Ice Cube Hits the Lottery With Bow Wow In New Flick

Ice Cube will be teaming up with Bow Wow for a new comedy called Lottery Ticket, reports Variety.

The film is about a character from the projects played by Bow Weezy who has a lottery ticket worth $350 million, and has to keep it safe during a three-day weekend from his opportunistic neighbors. There is no word as of yet what character Ice Cube will be playing per

Music video director Erik White, know for his work on T.I.’s “Big Thing’s Poppin’” and Fabolous’ “Breathe,” will be making his feature film debut behind the lens. The script was written by Addul Williams.

Lottery Ticket is scheduled to start filming this October in Atlanta.

In related news Bow Wow can currently be found on the small screen every Sunday in the latest season of the hit HBO series Entourage. –Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    I like Cube but these family flicks have to go. “Are We Done Yet” should have been left as a CRT.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      So you heard they’re doing a “Are We” TV series. Blecccchhh.

    • joe p

      all about the Benjamins ? with mike eps ? lol spin off ? lmao lame

      • BlackWallin

        joe p knows same exact thing and this aint no family movie pierzy dipship your on here everyday and you dont know shit about music so get the fuck out fagget

  • chicco

    not another 1, what happened to stuff like friday???

    • geico lizard

      Cube has everyone else ready to shoot “Last Friday” but he is waiting on Chris Tucker to sign on. Tucker doesnt want to be typecast by playing Smokey again but he doesnt mind bugging his eyes out and yelling every 3 years with Jackie Chan in a bad movie.


  • HNIC

    This almost sounds like the plot from “All About The Benjamins”. Mike Epps kept that movie alive, in my opinion. He better atleast have a cameo appearance, because, if Bow Wow doesn’t take some more acting classes, quick, fast & in a hurry, he might not be able to pull off that role. Just sayin.

    I am glad, however, that Bow Wow has found something constructive to do, other than merking himself, from his “depression”. That’s a good look.

    • geico lizard

      co-sign@HNIC. All About the Benjamins was about mike epps winning the lottery and trying to stay alive. The powerball is 160 milli for saturday night and the megamillions is 102 milli for tonight so get ya tickets folks because I definitely have mine.

      Commission!!!>>>the Lottery commission

  • “The Party Killa”

    Friday + All About The Benjamins= Lottery Ticket

    That was an easy equation

  • BeerGangsta

    Ice Cube is the man! Dam movie with Bow Cow Wack azz! Cube going to do his part ya’ll don’t got to worried about that. Last movie I seen Bow Cow in his was Shitty! We will see if he can make up for that one. Lottery Ticket is a good name for a movie. We all won’t to hit the Lottery.

  • DownSouth

    Everyone is alwayz saying they wanna anotha Friday, but unless it’s classic like the first, then people will bash it. It’s like Dre and Detox, RZA and The Cure, DJ Paul and Juicy J with Cashin Checks, you get the point.


  • Kid Pistol


    Stop drinkin the juice before you comment. lol for real.

    Anyways, booooo to this whole movie idea. What’s next?

    Spencer Pratt and Lil Romeo starring in “Jungle Love”. (See “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” video)

  • omunique

    Personally I’ve always thought of Ice Cube as natural when it comes to the big screen. Another artist that can do that is Mos Def. And the most famous of them all: Will Smith. I’m glad that Cube’s comin with a new movie. As for the “Last Friday” thing? I would love to see Craig, Smokey, and Day Day in one cast! Now that would be funny!

  • Here Now

    Love O’Shea for some of his work, but I was plesantly disapointed at the tv series Are we done yet. It made family vales look horrible, the father had no control over his household, both the children and the wife were very disrespectful. I watched about ten minutes and that was all I could stomach, to see the way the children acted towards the man of the house and the wife figure was for the birds!!!