Hundreds Gather At Baatin’s Funeral in Detroit

Earlier today (August 11) the funeral for Baatin, one of the founding members of rap group Slum Village, took place in his hometown of Detroit.

The Detroit Free Press reports that over 200 friends and family members attended the service at the Greater Future Missionary Baptist Church, included Slum Village group mates Elzhi and T3.

Baatin, born Titus Glover, was found dead on August 1 on the 14000 block of Anglin Street in Detroit. Although the cause of his death is still uncertain, the Free Press reported that the MC had an ongoing battle with mental illness and addiction and suffered from schizophrenia. He is the second member of SV to pass away since beloved producer J Dilla’s death in 2006 of lupus. spoke with Elzhi last week about what he will remember most about Baatin. “Man, I mean the fans know what they remember about him,” he said. “I mean, you can’t… what he gives and what he gave to hip-hop you couldn’t get it nowhere, from not just the lyrics but the way that he changed his voice on every track or the way that he posed on a camera. Just his whole being was so different from what everybody else is doing. He’s always been eccentric and authentic and the real fans know that.”

“It’s been rough,” Baatin’s older brother Wendell Scott told the Free Press. “But it’s been nothing but an outpouring of support from the hip-hop community —a lot of love.”

A tribute to the fallen rapper will take place at 9 p.m. tonight at famed motor city club The Shelter. –Max G

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  • WestPhillyPolo

    Rest In Paradise G. You will live on forever through your music.

  • Jamal7Mile

    SLUM VILLAGE FOREVER!! Rest well, Baatin…

  • Tony Grands

    God bless the dead.

  • 313Dawg


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  • Rama22

    It’s so damn hard 2 say goodbye. Hope u in a better place now.

  • lokee

    r.i.p. TITUS!

  • re-yo

    Maybe it’s that nigga Titus
    Maybe it’s me
    Maybe he’s part of the group
    (the) S and the V
    Maybe my name is Rasaul Rassi
    Maybe I’m Christ?
    Maybe the Sun
    The One
    Maybe I’m the nigga who pulled the gat first (maybe)
    Pointed at the casket and blasted at the hearst
    Niggas they front (hard).
    You just learning to roll the blunt… (huh)
    Been there (hehe), done that (nana)
    I’m on that other shit.
    Gradually speeding out my body til I fell away
    Maybe my crew is like an omen, from the great lake
    Maybe I’m the first fish who bit at the bait (bait)
    Catching a crab from a bitch on a blind date.
    Maybe it was Titus who paved the way
    Maybe it was Titus who came to save the day
    Maybe you like me. Maybe you don’t.
    I don’t give a fuck (fuck)
    Probably was my crew that made you raise it up


  • latino heat

    r.i.p. Baatin. you have what most mc’s never will, a true classic on your resume. Fantastic Vol.2. i’ll always remember the concert ya’ll did out here in San Fransisco back in 2001. ya’ll had crazy energy on stage.