Joe Budden Attacked By Raekwon’s Camp, Mickey Factz Gives Eyewitness Account

The ongoing feud between Joe Budden and Wu-Tang is far from over. Last night (August 8) during the L.A. stop on the Rock the Bells tour Budden was attacked by members of Raekwon’s Ice Water crew.

Both Slaughterhouse and Rae are on RTB’s Paid Dues stage as part of the international concert series, and before the Staten Island vet performed his set, an altercation occurred backstage between the two parties. Budden said he was punched on the side of his eye and his shoulder by one of Rae’s associates.

As Mickey Factz tells it, Budden – who is known for his extensive video presence online with his JoeBuddenTV series – was broadcasting live on his video channel when, acompanied by an entourage,  the Chef came into his room and confronted him.

“Rae came in on some peaceful shit at first,” The XXL Freshman alum, who was in the room when it occurred, said in a video clip. “He dapped everybody…Took a seat, and when he took a seat everything just changed…He wanted to talk about this video that everyone seen me in with Joe Budden…The video was almost a month ago, it happened on the 18th [of July] in Boston. And they just came in and they was inquiring about, not the apology, they was inquiring about after what happened, when he was saying ‘if anybody else got any problems come and holler at me.’ So I’m holding the camera while [Ice Water was] taping, and next thing you know, I didn’t even see the punch I just heard it. I heard a punch…it wasn’t Rae who did it. There was six of them and they were just asking us questions about the date after that . Prove to us that this was before Jones Beach.”

As previously reported, Budden and Method Man had a face-to-face sit down at the Jones Beach show in New York last month, where they reportedly squashed any beef, concerning statements Joe made about Meth.

Rae was reportedly asking about this specific comment Budden said on camera: “Now, I’m done talking about the entire Method Man, Slaughterhouse, Wu-Tang, everything. Joe Budden is wiping his hands clean of it…from this point forward, if anyone of them niggas say something to me that I do not like, or if any one of them niggas say my name in a negative light, the peace treaty is fucking over, and the no comment movement is over…Method Man, I apologize. My bad I was wrong it was in bad taste and you don’t have to worry about that again… anybody else associated with that nigga, affiliated with that nigga or anybody who just feels like my name can just roll out of their fucking mouth…do it from this point on, and it won’t be nothing Royce or Crook, none of them niggas can do to stop what I’m doing.”

Rae apparently confronted Budden in order to get him apologize on camera to post on IceWaterTV. And Budden says he felt no other option but to admit regret. “Why did I apologize? Cause I was outnumbered eight to one and they asked for one so I figured it was the smart thing to do at the time,” Budden later explained on his BlogTV channel holding ice to his face.

Later on, a representative for RTB interrupted Joe’s recording and said Rae didn’t mean for the confrontation to get physical. He said the Chef told him, “‘Yo, on my children, no one was supposed to get touched, dude got jumpy, touched him, shouldn’ta happened, that was not his intention.’”

As of press time Rae has not released the video footage to the public. Neither the Wu-Tang rapper, Joe Budden or Slaughterhouse answered requests for comment.

Rock the Bells is scheduled to make a stop in San Fransisco tonight.

Stay tuned to as the story develops. –Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    Slaughterhouse is a great album but you shouldn’t fuck with Wu-Tang. Hasn’t anyone learned that yet? Imagine if Ghost was there

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine


      I’ve been said Budden need to watch the young gods!

    • mo

      Budden got owned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game saw budden a few years back in la for all star weekend to see what was up and budden turned pussy then. Budden is just a loud mouth that wanted some attention and he got it, fuck what you thought.

    • mo

      funny how budden always has his fucking camera rolling during all of his bitch talk but as soon as he catches a 2 piece the camera magically cuts off. budden is the definition of a bitch nigga 6 on 1 so what there are no fair ones these days this aint the 70′s and where was joe’s people at? Standing around watching that ass whooping thats where.

