Jay-Z’s Sax Player Talks All Points West Performance

Jay-Z gave a nod to the legends Friday night (August 1) in his headlining performance at All Points West Music Festival in New Jersey’s Liberty Park.

For his opening song, Jay paid respect by opening to the Beastie Boys’s classic record, “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn.”

“Everybody just started going nuts as soon as they heard the guitars,” recalls Lamont Caldwell, a touring saxophonist for Jay’s live band. “He’s like, ‘If the audience was looking for the Beastie Boys, I’ma give them a little bit of the Beastie Boys.’ That’s completely selfless.”

As XXLMag.com previously reported, Hov replaced The Beastie Boys, who canceled due to necessary treatment for group member Adam “MCA” Yauch’s throat cancer.

After saluting The Beasties and shouting out Ice T, who watched from backstage, Jay breezed through his extensive catalog in a nearly two-hour set, which included everything from Reasonable Doubt’s “Can I Live” to Blueprint 3’s new single, “Run This Town,” performed live for the first time.

“One thing about playing with Jay is that he knows how to put on a show,” Caldwell said. “After being in the business for so long, he knows how to keep people entertained.”

Surprise guest Memphis Bleek played hypeman for much of the set, while Q-Tip, Organized Konfusion and the Pharcyde performed earlier in the day. –John Kennedy

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  • General

    “Surprise guest Memphis Bleek played hypeman for much of the set,”

    How the fuck is Memphis Bleek a surprise guest at a Jay show??? I’m pretty sure he travels in Jay’s pockets everywhere he goes…

    • Detroit P

      lol..thats what i’m sayin…even if he’s not at EVERY Jay show…how can it even be a surprise when he comes out…its more of a surprise if he doesnt come out

    • biggie_funk

      nice to see Jay showing love for the beastie’s, legend’s of the movement!!!!
      also nice to see Jigga not wasting his breath on that brokeass trying to beef with him, not even gonna say his name, he don’t deserve the hype….Sometimes saying nothing is making more of a statment than speaking out…..that bum is not in the same league as Hove!!!
      Jay Everyday!!!!

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  • romil

    Im a multimillionaire how is it Im still the hottest nga here! lol Jay is a legend at its best.

    • ee bubble

      “i dont be in the project hallways
      talkin bout how i be in the projects all day”

  • D-Block

    how can xxl call themselves a hip hop website when they would rather write an article about jay-zs saxaphone player than reporting a real story like REST IN PEACE BAATIN A FUCKING LEGEND IN THE RAP GAME

    • http://XXLmag.com PerfectPoints357

      Co-sign D XXL sleepin i guess they figured main stream media coverin it why should we. RIP BAATIN hold ya Slum Village.


    “I’m pretty sure he travels in Jay’s pockets everywhere he goes…”

    ^^^sheeit, i know i would.

    i wanna see Jay pay respect to MCA by doing Intergallactic (however you spell that shit), thats my favorite Beastie Boys track. that video was the shit.

    i never been to a Hov show. Fade To Black was the closest i’ve come to seeing a live Jay concert. from the way that was, his live shows must be NUTS!


      & the *draws a blank* what was that movie they did for that concert with Jay, Ruff Ryders, Ja Rule, Red & Meth, Beanie Sigel (lol, got some head in the bathroom stall), Dame Dash (roasted the shit out of DJ Clue’s haircut, LMAO!). WTF was that movie called?

      • http://dronkmunk.com dronkmunk






  • HB

    The show was great. The band was excellent. “Show me what you got” sounded wonderful. I wish he would have done “I know”

  • djkells

    Jay-Z , hands down #1 in the game buck for buck in stage presence

    2. Ghostface
    3. Busta Rhymes
    4. Wu-tang
    5. Meth Red
    6. KRS1
    7. Big Daddy Kane

  • Tre

    @ D-Block & Perfectionist,

    There’s a link on here that leads to the Detroit Press Article on Baatins death. Specifically showing respect for our hometown. Detroit.

    Now on to the story. Jay fucked up when he said Memp Bleek aint gotta write another song. I aint heard nothing from the nigga since except to be a hype man

  • $ykotic


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  • HU

    Memphis Bleek should do speaking engagements to young blacks all over who think they’re the next rap superstar and drop out of school to pursue that unlikely dream. You can be pushed nonstop by the arguably best and biggest rapper alive and still not gain a successful career. Also see

  • Tre

    @ D-block

    Relax. It aint that deep bruh.

  • adrian smith erdington birmingham

    first jay z shout to ice t coco beastie boys no sleep till brooklyn classic jay z d.o.a still sick tune video sick as well

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