Drake Revealed As Universal Motown Artist

There’s yet another twist in the never-ending storyline of Drake’s label signing.

While Drake has been claiming Universal Republic as his recording home in the media, he may actually be signed to Universal Motown.

According to Billboard, Motown reps have requested that Drake’s chart entries be credited to Motown, not Universal Republic. As previously reported, in the upcoming issue Fader, Drake told the magazine, “I went through Universal Republic because I don’t fuck with Motown, at all.”

There are conflicting reports from both Drake and Motown’s camp. A source close to the Toronto rapper says Drake is indeed signed to Republic, while Motown is distributing the album. The source adds that president Sylvia Rhone seeks to take “credit for anything involving Drake.”

On the other end, Universal’s source tells Billboard that Drake’s deal with Republic was never finalized, and alerting the media was premature. While the source says the move to Motown was last minute, he or she does not know what prompted the switch but suggested Motown may have first choice on Young Money and Cash Money artists despite artist preference, for contractual reasons.

The source adds that Drake’s dislike for Rhone roots back about two to three years ago, before linking with Lil Wayne. After an audition in New York, she passed on signing him.

Drake alludes to the snub on “Say What’s Real,” from this year’s So Far Gone mixtape, rhyming, “I’ve always been something that these labels can’t buy/especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul/and Sylvia be telling ‘Tez, ‘Damn, Drake fly’/and he just be like, ‘silly motherfucker, I know/That was your bad, how could you pass up on him?

In related news, Young Money’s America’s Most Wanted tour has added 10 tour dates to its schedule. It is uncertain if Drake, who tore his ACL earlier this summer, will be making any more surprise appearances. –John Kennedy

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  • droopey

    Opened your mouth to soon boy.

    • RiZob

      If Wayne is credited executive producer rights to Drake album, i aint buying it…. he basically used Wayne and YM to blow himself up, now he talkin bout Kanye executive producing his shit?!?!? what kinda fuck shit is that? Kanye didnt blow you up Drizzy, Wayne did…u owe him at least exec.prod credit…u cant trust light-skinned niccas…LOL

    • makaveli1671

      As much as I hate to admit it ….yes people I actually LIKE drake….not all the music just the deep shit he makes cause that best I ever had was el garBaggio(not to mention the nigga cant freestyle)…but i still say fuck lil wayne

  • http://xxlmag.com yogi22

    ??…Drake is the ANTICHRIST!!

  • http://Pierzy11@gmail.com Pierzy


    We don’t give a shit…

    • Curtis75Black

      Co-sign Pierzy to the fullest !! That label home shit is completely played out. Peeps find it too hard just to put out music.

    • P. Harris


      too funny, LOL…

    • Detroit P

      If yall don’t care or are tired of hearing about Drake, why do you continue to click on headlines with his name in it. Obviously you do care or you would just ignore shit with his name in the title instead of actively leaving comments to spread hate. you generate “numbers” for these type of posts and therefore lead the editor of these news posts to believe there is interest in this news, so they post more stuff like this, continuing the cycle.

      to sum it up…if you’re tired of reading about Drake then stop. nobody’s forcing you to. Next time you see Drake’s name, first,ignore your urge to hate, then ignore the post

  • http://www.justice.gov.za GO-Getta’

    Dude dropped way bad @ the American Most Wanted tour b4 his own album even dropped (LMAO)

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Yeah, I Think I’ma Go With The Mushroom Chicken And Some Fried Rice.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma



  • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

    My problem with this shit is that his album SHOULD flop like Asher Roth’s did, and he would wholly deserve it — but sadly it somehow won’t.
    Hip hop these days is like watching a loved one go down to a terminal illness.

    • Celo

      Apparently you must not know hip-hop if your hatin on him. Especially in the comfort of your own home. Dude has been spittin fire since his Room For Improvement mixtape. Hes done collabs with hip-hop artists like Dwele and Saukrates and everyone from Kanye to Jay-Z is rhymin with him. Hes the hottest artist in the game right now and whether u like it or not HE IS HIP-HOP!

      Keep Hatin if u must but just wait till everyone in your fam starts bumpin his tracks.

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      For what reason homie you say some shit like that and don’t give no credible reason to why you just sound like a straight up hater like what was the reason for saying that other then the fact that you just don’t like that Drake is getting all this attention yeah alot of people are callin him a hip hop savior but u need to blame all these other artists who are proclaiming yall niggas get me like yall can never come up with a reason why yall dont like this nigga just that so many people like the dude hatin niggas kill urself

      • http://callmephlip.blogspot.com/ Phlip

        For the same reason that internet posters don’t buy albums.
        For the same reason that if there was an OUNCE of credible talent in these fuckers then they wouldn’t need a fucking CIRCUS to sell records.
        Remember back when an artist had to really put it on the fucking floor and make good music if they wanted to sell records? Or are you one of those who look at the current crop of rappers and think that the messiah of hip hop will magically carry us all off into the sunset and save it?
        Wait, you called me a “hater,” so I am not supposed to have a retort, right?
        I guess I will have to make good on building that time machine I had planned on, travel back to 1971 and chasing your pregnant grandmother around with a coathanger to be sure your mother was never born to birth you… How old are you, 12?
        Fuck yourself.

        • M.I.S.C

          well, in drake’s defense, he has been building a name for himself in the hip hop game for quite a few years before actually getting signed. to say you hope he flops like asher roth (who seemed to have just popped up out of nowhere to get nods and approvals from everyone, and forced to push out an album with little or no fanbase), is some hater shit. sure, he spits “freestyles” from his blackberry, but aside from the singles which now get play on radio he has made alot of noise for himself by circumlocuting that medium and getting the music out to listeners who he knew they would effect. you can say he used his degrassi money to do it, but whatever tho. why do you care? start a foundation for you own grind.

          but, to stay on subject of the article, what philip said about him flopping may be right, if the woman who turned him down is now taking credit for discovering him, she might be trying to pull some treachery.