  • wow

    that some dumb shit.
    if they release the video of buddens apologizing then he needs to get back at em. If they apologize for it getting physical and nothing gets released they should patch it up.
    but again, i aint in no position to advise two grown men on what to do.
    Go do whatever you need to do juss know the reprecussions for what you do.

  • Rob

    Pierzy shut the fuck up this isn’t even a WU-tang vs. Joe Budden thing. WHo else in WU-Tang is really co-signing to this? I highly even doubt that Rae’s intentions was to have his man hit him but you know how goons are they don’t think logically. Rae is almost 40 years old and is a family man he doesn’t get gully like that. Even Shyheim said that Raekwon’s actions were questionable. I think Rae is the one who needs to be careful now on the real he esculated something that was done. People have a right to their opinions you can’t be wildin out cause its not the same as yours and for real who is really gonna buy Cuban Linx II and when is the last time anyone bought WU-Tangs shit hell barely anyone bought 8 Diagrams. Niggas needed stop co-signing for niggas just cause they rap.

  • KQ

    Wu Tang Clan aint nothing to fuck with.

    Budden deserves everything he gets.

  • The Southern Comfort

    I’m impressed the chef is still pulling antics like this, the dude is getting on in years but is still willing to get into it.

    I kinda don’t know what to make of this tho, part of me would love to see slaughterhouse and wu-tang just going at each other on wax (i dunno who would take that) but another part of me feels glad joe got smacked. he is kinda annoying…

  • Des of The Killaz

    ^^ exactly

    the wu are some real ass gangstas, unlike 99.9% of rappers. anybody who knows anything about the wu knows this. budden deserves everything he gets and so far he has been let off easy

  • Des of The Killaz

    my “^^ exactly” was for Pierzy

    • The Southern Comfort

      Damn man, i thought i was getting that co-sign. oh well, at least it was Pierzy instead!

      • Pierzy

        What up y’all! Thanks for the shout…

  • Des of The Killaz

    i was co-signing Pierzy btw

    • The Southern Comfort

      Damn man, i thought that one was for me. at least it’s pierzy i suppose!


    Sound real Childish, Sound like somebody need to calm down and, Grow up! Was this even cause for?

  • Jamal7Mile

    I don’t know about all this…

    Didn’t Joe and Meth have a sit-down and squash whatever beef between the two camps? What changed???

    Why wouldn’t Rae approach Joey one-on-one like Method Man did? Why the hot-headed entourage?

    I hear that Crooked I is now heated about this because it happened on the Westcoast. Now (I’m guessing) he’s about to jump into a beef that is not his to begin with.

    This whole thing started over a wack VIBE list!! Is it worth all of this? Then again, both SH and Rae got product on deck so… hmmm.

    • HS

      Brothers need to stop it with these videos
      talking reckless. Some rappers are actually
      willing to pay you a visit.

    • yoprince


      ya’ll kill me with this “one-on-one” talk. man, i haven’t seen one of those since middle school.

      joe budden doesn’t roll with real street cats. why? think about that. his crew consists of his wifey and three rappers from elsewhere. he’s a rapper, and that’s all.

      and he knew that when he chose to be disrespectful. it was never about whether he can really rap circles around Meth. it was about singling that man out on camera talking reckless purely for publicity. he knew bringing up meth would cause more of a stir than hurricane chris or somebody and he took a shot. he never should have done that.


      there’s nothing unfair about 6 on 1 because you should never engage yourself in something you’re not prepared to handle.

      • Jamal7Mile

        What’s up Yoprince?

        Joe and Meth did have a one-on-one a few weeks back. It should’ve ended there.

        I agree that he should bow out peacefully ASAP, but you and I both know that’s unlikely if we look at Joey’s past.

        That’s the part I don’t understand about Joey. Why continue doing something when you know the outcome can’t be good? That’s the definition of insanity, I think.

        I enjoy both camps, so I’m just a little disappointed that it had to turn physical.

