Jadakiss’s Home Raided, Weed & Heroin Found

Two associates of Jadakiss were arrested yesterday (August 24) after being busted with six pounds of marijuana, five grams of heroin and $42,000 in cash, reports The Journal News.

According to the paper, one of the men, Gabriel R. Henriquez, 39, had a room in Jada’s leased waterfront apartment in Yonkers, where police found the money and the drugs.

Lieutenant Joseph Monaco told the Journal that Kiss “is not wanted at this time.”

The incident started when police smelled marijuana coming from the car of Alberto Lajara, 25, the other man who was arrested in the case. While police were questioning Henriquez, who was also in the vehicle, he reportedly got nervous and ran from the car. Authorities were able to catch him, and that’s when they learned he was staying with Jada. They quickly obtained a search warrant and after checking Henriquez’s room found the contraband.

Henriquez was charged with three felonies: second-degree criminal possession of marijuana, third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault. He was also hit with second-degree obstruction of governmental administration, which is a misdemeanor.

Lajara got much lesser charges, fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and disorderly conduct.

As of press time neither Jada nor his label, Def Jam Recordings were available for comment. -Elan Mancini

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  • stoneyisland

    sounds like a “tenant” got caught not Jada but dude is facing some serious time, no doubt he will pull a Alfamega and roll over on Jada or at least try. I strongly suggest Jada calls his tall israeli right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://thahiphoptruth.com hairylarry

    yall know thahiphoptruth.com will have something to say about this.

  • bigsby

    jada is a bithc nigga and so is that website thahiphoptruth everyone keeps talking about

  • Beast McCoy

    I would crack a joke like did he pay his rent in weed but this is just one those times where you have to end old acquaintances before they end up costing you your livelihood and comfortable lifestyle. Now I’m more than sure Jada knew his boy had the weed and heroin but to allow the damn fool to keep in your house is just downright retarded. Why would I want to talk to the cops about why this stuff is in my house? Keep the crap in your whip or don’t bother staying at all. Not to mention why do drug dealers love to keep large sums of cash in the house.

    Now I know you can’t exactly drop that entire amount in a bank account without alerting suspicions but you can’t find someone to get a joint account with to do the deal. I mean all you have to do is keep the Bank Card and all relevant info pertaining to the acct and make sure no withdrawal can be made without both parties present but then again this that straight REAL NIGGA THINKING where if you have a knot everybody thinks you’re the man. Where you show off how much cash you have to impress your friends and the girls [Ask my brother he loves to take pictures of his money and post it online instead of using a checking acct, now that's gangsta isn't it?]. This just don’t make sense. You have 42,000 but you don’t have an apartment – you know what I don’t even want to know. Cats are killing me with the stupidity.

    • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

      Damn dawg you sure you ain’t a drug dealer yourself? j/k

      • YungDonofChron

        WORD. this dude is in the biznesss

    • B.I.

      Tell it like it is Beast McCoy. After the Boy George, Fat Kat, and numerous others you figured people would know by now or want to know but it seems ignorance is still out there.

  • John Cochran

    Scaredy cat ass nigga. If cuz wouldda just stayed in the car yall wouldda both got hit with misdemeanor weed charges. Now you got the police at Jada’s house. As for Kiss, if you still hustlin at least be smart enough to not shit where you eat.

  • daydeezy

    4 Real did dude really think he was going to get away!!!!!!!!!!!!! See thats what happens when you have rudipoops in yo circle.

  • Mutada/Mullah Atari

    Stupid shit

    Niggaz get pocket checked before hoping in the TL. I ask all dodgy passengers, “Do you have any weed on you”? “No guns on you right “?
    One of my good friends got caught up, that way. Cops pulled him over and some dude, who was a friend of his man and was riding in the back seat, threw an ounce under the seat, and would not admit it was his. They all got charged.
    No matter how tight it’s wrapped, you can smell 6 pounds in the house. Jada either financed it or was complacent. FAIL

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  • http://Twitter.com/choice09 Choice

    Wtf – now jada might have some heat comin afta him now – nobody likes police attention

  • http://myspace.com/thelabelrecords Sammy P

    what u mean end old acquaintances? thats whats wrong with mutha fuckas, turnin ur back on a friend when he’s down and jada prolly did have something to do with it. He should be helpin with attourney fees and comissary not acting like he’s above the shit. TRUTH LOYALTY & RESPECT a code to live by.

