Fabolous Takes Loso’s Way To The Top Of The Charts

Fabolous has this week’s top slot in the bag on The Billboard 200, his first no. 1 debut on the charts.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, the Brooklyn MC pushed 98,600 copies of his Carlito’s Way-themed fifth studio album, Loso’s Way, which features appearances from Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and The-Dream. Although his last album, From Nothin’ To Somethin’, debuted with 158,600 units sold, the cover co-star of XXL’s August Hip-Hop Soul issue tops The Billboard 200 for the first time.

Four slots down is the Black Eyed Peas, comfortably back at no. 5 with The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). The Peas racked up another 49,000 in sales, bringing their eight-week total to 828,000.

Fresh off his diss track to Mariah Carey, Eminem continues holding strong on the charts with Relapse. He dropped from one slot from last week, holding the no. 13 spot with 23,500 copies sold. Already well past platinum sales, Relapse has sold 1,318,800 units.

Twista dropped 11 spots with his seventh album, Category F5. Tallying 13,100 copies in his third week since it’s release, the album sits at 77,300 units sold.

J-Kwon failed to break into The Billboard 200 with the premiere of Hood Hop 2.5, selling 1,700 copies in its first week.

In the R&B lane, Maxwell is holding tight at the top with BLACKsummer’snight. The soul singer sails on the momentum of “Pretty Wings,” scooping another 55,200, according to Nielsen Soundscan. In its fourth week, the album surpasses the gold mark, amassing 550,000 in sales.

Jeremih trails further down on the charts with his self-titled debut album. Up from last week’s no. 30 outing, Jeremih sits at no. 25, adding another 15,400 to his total of 138,200 copies moved.

Joe’s held on to the Top 40 in his third week on the charts, sitting at no. 39 with 10,500 copies sold of Signature. The crooner’s grand total is 75,000 of his ninth LP.

Next week look for Texas rapper Dorough to make his debut on the charts. –John Kennedy

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    good for Loso. 99k was in the range i predicted.

  • General

    Looks like more layoffs ahead for the record companies…

    He sold 60K less than his last CD in the first week, but still managed to debut at #1, which he couldn’t do the last time, doh!!!

    I like Fab, but I got to think his days are numbered with Def Jam, he did lower numbers than Jada and Ross…

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/EmCDL EmCDL

    Glad Fabo finally up at no.1 on the charts, dude got flow he deserves it

  • k.ing

    shit def jam can’t afford to over promote him like they did ross…

    think about it… how did ross get a BET special like 50, TI, wayne etc… when he has never wen’t plat….

    now every artist except kanye will suffer… (Rap)

    next week 20 k then he fell off…

    Note to Fab…

    that pop shit is going to flop… it only works for kanye… and maybe wayne…

    you had like 12 features… next time do your shit by yo self….

    so lets see how many flops have def jam put out this year…. shit damn near everyone… exceptions to Jada and Red and Meth who had little promo… look at ace hood, ross, and fab… nigga getting xxl covers and still flopping…

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      You see it.

      They took an L for the rest of the year with Jay stepping off.

      A lot of rap dudes will be unemployed VERY, VERY soon.

      No way any T.I will continue to invest in a brand that is not selling.


      Peep out that Scarface interview on AHH and y’all will start to smell the coffee brewing.

    • BIGNAT

      that is what fab always does with his albums. it pisses me off i know he got enough rhymes and ideas to pull off 12 songs by himself.


    Fabolous is way overated.Dude cant make a goddam album to save his life.
    I will take weezy non-rapping ass album over fabolous anyday

    • http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=7688D35C33092452 FreshBoyLife

      XXL Staff much respect to your name and status as far as your magazine and all that but ya’ll don’t know what ya’ll talking about dis n***a loso is in his prime right now wit this album, Loso’s way is whats hot in the hood right now bumpin in all stores everybody car and the clubs…..sales bout go through the roof and every artist makin music who listened to fab’s album knows it each and every track on there is fire lyricly fab killed that album and the hooks are jus diamond cherries on top of every track…much respect fab get back @ twitter.com/FreshBoyLife

      • Chris

        I concur

    • LMS

      You’re insane. Go back and listen to “Ghetto Fabolous” then say something about how Wayne will ever be better than Fab at anything. Wayne is garbage, he has no rhymes, no skills, all he does is rap in a retarded voice that makes him noticeable.

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy

    “J-Kwon failed to break into The Billboard 200 with the premiere of Hood Hop 2.5, selling 1,700 copies in its first week.”

    Raise your hand if you’re shocked. J-Kwon, put your hand down. Anyone else? Didn’t think so…

    • http://Yahoo Tyrrell Wilson

      I didn’t even know he had an album coming out

    • lili

      its a mixtape dummy anotha ones cumn out next month no promotion u sell more no hit wonder

  • http://xxl DIZZOEH

    Its too easy to download their albums. Why buy? Do they really want us to spend $9.99 to $14.99 for the cover? Recession or not.

    • nathan mcknight

      why buy anything when you can steal it? would you work for free if someone is able to get what you’re offering for free?

    • DownSouth

      Tru tru. But if you really like an artist, you would want to support them. Plus there is no sound quality better than the CD, and looking at the credits never gets old to me. Twista’s lp was the last Cd i bought, and it go hard.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

      • Kenny H.

        i feel ya my bruh…that seperate the fanz from people who just….idk…whateva u wanna kall them, ya eel me. If u a part of this music and u represent it then u support it to the fullest. yu feel me

  • The_Truth

    **Props to Fab on the success, but no way in HELL would I even download that bubble-gum garbage. That ‘Throw it in the Bag’ bullsh*t is annoying as hell, Enough of these dudes rapping these Billionaire fake-fantasies, I LOVE hip-hop and HATE the radio (&106 and Park!). . .trash.