  • Ice

    Rae pulled a bitch move… coming into a room 6 on 1 and acting tuff if he had a issue he coulda went to him himself but naw

  • Ayre

    I like Buddens as a rapper, I don’t know him as a person, So I can’t say I don’t like him. Saying shit like “Wu Tang is gangster” or “if Ghost was there” is reckless. I can’t respect 8 niggas against 1 that’s not “gangster” to me. All this WWE going to his dressing room with cameras is to sell what? 10,200 CDs instead of 10,000? This shit is stupid all because a rapper said another rapper wasn’t better than him? This why rap stays losing.

    • Pierzy

      When I said, “Imagine if Ghost was there,” I meant by himself. It’s well-documented that Ghostface will go at anybody, just look at what he did to Mase.

      “If you could feel how my face felt/You would know how Mase felt”

      • Ayre


      • CLEVER

        I remember when he went at Tigga On Rap City, he Told Tigga, ” You better get that fucking smile off ya face, Before I smack it off for you!” Ain’t nutin Funny Son!” LOL! They cut to Commercial Quicka dan a mutha, that shit was Crazy!, Yep Ghost ain’t Joke! Plus He one of my Favorites out da Wu.

        • oskamadison

          Word bond, I saw that episode. He straight sonned dude…ON TV!!! If he did that to me, that would have been one of the lost episodes. lol

    • that nigga

      I couldnt agree more. THis is really gay, a nigga squashed the beef with Meth but Inspecta, and Rae’s camp (Quote unQuote) are very stupid. I beth Meth called them nigaas like “Yo, what the fuck, that shit over”. Its always somehot headed talentless nigga in the crew lookin to get some stripes.

  • Master CHeef

    it’s nice to see this kind of loyalty in a hip hop group. raekwon riding for his mans and shit. shit, what if game and buck had had that kind of attitude?

    to me, this shit shows what a real nigga mef is. all his boys got his back, so you know there’s a lot of love there.

    i’m a fan of SH, but that was one half-assed apology from budden. nigga need to quit running his mouf so much.

  • Master CHeef

    and to everyone that says the 6 on 1 aint fair, well no shit, sherlock, but life aint fair.

    It is what it is and if you know that’s how the wu rolls, then you should keep that in mind before talking greasy. If i was budden, i woulda been like “damn, i better slow my role, or i might have 6 killers pop up in my dressing room. them niggas don’t play.”

  • Y2kceo

    Yo real talk, when did thugs get so damn sensitive? Son made a true statement about a hip hop legend that he didn’t like. Half you young ass niggas aren’t even old enough to know who Wu-Tang is. I love the WU, and I love Meth, but in a freestyle battle? Come on man. Anybody with just 1 hip hop bone in their body should know better than that. Dude just spoke the truth. That’s like AI going at Jordan. Jordan just kept right on playing after that. No beef, and no bitching. (You Tube it niggas) Very Bitchass.

    • El Tico Loco

      Thugs always been sensitive. You think this is the first case of a nigga getting dealt with for talking greasy? truth or not? So if Joe gonna squash the shit squash it, and dead it. But Joe went on some “we squashed it but if . . .” you know the rest, that right there he just drew a line in the sand, his ego made him think I gotta get a last word in. You don’t think niggas ain’t gonna test this dude? Ain’t a damn thing changed boy protect your neck.

  • Rob

    The whole problem with WU-Tangs career is a lot of the members keep living off of their crews accomplishments and not theres. This has nothing to do with WU-Tang. This is all to do with Raekwons actions as an individual. I highly doubt WU-tang are on the same page like that anymore and I highly doubt that Rae’s intentions were to have his man hit him. I think they wantedto just intimidate him if you read the article carefully they came in on some chill shit. Its not like they came in wildin. Rae has no control over his mans actions but that shit wasn’t cool. WHy escluated something that was squahed. Like I said even Shyheim was saying this same shit about Rae how he ain’t the dude people think he is.