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      But if you knew what you were talking about you would know that he was rapping way before he got with Wayne when cats like Phonte and 9th Wonder was co-signing because he was able to make a buzz for himself you just learning now because of that so called CIRCUS if niggas like u wud pay attention from the jump then they wouldnt have to get recognition thorugh these so called circus’ make sure you have some info with some credibility before you make assinine comments

  • Celo

    I dont understand the hate right here. All yall are probably sittin at your computer desks tryin to act all hard and hate on Drake to be cool. The sad part is that your favorite hip-hop artists have accepted him as the next best mc to change things up. But its like they say, u can’t please everyone in the world. Haters can hate though.

    Keep watchin while Drake stacks his chips sky high and your girl leaves u to chase after him.

  • geico lizard

    This guy doesnt know what label he is signed too? The writing is on the wall that Drake is an industry creation like asher roth being forced down our throats,no fishticks.

  • http://www.obeseamerica.com sankofa

    A big dose of who cares where someone forgot to CGI out all the puppet strings.








  • capcobra

    he stay losing outside the booth.

    • http://thisismarlow.blogspot.com MarloW.

      How is that a simple mistake and fall defeats all the other ventures he has delved in while most of these rappers are breaking their neck to become actors Drake has already mastered the craft and transitioned to music only to get a standing ovation from ur favorite artists seems like he is doing the opposite from what you’re saying especially you are on this forum commenting on him

  • Brahsef

    I swear that XXLmag posters are the damn same person. For a new artist, Drake is pretty nice…not J Cole nice by any means, but his mixtape is fresh, and I’m feelin that new “The Winner” joint.

    What new artists are you guys on the look for? I’m geeked on Wale’s CD droppin in Sept, Drake’s, and then Charles Hamilton’s if he can get back on that Pink Lavalamp steez.

  • http://www.myspace.com/emcdlthemusicprofile EmCDL

    Damn someone need to make a reality movie out of this…this is why going independent is the way to go! Take notes!

  • screezy

    see that’s why my man shoulda fucked wit Jay-Z.. lil wayne aint about his business thats why young money has never seen an album release.. (tyga don’t count he said he aint even on young money forreal either).. and birdman known for rapin niggas.. i know that nigga wanna kill sylvia rhone

  • http://www.myspace.com/atlatino404 El Tico Loco

    Drake IS Hip Hop but he’s no emcee.


    IMO, (oh, i dont give a shit about this topic label thing) i don’t think Drizzy got the staying power of a T.I. or Ye’ or Jay. more like soulja boy to me, he came out the gate with the hit & it was like the next big thing, right? hell naw, 2nd album, FLOP. Drake is going to go that same route. his first album probably will do good numbers but, after that people will just be looking for the ‘next big thing’. he’s old now.

    • screezy

      its two reasons u wrong as fuck though.. 1. dude didn’t blow up behind a single he blew up behind an album/mixtape he established his brand instead of letting one song establish him 2. this nigga got quotes for days and that mean people relate to him respect his mind/wanna be him.. thats enough to keep u in the game for the next 5.. and soulja boy is a bad comparison he on top of his game (even though i hate his music respect his grind) he’s had like 3-4 hit records mainstream like 10 underground and he was sposed to be a one hit wonder


        Damnit! i knew somebody was gon bring that up. i forgot to add: i’m talking about album sales. he’s gonna make hits, i agree. & 5 yrs isn’t staying power, to me. i mean, that’s a good amount of time to be doing your thing & all. but he’s being put in a league where he won’t be able to hold his own. he will come & go like so many others.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    My dudes up here done said it all.


    That dude Celo got drakes pee peep up his ass

  • Xenophon

    Folk need to stop saying they don’t like Drake just because he has a successful single….that’s like hating on Kardi for “Dangerous”, after all the shit he’s put out….Drake has OTHER material than Best I Ever Had, GO LISTEN TO IT…then if you don’t like it, then fine….you can’t be a “one-hit wonder” if you haven’t even started yet…and people can’t even fix they mouf to compare Drake to people like J-Kwon, Chingy, Skee-Lo, etc…..he’s got talent and good music, deal with it….

    But he does stay losing on non-music issues….cot damn!!!

  • Brooklyn

    @ celo, damn my man, drake must be paying your rent or something, cuz you are defending him mad passionately right about now and it’s not a real good look. furthermore, dwele is not a hip-hop artist, he’s an r&b singer, which drake is one step away from being. and i don’t understand why is it that when people dislike someone they’re called a “hater.” so what, we’re supposed to like every artist that comes out just because we’re told that they’re the next best thing since sliced bread? the way you drake stans are going on about this kid, you’d think that he was the second coming of biggie or pac or something–hell, you’d think he was christ reincarnate. drake is alright, but he’s by no means worth all the hype. i can name off the top of my head about ten dudes that would bury him lyrically. and for the record, my chick would never leave me for drake, she don’t like light skinned dudes.

  • http://planetcoffeebean.com Eric Biddines

    shot out to CELO and to philip,if you really followed your hiphop news asher roth CD was not a Failure,SRC/universal motown marketed it more to the digital sales,and under shipped the physical Cd’s,it also went No.1 on itunes that week.so it actually did good in this state.the fact is Drake is HOT,not someone to hate on…when’s the last time we had an artist with a buzz this big.im excited.

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