    • makaveli1671

      I aint even gotta say shit after your comment TRUTH….real talk

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  • Yessir

    I was gonna support Fab and buy the album. But shit is average with too many features.

    I just gotta wait Blueprint 3 and Nas & Marley ‘s albums.

  • Frank

    This nigga is crying on twitter about XXL giving his album a L rating.

  • BeerGangsta

    Good view. Fab is number 1 this week with 100k. BEP is close to platium. Twista has a good CD to. Maxwell is over gold. Bitch EM is well over Platium. J-know is all the way wack!! Fab would be in the top 5 again next week.

  • http://-- gaddic

    @Jay Stone
    Fab has talent as a lyricist but just can’t keep his consistencty and focus into making a good album
    Fab could body wayne in any rapbattle/freestyle if he was hungry enough
    People seem to forget Fab also dropped LYRICALLY SUPERB MIXTAPES a few years back NOT JUST LIL Wayne!
    Stop hating Faggot!

  • Nate

    Jay Stone smoking that crack

    Fab has made about 5 good albums including street albums…

    He can appeal to all audiences, and raps better than most out there…

    Just bought it and about to listen to this one

    He could be like all those other short, skinny fake pu$$y rappers and tried to act like someone he is not, all supergangsta’d out, but he concentrates on the flow and the length of his dough…

    Rather listen to FAB any day over Officer Bitchy

  • Nate

    Man, see that’s the example that shows how our Bay artists grinding independent are superior toe the J-Kwons, and Mims of the world. Kwon sold his couple mill and got to be on a couple summer national tour radiostation concert circuits, but dudes like Jacka of the Mob Figaz for example sold 3-4 times what he did 1st week.. That’s because Jack has SUBSTANCE and these ringtone hos don’t….

  • Mo

    COT DAMN!!!!!!!!@ J-KWON’s sales…of “J-Kwon failed to break into The Billboard 200 with the premiere of Hood Hop 2.5, selling 1,700 copies in its first week”

    1,700????? COT DAMN the firm I work in has more employees than that…shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s worst than Jimmy…and he’s better than Jimmy..

  • murK

    “With no rap contenders dropping this week, look out for Loso to have his way once again on next week’s charts.”

    isn’t slaughterhouse droppin’ next week?

    that’s what’s up tho. loso just needs to keep dropping his r&b stuff and sales will continue do fine.

  • CHAZ

    HAHA!!! You Americans are so funny! You invented hip-hop but we Africans recognise the real rappers better than you and you cant even buy an album, you rather download for free?! WTF? Are you that POOR! OH SWEET JESUS!

  • CHAZ

    YEAH! LOSO ALL DAY! Bought the album on iTunes and hav been rockin it all week long! Only 2 R&B trax and 14 INTELLIGENTLY LYRICAL HIP-HOP trax! I didnt even notice the features! This is pure HIP-HOP, not these other irritating rappers that lie and make up some stupid dance! If you ar a fan of true HIP-HOP you shld go buy the album now! Its CRAZY!…..LOSO’S BETTER THAN WEEZY ANYDAY!…..AFRICA FEELS YOU LOSO!…..ONE!

  • kallywood

    Slaughterhouse next week bitch!

  • Rockcity

    Havent got the album yet but i listened to it over the net and i like it so ill be picking it up next week congrats to fab

  • latino heat

    i’m not surprised at how many fewer copies that this sold compared to his last album. From Nothing To Something had two monster singles on the radio at the same time. i heard his latest single one time about 2 months ago and haven’t heard it or anything else from the album since.

  • http://hotmail The TRuth

    Since Jackson’s “Number Ones” came out more than 18 months ago — in 2003, to be exact — it is ineligible for the Billboard 200, and instead leads the Comprehensive Albums chart, which combines catalog and current releases.

    It sold 114,000 copies during the week ended August 2, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Its total for the year now adds up to 1,370,000 copies, moving it past the “Hannah Montana” movie soundtrack (1,338,000) and Eminem’s “Relapse” (1,319,000). Only Taylor Swift’s “Fearless” (with 1,499,000) stands in Jackson’s way as 2009′s top seller.


    I would of got FAB’S album but that shit is wayyyyyyyyyyy to pop for me….wtf “throw it in the bag” niggah rap about “throw it in the hammer”….if he would of rap about shit like that then i would of got his album but this niggah steady singing and dancing…GO BACK TO WHEN YOU USE TO RAP…REMEMBA “BREEATH”



  • Flatbush

    Yall trippin…Loso’s Way is hot from start to finish…Fab went crazy wit da lyrics…Finally some orignial shyt…Who cares how many features he had? The album is FIRE!!! XXL should be ashamed they gave him an L..smh

  • Mrs.Jonez’s

    Congrats to Fabolous.Scorpio’s 4 Life!! XXL only gave him an L!!??!? That’s wack cuz the album is hot from start to finish you don’t have to skip thru tha album you can listen straight thru.Plus Loso’s Way:The movie it’s only a half hour long but it’s madd good already! So he better finish that shit.Shout out to fab.Haterz!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man em J-Kwon numbers is hilarious!

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