  • three2six3

    It’s funny how weak lyrical rappers didn’t get physical (50Cent vs. Ross, Bow Wow vs. Soldjah boy) but deeply lyrical rappers are gettin’ physical. WTF? Did I miss something here? Man in this day and age shit is crazy. Joe gets punched he’s Twittin’, Twit-picin’, bloggin’ and some mo’ shit…fuck that!! HIT THE STUDIO!! All this bloggin’, myspacin’, facebookin’, twittin’, yahoo mailing, black planet, shit needs to stop. Hit up the mufuckin’ studio lay down some fire then move on.

    Wu/Slaughter beef>>>>>>>Game/Jay beef

    • Jamal7Mile

      Wu-Tang is from an era where folks were held accountable for their big mouths. That’s how they are built. Hell, even KRS-One, MC Hammer, Wrecks-N-Effect and Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince entourages did not play that! LOL!!!

      This new generation of rappers never inherited that trait, for the most part.

  • dsuth

    Weak Rae, weak.


  • BeerGangsta

    When you looking for something you find something. At that right Joe. You dum bitch! Always won’t to diss somebody and apology. You are BiPolar. You learn the hard way. Keep your fucking mouth close. Laugh]. Go and buy Rae new CD next month.

  • /\/athann

    Imagine if Storm and Russ Prez showed up and reformed Hot Butter, Joey would have been shook big time.

  • Enlightened

    To everybody saying Rae should have came “ONE ON ONE”. Where the fuck are y’all niggas from?

    Don’t nobody come one on one when it’s confrontation. That’s dumb shit. He didn’t know how many niggas Joe could have.

    So-called “fair ones” or “one-on-one” fights happen with both crews are deep and they agree to let it happen that way

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Co-sign Cheef & Enlightened. J7 I see you.

    I can’t see how people still think this is a marketing ploy to sell records.

    The Wu Collective is built of street dudes. If you don’t pass the intense training you are not allowed to enter the chamber.

    If people can see fake dudes in the game, why can’t they see the real ones?

    Joey will not release any diss records. May even catch a matching shiner for still talking. But he needs to stay quiet for a minute. This can get super ugly real fast.

    p.s. There are Westcaost Killa Beez.

    • Ayre

      That’s some straight up dick riding there pal. What’s the camera for if he don’t plan to put it out? There’s gonna be marketing on both sides good or bad press. I’m from DC of course there’s no fair ones, that don’t mean I have to respect that move. You Internet thugs kill me with that tough talk behind keyboards shit. Westcoast Killa bees? The fuck outta here!

      • $ykotic/Don McCaine

        Everybody’s not an e-thug homie. All of us are not young boys, Caucasian, or people without lives in the street. Real G’s are everywhere.

        I’ve quoted 120 with plenty of the Westcoast gods. Just because they’re not in public view with T-shirts or colors repping doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

        Where’s the dick riding in my comment, pal? You really think Raekwon needs a beef with Budden to sell records? They most likely went there with a camera to give blabbermouth a taste of his own medicine.

        This ain’t about selling CDs. It’s about a dude who has a history of running his mouth(e.g. GAME, SAIGON, RANSOM) that got cornered and 2-pieced by dudes who don’t play that sh*t.

        He spoke about the wrong dude and now he is receiving a penalty for his ways and actions. And I saw the video in question. I even dropped it on this site how Budden better watch his back because it will be one of the young gods who will give him his justice, and sure enough it happened.

        And I still fail to see the tough talk in my comment like you said.

        Everyone swore Deck did his diss for promotion. I don’t see any upcoming album or anything. Could it be he did it for the love of his brother?

        And I’m from Brooklyn,NY. Bed Stuy. Marcy Projects son. Nostrand Av. What does that mean? I’m on the left coast cooling out right now.

        Where you’re from don’t mean jack. It’s who you are that garners respect and loyalty.

