://XLMAG.COM JAYONE


  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    uhhhh last I checked there already are consequences you smart-dumb bitch it’s called JAIL! half of the goddamn rap game is already locked the fuck up!

    Remy, one half of Do or Die, C-murder, Shyne po, T.I. Do I need to go on?!

    This bitch can’t make no more loot off the Remy shit and tryna’ stay relevant GTFOH go help a nigga get divorced or sumin you pro bono ho!

  • PHZ-Sicks

    Well, if there was a clause for Gucci Mane, that said if he goes back to jail, he gets dropped from a label or he can’t ruin a feature for 6 months, I be cool with that.

  • blazeOne


    you forgot about prodigy and turk and yea u get the point.

  • e.n.v.i.o.u.s.

    Record labels’ jobs are to promote the artist and sell the records. They’re not responible for the artist’s personal actions. It wasn’t like Remy called up her label head and told them that ole girl stole from her, and someone was like “Yeah, Remy pop that bitch, we got your bail ready!” WTF?!!!

  • sealsaa

    @ Beast McCoy

    To play devil’s advocate, statistically speaking, rap has had more violence and death linked to it than any other genre of music, so you can’t realistically argue that rap is being singled out here. Don’t get me wrong, I seriously doubt that this morality clause is going to keep anyone from getting shot. Its as asinine as David Stern inacting a dress code for the NBA.

    • AZ40

      What statistic is that just b/c someone dies in the “‘hood” or is minority shouldn’t be automatically linked to hip hop

    • misterveal

      are you crazy?!!! more than rock n roll?!!!

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      What stats are that? Or is that propaganda you’re using???

      Goth, Speed Metal & Death Metal have been linked to high drug usage and suicides from their followers. Mosh pits promote nothing but violence. Free for all beatdown shows are what they really are.

      Country Music promotes suicidal thoughts & contributes to bar room brawls and drunk driving.

      Serial killers have been linked to classical music & opera as their choice of music.
      Some even rich, “cultured” people.

      We know why rap is being singled out.

  • daydeezy

    wow 8 years for $300.00 come on now you cant be getting bread if you will shoot somebody for $300.00 maybe $300.000.00 i would put a cap in somebody’s azzzz but definitely not $300.00, My life is worth more than that especially knowing im going to get caught…

  • Tony Grands

    That lawyer has hidden agendas. Did Hip Hop hire her because it felt violated or something? Since when is it okay to sanction someone’s livelihood with one’s own rules & stipulation?

    This bitch must think she works @ the county building, word to a CA7.

    I agree that there’s a lot more we can do to make Hip Hop safer, but playing “bad cop” isn’t going to cut it. What artist is going to sign up to be monitored & regulated by the “higher ups”? The ones that would eagerly do so, are the ones this is designed to protect in the first place.

    I don’t even see the labels going for this. After all, some of these guys’ ignorance makes the label barrels full of doe. Why bite the hand(s) that fed them?

    This lawyer chick so go in on the Government on behalf of the baby daddies getting raped out here behind child support. I think that’s a much more worthy cause, & she’ll probably get more press.

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  • Dr Flav

    I see that some folk can’t read and are ready to go in on this woman before you even get a chance to even view what all this entails. I don’t see anywhere that this is calling for artists to comprimise thier artistic content, all it appears to be asking is for some of these artists to behave in a way that is somewhat civilized and not just be out here wildin recklessly in front of a worldwide audience for no purpose. A good example is some of those dumb ass youtube videos, making inflammatory threats knowing your ass won’t bust a grape, but some gullible fool/fan will get gassed up and try to ride for a millionaire that don’t give a fuck about them. Then they wanna say, “them Pac lyrics made me kill that cop.”

    People are dying out here and if you as an artist don’t care enough about a fan to be an uplifting force outside the booth as opposed to a continuing contribution to the cancer of our communities, then your ass should be penalized in your pocket.

    This is a black woman lawyer, maybe she does have a self serving goal, but I’m willing to believe that she does have her own people’s best interest in mind. I swear some of you marks go so hard on chicks, with all that “this bitch this and that bitch that” I would swear either you looking for a dick to suck or can’t find a pussy to poke and that’s a loser attitude.

    Everyday somebody crying about killin hip hop or hip hop dead, but when someone attempts to try to do something that may allow the genre to improve itself and be more respected, then the same suckas be period bitchin and bleedin out the ass with no tampon.

    • Tony Grands

      Maybe I need to clarify, because it sounds like you’re referring to me, even though you didn’t say my name.

      In no way, shape or form is an artist responsible for what happens as a result of what they do in their personal lives. Very few rappers sign up to be “role models” or community activists. So why should a label be held liable for their actions? Or punish the artist for being the same person they’ve been up until this was “introduced”?

