Jay-Z to Perform at the 2009 MTV VMAs

MTV has just announced that Jay-Z is set to take the stage at this year’s Video Music Awards.

Jay will not only appear at the ceremony to perform, the rap superstar is also vying for two moon men for his “D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)” clip. He will be facing off against Asher Roth (“I Love College”), Flo Rida (“Right Round’), Eminem (“We Made You”) and longtime producer Kanye West (“Love Lockdown) for Best Hip-Hop Video and Em, Ye, Ne-Yo (“Miss Independent”) and T.I. (“Live Your Life”) for Best Male Video.

Other rap hopefuls that hope to pick up a trophy include newcomers Drake for his controversial “Best I Ever Had” video and Kid Cudi for his animated take on “Day N’ Nite.” Drizzy, Cudi and Ash Roth are all up for Best New Artist. Fans can vote at the VMA website here

The award show will air live on September 13 at 9 p.m. EST from stages throughout NYC. As of press time it is uncertain what song Hov will be performing.

Jay’s The Blueprint 3 album drops on September 11. –Max G

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  • Silly Willy

    Though it hurst to say it, I predict that Drake will get the Best New Artist…

    • Silly Willy

      hurts……typos be damned !
      Pierz, btw…


    VMA’s are too pop for my liking.


    Agree with Sill. They skip over talented cats like Crooked and Skyzoo all the time.

    • 619

      What happened to ‘Pig Face Weapon Waist’. Crooked did 3 songs titled 8/11 talkin’ about his release date. Everytime Crooked comes out with a mixtape he’s talkin’ about this album comin’ out this date and that album droppin’ right around the corner. A decade of a handful of release dates that came and went without any real album, he had more release dates without a debut album than anyone in the history of hip-hop. Whoever owns Death Row’s recordings has ownership over Crooked, because this fool couldn’t release an album if his life depended on it.

      • 619

        I know some of you wanna see the best for hip-hop, but you propose impossible shit. What can they nominate him for? Best New Artist? He’s been in the game for damn near 15 years. Best Video? You need to have a single to make a video. This isn’t the Mixtape Awards.

  • Beast McCoy

    Who watches the VMAs besides teenage girls? A matter fact when’s the last time you saw a video on MTV? Hold up, who even watches MTV? It’s has to be weird to see him perform on the VMA and the premier ep. of Jay Leno’s New Show in Sept. Yeah, it’s big for hip hop but who’s fiending for BP3? All I heard has sounded like filler and throwaway tracks maybe he has a few tracks left in him to make BP3 hot but I kind of think this may be his swan song.

  • ff1one@yahoo.com

    i know a lot of people fiending for it. LIKE WHERE IS THE MUSIC? Jay consitantly putting up numbers and hit and Quality music. It a number of artist who wish they can do what he does. Why is it big? Dude has cross over appeal and still keeps it real. U might hate that he is on THE VMA awards but that shows how popular he is. He is on Jay leno another group of people he touched. The biggest thing is him appearing on OPRAH who banned rappers for ten years. DOA getting mad play. ya its not 98 jay but this ain’t 98 the dude is a multi millionaire and still makes music u can relate too. Run this town geting mad play. nah it ain’t can i get a, but for now the song is str8. Stop being a hater and close minded and acknowledge succes.

  • geico lizard

    This probably means Chris Brown wont be performing a Michael Jackson tribute. Timberfake or Usher could still show up to dance like MJ.

    • 619

      You mean dance like James Brown?

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  • REAL TALK 09

    JIgga is over wit!…dat DOA shyt bombed..plus,..his beef wit The Game waz LAME!….BET already saluted MikeJac!..so…MTV will do a Pop Version of it..wit Britney or JT..Or Madonna..OVERALL!…BORING!….right about now RNB/SOUL got the props!…MAXWELL JOE And K’JON been the hot albums..and dat Raphael Saadiq 2!…LMAO….Jay-Z sold his soul for crap..lol

    • CHEAA

      Hed idnt beff with game…

      Game has BEEN tryin to beef with jay for like 5 years… and jay keeps ignorin him..

      BP3 will be INSANE.. Jus wait 1 more month!

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