        • ko

          ayre fuck you and fuck dc pussy ass go go motherfuckers beating on trash cans all day fuck outta here other cities have been raping dc for years nigga.

        • Ayre

          Yet again I ask how do you know them niggas don’t play that shit? Unless you run or ran with them niggas, you’re just a groupie. My point is not about where you’re from, the other half of my family is from the South Bronx niggas can catch it anywhere, anytime, and sorry pal I haven’t met a “real G” that spends as much time commenting as you, im just saying. My point is this is ignorant shit, especially coming a forty something nigga like Rae who I totally respect as an artist. So I ask if shit get thick are you gonna go out there and ride for the Wu? or are you gonna be cheerleading from the side like you doing right now? @ ko tell a DC GO-GO motherfucker they’re pussy to his face I dare you! Sucka!

        • $ykotic/Don McCaine

          Actually it’s quite easy to drop comments. All you need is a phone when not @ home. Blackberry is a great tool. Every time there is a RSS feed update I pop in. From anywhere.

          Yes you are correct when you say this is ignorant. A lot of street sh*t is ignorant.

          But since you do not comprehend, yes I have ran with them cats. And many others like them, ’til today’s date.

          Yet I can represent myself without sneak dissing or trying to belittle one’s statement with rhetorical questions or comments like you do. We’ve gone from “e-thug” to “groupie” to questioning my time periods on a computer. Another dude straight told you to fukk yourself. Didn’t see you really holler @ him.

          Do you see that what you’re doing is exactly what Budden is reaping repercussions for?

          My point is everybody doesn’t play the game. I have been saying someone tell Joey to keep quiet or he’s gonna get it. And it happened. No dry snitching. Anyone could have seen this coming.

          Where I’m from that’s not cheerleading but sharing actual fact to people out there that could put the bug in Joey’s ear to help him out. Since sound travels @ 1,120 ft per second, someone should have caught wind.

          I’m done here.

  • cindy bagtaz

    I grew up in Hudson County and went to school with Joe at St. Anthonys, go Friars heh, but I had two classes with him and he use to tear up in both for no reason. I asked if anything was wrong once and he said it was from the sun but it was a pretty dark day and he did it constantly. I think hes a nice guy, just very over emotional and doesnt realize what hes doing a lot of the time.

  • blackboy

    …It’s funny how everyone left out the part when Rae said that the beef was between them, so he had no real part in it, but before his point came to a close, he snuck in some “he looks like a nigga that would call the cops” greasy slick talk.

    Now you tell me, what would you do or say after that if you were Joe Budden? And I’m a fan of Rae over Joey, but sideways talk is sideways talk. So Joe responding like he did in that above quote is only right in my eyes. He still gave them a pass.

  • Queens

    This is why cornballs need to shut up & get off the camera & just rap. When u start talkin on the camera all tough,you’re gonna get yours. Talkin bout Rae got the footage, tellin everybody on the internet the story.When did beef get televised,tryin to explain things?He sound shook.It’s so funny how he tryin to make sense of it.You talk junk sayin if anybody else from the Wu camp say somethin,it’s on.Well they did & u got punched in the face.Let this b a lesson to Joe,get off the damn camera tellin everybody this & that. Just rap & make better songs! U see anybody else from Slaughterhouse on camera like Joe?He’s going to end up gettin them all jacked up from his runnin off at the mouth because they gonna have 2 back him up.Niggas just don’t understand the streets.STOP TELEVISING EVERYTHING!

  • the real gangster

    hoe budden got what he desearve!!!nigga talk to much shit.

  • http://xxl All Dae

    buddens should release a diss record already.

  • Nehemiah

    Joe Budden should just be humble and admit he shouldnt have fucked with Wu. Ive said all along that Beef only makes the Record Labels laugh. They get to see artists fight and they dont care wether or not anyone dies. Peoples lives are at stake this shit must stop now!

  • Nehemiah

    Also Wu supporters gotta let the beef stay on wax. Fuck selling records and save lives.