      Sounds like a hidden agenda; a cause to get her name out there, similar to C. Delores Tucker’s. If some “gullible fan” can’t differentiate between fantasy & reality, thats not the labels problem or mine. This is the equivalent of stopping a leak by putting electrical tape on the crack. The problem is deeper than youtube & inflammatory threats, which in most cases, have nothing @ all to do with the casual listener.

      If she wants to help the hip hop community, then she could take that same energy & focus on educating the youth, starting some programs, enlist other activities that give “gullible fans” (mostly impressionable kids) something to look forward to other than WorldStar or YouTube.

      If hip hop is dead, it’s sure not going to be resurrected by insisting Record Labels implement a “time-out” policy. Record labels are just that, business ventures, not cultural awareness centers.

      So while her attempts may be positive, adding a Big Brother facet to the artists’ lives isn’t going to deter them from what they’re doing on their personal time. If say, Mos Def causes an accident due to drunk driving, he should be punished by his label? What if a shooting occurs @ a concert? Can the artist control that? They should be punished for someone else’s stupidity? Just because they rap about it, & maybe even engage in that type of behavior on a public scale, doesn’t mean they’re forcing anyone to do anything.

      It’s called Entertainment for a reason.

      Labels sign artists’ that have an image, we all know that. Nowadays thats what they’re looking for, & this to me, comes across as a lose for the artist & labels as well.

      I don’t blame music, movies, television shows for society’s shortcomings. If blame falls anywhere, it begins @ home, long before rappers become superstars.
      & no worries on my pussy intake. Marriage has it’s perks.

      • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Good agenda. Good intentions. It might just fly nowadays.

    C Delores tried it, and all we got was an advisory sticker, AND MORE VIOLENT AND DRUG MUSIC THAN BEFORE THE STICKER.

    Some ways the agenda can work are:

    1. trash the current format
    2. get a percentile control of WORLDWIDE MUSIC DISTRIBUTION
    3. create a label/radio station/marketing agenda with ALL conscience-minded, non-violent/ex-felon artists AND PUT OUT UPLIFTING, SOUL SEARCHING MUSIC.

    Ya know, like cable. They have horror, comedy, cartoon, all different kinds of broadcasting.
    Whoever doesn’t want to hear it, can turn the channel.

    Those who are interested can tune in, BUT THERE’S NO CHANNEL FOR THAT. The savage pursuit of happiness has the rap music on trash mode, and in dire need of change, because it’s one step away from being no more.

    There’s so many artists where this can work. The one umbrella label of rap doesn’t anymore. It’s too big. Gangster, righteous, pop, WACK rap can all exist now because billions of people are exposed to it.

    Yet I will say if the labels go for this, this is like that criminal/credit check before you can get that job. A LOT OF HEADS WILL BE UNEMPLOYED.

    Been telling y’all this mainstream rap stuff is going away before our eyes…

  • Brooklyn

    what does this bitch stealing money from remy ma have to do with remy ma’s occupation? it isn’t like she shot her at the music studio or some shit. ok, so we make the record labels force the artists to sign morality clauses. what’s next, do secretary’s have to sign one too? what about sanitation workers? what people do when they’re not working is really none of their boss’ business so long as they come to work on time, do they job, and do it right. so, if remy ma was some unemployed bitch from the projects and she shot this ho, who would this lawyer deem responsible?

  • George

    Tony Grands you’re right it’s entertainment, but these artists need to be adults not a bunch of clowns trying to live out their records. To those other fools at the top stop making excuses for these dumb-ass rappers. Not one of the rappers you know ever went to jail for be innocent. All of them are locked-up for things they could have avoided. And stop calling this woman a bitch, you guys are speaking with so much hate that it sounds like you hate women. You don’t know her and gaying-out like she stole your boyfriends.

    • Tony Grands


      “Tony Grands you’re right it’s entertainment, but these artists need to be adults not a bunch of clowns trying to live out their records. ”

      I strongly agree, grown people should act as such, but it seems that the problem is that it affects the fans. @ that point, what does an artist’s behaviors have to do with the public? People need to think for themselves, just like we expect the artist’s to do.

      It’s all about choices….

      Who’s to say they’re living out their records? What if their records are recordings of things they’ve been doing their entire lives, which seems to be the case, with some exceptions of course. That’s why I put only so much stock in what rappers, doctors, lawyers, scuba divers, etc., do in their own lives.

      If a kid decides that Eminem told him to kill his girlfriend, Em’s not responsible for the kid’s mental deficiencies. His parents should’ve stopped him from listening, or if he’s an adult, he should know better. I guess pretty soon, folks will be able to sue gun manufacturers.

      I will apologize for calling her a bitch, though. That was definitely uncalled for.

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  • jester

    Well, if there was a clause for Gucci Mane, that said if he goes back to jail, he gets dropped from a label or he can’t ruin a feature for 6 months, I be cool with that.


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