Eminem Car Crash a “Twitter Rumor” Says Manager

Earlier today (August 17) and yesterday popular social network site Twitter was abuzz with claims that rap superstar Eminem had died in a car crash.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Eminem is in fact alive and well and the reports were just “Twitter rumors” in the words of Shady’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg. Yet it seems as if the first web posting about the Detroit lyricist’s alleged accident appeared on Yahoo News. In the story, which has since been removed, Em was on his cell phone before succumbing to “a terrible car crash.” The false article included quotes from a doctor named “Dr. Adams.”

Em isn’t the only hip-hop artist to have rumors spread about his death on the net. Jay-Z, Lil Wayne and Nate Dogg have all been victims of similar false reports. –Max G

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  • Technique

    It’s nuts how people just make shit up for fun! Aside from the death rumors, Relapse is the best album of the year, that and Crime Pays. don’t sleep!!

    • http://xxlmag 21mikeg

      em iz a legend dat story iz krazy

  • brandon

    great news!!

    • Gaurav

      wtf??? its a twitter ??? :(
      if it isn’t then it is shock for world of great musiccc ever……. sadnesssss

  • adrian smith birmingham erdington

    breaking news eminem aint dead shit

  • DownSouth

    Yeah people are really bored to just sit around and come up with rumors. I’m still bumpin that Relapse like krayzie. That My Mom go super hard!


  • E-Hustle


    Son, you trippin, that My Mom track is the weakest shit on the album. Everything else is beast. Maybe your CD is stratched and you can’t get past track #4.
    Best joints in Medicine Ball, 3AM, Ganjah, Insane, & My Darling.

    Don’t get to bump that “The Warning” joint that slaughtered Mariah & Nicky! That is the best diss of 09 by far.

    And on topic, those fools waisting there lame lifes saying all these celeberties are dead better watch there actions because that shit will come on yo bitch ass.

    Fuck a tweet!

    Relapse2 4th quarter muvafukaz!

  • big E

    Deja vu is a real track that whole album is dope em put in work on that shit 4 being away that long n dropin a hot album is geinus fuck tha haters who say other wise die slow Az ridin 2 that album

  • beaver

    this @E-Hustle..

    bullshit dat MY Mom is da shit….
    i bump dat track everyday..

  • TheBlackHughHefner

    My Mom IS the shit!!! So is Same Song and Dance,Hello,etc

  • MAC215


    Naw son YOU trippin My Mom is 1 of the best songs on the album cuz Em’s flow is crazy and coming from somebody who had a similar relationship with his mom I can relate to that song cuz its really about Em accepting his moms finally and forgiving her and him realizing that she was a drug addict and by him going thru wat he went thru he understands now so thats why I feel its one of the best songs on the album and the beat is ill, that beat is my shit Lol and overall I think Stay wide awake is probably the hottest song cuz everything about that song is hot.

  • gman

    i agree relapse and crime pays r best cds of the year

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  • Technique

    Fuck a tweet
    i’ll co-sign that shit all day!
    my mom is hard though, infact, the whole cd is.

  • J-Reese513

    That twitter mess strikes again…. I think twitter is so Bull….

  • http://xxlmag 21mikeg

    dats krazy

  • audio tech

    Em put the rumor out himself!!..damn what these artists wont do for some pub.

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Em was born with a dick in his brain. Insane Slim Shady does it again fakin’ his own car crash..Michiaveli stello.

  • SteveOisBGOV

    wtf??? this a twitter i think ,and it is publicity stunt !!!!

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  • Melanie

    I recommend a lot of you take grammar lessons. Also, eminem is a crackhead. He
    is a talented rapper, but a crackhead nonetheless. Have a nice day.

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  • i was about to say…..

    I bet Mariah had something to d with this!!!!!

  • i was about to say…..

    I bet Mariah had something to d0 with this!!!!!

  • http://faworlddiscovery.info/ Jani Azim

    I do not imagine I’ve ever seen the web site with this lots of remarks onto it!

  • http://inspiringthoughtscr.info/ Stuart Aybar

    Awesome page, well crafted I must say.