  • DSuth

    Rae is just straight dumb for this.


    “Mase Recalls the Days When a Beating From a Wu-Tang Clan Member Actually Meant Something”

  • newyawka631


  • Silly Willy

    “Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk
    Phony niggas are outlined in chalk…..”

    Joey had it coming. Apologize sincerely, or man up and just take it. Any other way is only sheer bitchassness. It was just a matter of time that Mr Chatterbox got checked. He needed it.

    Moving on a nigga with the speed of a centipede

  • None illa

    I was there. N Joey was pissed as fuck before his performance, I was backstage with them. But Joey definitely was ready 2 get down. Royce helped him calm down tho. I just dont think he had a chance wit The large entourage Wu-Tang had

  • Beast McCoy

    Just another case of the silly games ppl play. Maybe “Rap Muzik” is the New WWF [WWE].

  • AB

    joe budden is basically dry snitchin

    news,pics,new videos,new freestyle battles, beefs and hugs

  • doublleD

    “How you older than me and still a little nigga” -killa
    “Im not a street nigga (naaaa) i just relate to’em” -joe budden



  • DOOBY973

    yo this is some bulllllsh*t if rae really beefin wit joe they should duke it out 1 on 1 LOL not have ur “associates” do ur work for u but thats what u get when u fux wit wu the whole clan comin after ya

  • lostgyrl

    Stop The Violence!!!! Soo Lame To Fight Or Draw Guns!!!

  • Cam Jones

    The interesting thing is about how butthurt some of you are getting that Joe went at one of your sacred cows. The truth is Method Man aint who he used to be lyrically and Joe is a better lyricist RIGHT NOW. Maybe not a few year ago during the WU-era but the current incarnation.

    Going 6-1 to have a conversation makes you a bitchass nigga. Sorry that is the way I feel. If you man enough to step just be a man and go one on one. That is the problem with the world just a generation of pussies afraid to handle thier own.

    • General

      “Going 6-1 to have a conversation makes you a bitchass nigga.”

      I co sign that all day…

      I got respect for Wu as a group, but not for Rae as a man after this…

      Everybody talkin bout how gangsta Rae is for this, WTF??? So when did it become gangsta to not even be the one to lay hands on someone, but instead have one of your mans sucka punch somebody when there wasn’t even any beef anymore…

      All this did was make it so there is a beef now, and by the way, where was Rae and them niggaz when C.O.B. was lookin for them later, oh yeah they wasn’t to be found, real gangsta…

      We have created a world of pussies in hip hop when the mentality is that you owned someone by approachin them outnumbered and then don’t even straight confront them, but do it on some sucka punch shit from one of your cracked out fiend friends…

      I agree Joey runs his mouth too much, but Rae looks like the bitch in this one and then later sayin he didn’t mean for that to happen, yeah real gangsta

      • El Tico Loco

        Ya’ll talkin like he got jumped by 6, he got snuffed by one he happened to be Raekwon’s boy, Rae ain’t that nigga dad he can do what he want, Joe didn’t even try to swing back(he didn’t even do anything about his girl gettin snuffed now they got his and hers shiners), nah he got his icepack and ran to camera to tell us all the news, if anything that was crew loyalty, I ain’t seen no Slaughterhouse member stand up for dude, could it be that they know better? Could it be that they see through Joe and his bitchy ways? *Actually I wouldn’t want to see them involved especially Royce, them Michigan rappers have a tendency of turning up dead don’t need another one* All I’m saying is damage control kicked in a little too late.

        • General

          So you approach one dude by himself with 5 of your friends to “talk” and while you are talkin to dude, one of your crackhead friends sucka punches him in the middle of talkin and that makes you hard?