    • Beast McCoy

      Sometimes your closest friends can end up your worst enemies. I met my personal Judas. If your man ain’t trying to change the game with you he becomes a liability. You do remember New Jack City Right? Best believe I am not letting another man’s stupidity be my downfall. Sometimes you have to face the TRUTH that he’s a stupid ass, place your LOYALTY with the right people and when someone does dumb shit like this, that they do not RESPECT you. I had friends who kept choosing a life of crime and did not want to change and I’m sorry to say they are no longer here and neither would I if I made their same choices. A Man’s only responsibility is to his God, his family and himself. When a friend is down… yeah give him a hand but don’t you don’t needlessly jeopardize yourself in the process if he is going to keep doing the same shit. Doing the same shit and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

      • DownSouth

        Dats real spit, dookie! It’s like Silkk the Shocker’s line in Tru Homies:

        Wrong or right, they right, cuz that’s my dogg.

        No, right is right and wrong is wrong. If cats would surround themselves with positive working people, they wouldn’t have to worry about gettin caught up. But cats are so adamant about being hard.

        DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Peep game.

    On how ole girl was talking about “morality clauses” and how she was gonna holler @ the labels. Which label would she check first?

    DEF JAM.

    Now you got a reason to knock on the door. Think they don’t have the drop on cats already?

    Rush spoke loudly about The Rockefeller Laws.

    Wait until we find out the car wash is a laundry-mat.

    Now you gotta ask yourself why did Jigga pay 5 mil to boogie…

  • BeerGangsta

    Here we go again more Rappers doing dumb shit! Jada you know dam well that Honkeys Cops and Black Cops don’t have no love for ya’ll dam Rappers. You are a good Rapper. Dam you act like you was 10 Years old on this one.

  • http://www.gmail.com bezzo

    it was eather jadas shit or jada gave them money, to get it and pump it off or he just let them use the apt. can he be that stupid you were a good rapper at on point so you must have some money. invest in something besides drugs watch the company you keep. i thought you rapped to get out the ghetto or is it rap so the ghetto can follow you around dumb ass fuck jada anyway with his al quida jada bullshit now he sucks as a rapper he just better hope his ladel he just got a deal with dont drop his stupid ass!!!

  • P. Harris


    blame this on the shaky legged dude who took off running…

    But that’s beside the point. Jada… that shit is in your name… Take your lawyer out to dinner tonight… get the game plan going…

  • http://xxl gside

    What’s there pc for the raid . IF they catch him whats the need to further the investigation sound like some bullshit to me . To young nigga let this be a lesson find you a destination go there and smoke your weed drink your drink and be marry as fuck police will never catch you these cat’s were “slipping” and that’s what happens.

  • http://www.myspace.com/faceboymusic Max Profit

    Jada needs to be careful I think he just beat a case this year. If his homies rat on him he is fu*ked – truth or not.


    jada wasn’t there. so. hopefully he’ll get ‘looked over’. @ age 39 & 25 these grown ass men should step up for they own shit & not look to get Jada involved.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    niggas too old for this type of dumb shit, why you got that shit anywhere near anything associated wit’ you? maybe you neva heard of rico laws? or attempt to conspire? either way I hope Jada skate and stay droppin the music and not the soap!



  • Grimey G

    The worst part is that they didn’t get to keep their drugs. They were prolly on their way to Jadas to smoke an L and maybe shoot up and then they got their highs snatched away from them. That sucks

  • http://www.stickam.com/theh2flow Mach Diesel

    Damn, Jada runnin’ his own Carter,complete with pookies and e’rythang.

    With that being said… check out THE H2FLOW INTERNET RADIO SHOW, hosted by HomieDaJedi and Mach Diesel, every Friday night, 9pm-12am EST. Log in to http://www.stickam.com/theh2flow OR go to http://www.theh2flow.com

    Send music to be played on the show to: theh2flow@gmail.com. It’s THE H2FLOW… GO WIT IT!!

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  • Money Mitch

    Since when do cops get search warrants for his house just because he ran? Sounds like the police just wanted to get jadakiss into some mess! One of my friends ran from beat up and got beat up by some cops and they didn’t get a search warrant for his house. But ya’ll right by saying jada should watch his inner circle more closely whose to say dude wouldn’t snitch on jada saying everything was his and that he had nothing to do with it? But at the same time just because he was into some shady shit doesn’t mean he isn’t a good loyal person to jada personally so it’s a judgement call either way it goes someone is lookin’ at you funny. if jada diss-associates himself with dude his people’s gonna look at him like he turning his back on his old friends and going hollywood losing them as friends and if he doesn’t shake em’ loose this happens!

  • K.ong

    Herion couldnt be in the vicinity of my shit, you taking too much of a loss, on lawyer fees and shit






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  • http://truth.org Cyrano de Balzac

    All I would like to know is WHO RUNS FROM THE POLICE OVER BURNING A JOINT IN A CAR?!?!?
    He better have been paranoid as hell or else there is no excuse.

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  • PapaKof

    That Sour Diesel be stankin!Get a nigga caught every time.But really ,look like smokin in the car is out. Popo be in cars too. Why boy run? Then they catch him and still search Jada crib?Wow.