          Wow, we really have lowered our standards of what bein a man is, because if in my mind if you got a problem with me, but instead of takin it straight to me have to bring 5 dudes to approach me by myself when your supposed to be this tough guy, that makes you a bitch…

          And as far as Slaughterhouse not getting involved…Apparently you missed the part where Crooked called them out and the C.O.B. crew was in there deep, which led to Rae tryin to apologize for the shit…again gangsta? I think not

        • El Tico Loco

          So you approach one dude by himself with 5 of your friends to “talk” and while you are talkin to dude, one of your crackhead friends sucka punches him in the middle of talkin and that makes you hard?
          You missed my whole point, dude went off and snuffed Budden, what does’ Raekwon being have anything to do with this dude other than being guilty by association? Since when Wu roll solo(killa beez)? Crooked I called him out rollin deep but what did they do? Nada! We’ve known for the last 17 years how Wu rolls and is best to leave them to their own devices. Not sayin that is right, or is it gangsta, I’m just saying some people ain’t to be fucked with, or worth trying to reason with due to a mob mentality. Joe knows what he’s gotten into, so hence no response on wax and he recognizes (if not now) how ugly it can get. Now on the other hand we yet to hear anything from Meth now that ain’t a good look. This is about niggaz and bitches riders and punks (word to Pac)

          All I see is a bunch of rah rah shit and it was a matter of time before someone took a swing, so Joe Budden got Joey Jihad’d.

        • General

          “so Joe Budden got Joey Jihad’d.”

          nice line

  • Soul C

    “‘Yo, on my children, no one was supposed to get touched, dude got jumpy, touched him, shouldn’ta happened, that was not his intention.’”

    I aint a Budden fan at all (dude is nuts), but this is some bitch shit. Why take 6 goons to a man to man discussion?

    Outnumber a man and feel strong? Real tough guy shit Rae. You only step to dudes who aint rolling deep? What happened to being a man? Your word being your bond? Meth handled this shit like a man. You did some faggot shit.

    Before you rolled in, were you shouting all your homeboys on some “yo, come here, come here, I’m going to talk to Joe Budden, I need a gang of dudes with me”?

    I’ll be stealing OB4CL2. I aint lining the pockets of a clown.

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Damn, son… I’m not a violent dude, but THAT is how situations are resolved! That punch should have happened a month ago.

    And that being said, I’ll be copping my Slaughterhouse CD tomorrow and Rae’s joint in September.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • http://xxl All Dae

    I can’t wait for Bol to weight in on this.


    the Wu has a history of dealin wit situations jus like this.They’re street niggas.And they all over the place.EastCoast..they got Cali niggas…alotta grimey street cats…yall youngins betta pick up that “Return of the 36 Chambers” and listen to it…really listen to the lyrics and the song titles…thats the Wu right there.
    i mean diffrently…violence is neva the solution, but u cant b throwin gasoline on fire.oh well…


    oh yeah…”Enter the 36 Chambers!!!”

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    You know, Joe is lucky all he caught is a nice two piece to the eye. It could have got a lot worse, if those goons were truly ignorant. Joe needs to take that L and keep it pushing. Yea it was unfair, 6-1, but that how shit goes sometimes.That nigga weighs 78 pounds wet and wearing boots, he chains smokes cancer sticks too, so you know he aint got no wind or stamina. He needs to be happy he didn’t get the Young Burg stomp out treatment. Joe = Filled to the brim with fail.

  • Steve Fox

    Great Video! I wasn’t there so I’m really not at liberty to say who was doing what. I will only speak on what I’m reading above!

    This kind of behavior is not good for grown black men to be having. Allegedly, these groups are trying to “feed their kids”. But what exactly are they trying to feed their kids by beefing and sending ill words (un-acted) actions over the internet. I feel like if you speak on this kind of thing, then it will rapidly approach you in the way in which you spoke on it. I’m only 26 tho, so my wisdom could be a little off.

    As an artist, I’m quickly learning to speak on things that I wish to happen. Cuz that other ish is a beast!

    You brothers cool out! All of you! Yes, and that means you reading this too!

    Over and Out,


  • Calablur

    Love Wu and Joey music both but come the fuck on. Rae and his crew ain’t have shit better to do than to go snuff a nigga a couple of times. The realist shit he could have did was a one on one. On the other hand how you get knocked the fuck out and then apologize. That is funny as hell. All had to do was hit the ground and cover his head because that bullshit kind of run on the lines of a coward.”I felt like I didn’t have an option at the time.” Goddamn joey they was gonna whup your ass the nigga wasn’t gonna kill ya.Joey, even Jim Jones kept fighting when Can’run left him hanging.

  • kingequality

    Rae alway been a real street dude Joey been talking real reckless your held accountable for what comes out of ya mouth he should of just picked on bow wow or one of them soft niggas that would of just been going back in forth on some punk ass internet gangsta shit that most of you soft ass bloggers is use to . this is some grown man shit niggas under 25 wouldnt understand. If you talk shit in the streets niggas are gonna come see you simple as that I know real dudes losing their lives over less Joey thought it was all entertainment better take a kung fu class and stop getting smacked up in the game or role with kanye and the good music niggas where you dont have to have any street cred This niggas making the rest of us jersey dudes look crazy

  • http://xxl ryan

    yall grown ass kids talking about how rae is a real street nigga. shut the fuck up with that shit. if you need a crew to back your ass up you are a true bitch because a real man can stand on his own 2 feet.

  • Nate

    Caught them last night at the S.F./S.J. (Bay Area) Rock The Bells. They opened with “Onslaught”, then did Fight Club, then the song with MOP,”Woodstock”, and they did the video song “The One”,, Introduced each member, etc and maybe did a couple more songs but the set wasn’t too long. Locksmith and E-A-Ski were there onstage to show support. What was interesting at the end was Crooked emphasizing the importance of hip-hop over all the bull$hit, They each did a verse/sample from their city to show how everybody has classics, i.e. Biggie, Em, Naughty, and Snoop/Dre…Crooked said something along the lines of how he would die for any member of this crew, f*uck the other B.S., and he gave a very complimentary introduction along those lines to …. RZA– who was the next act..

    Yeah, I didn’t know about this on Sunday, but he was using Slaughterhouse and Wu-Tang in the same sentence on the “Fuck all the beef” level, and just pointing to real hip-hop…

    Wu members are living off the scraps of their 90′s legacy, but as individuals or as a group it could be argued that matched up vs Slaughterhouse on the mic they might not win..

    The crowd “crowded” to get photos and meet the group, so they pretty much dispersed when RZA went on. It was the smaller stage so crowd was hundreds as opposed to multi thousands for the acts on the Large Stage, (Talib, Slick Rick, Roots, Big Boi, Nas, Damian Marley, Busta Rhymes, etc.)

  • Nate

    Forgot that in the same sentence Crooked strongly indicated outright his background from East Side Long Beach and that he has no problem whatsoever dying for any member of the crew. So for Slaughterhouse he also proclaimed that it’s about the fans first. I can tell that the unity of the group was 1st priority.

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  • Brooklyn

    this shit is funny as hell, but not really suprising, this is wu-tang we’re talking about. damn, it’s times like this that makes me miss ol’ dirty bastard, he probably woulda wiled out on a nigga.

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  • Ruc

    Wtf u talkin bout “Ice”? Nigga didju read da article or stare @ it? Dude from Slaughterhouse even sed dat Rae came, dapped erbody up, and sat down in da chair peacfully. His boy got jumpy and hit Joe. Is Akon a bitch cuz 1 of his boys snuffed (And I think knockedout again lol) Suge? I ain think so….U jus wanted ta show people dat ova these past few months yo stupid ass learned howta type. Cuz ain no way u coulda really meant dat shit. Dumb fuck. U sound stupid. 2 EVRYBODY READIN DIS!….Please don’t comment if u can’t read (Like dis nigga) Lmao! P.S…..Fuckya ifya got a problem.