Drake: “I Don’t Fuck With Motown at All”

Up-and-coming Toronto rapper Drake has spoken candidly about his upcoming debut, his association with Lil Wayne and newly signed record deal in the upcoming issue of Fader magazine.

During the interview Drizzy confirms that he received over a million dollars for his highly publicized deal. As XXLMag.com previously reported in June he signed directly to his manager Cortez Bryant’s company Aspire and inked a unique distribution deal with Universal Republic after months of being courted by every major label.“I went through Universal Republic because I don’t fuck with Motown,“ he explained to the magazine. “At All.”

Drake has spoken out about his personal beef with Sylvia Rhone the president of Motown Records and the executive vice president of Universal Records – the parent label to mentor Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint – on record before. On “Say What’s Real,” a track from his critically-acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone he spit: “I’ve always been something that these labels can’t buy/especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul/and Sylvia be telling Tez/Damn, Drake fly/and he just be like, ‘silly motherfucka I know‘”

Now some light has been shed on their relationship. According to the article, during Drake’s bidding war, Rhone threatened the rapper with legal action if he went elsewhere.

At the end Drizzy says the Young Money logo will appear on his CD but he explains he is doing so out of respect not because of contractual obligations. ”I respect the fact that Wayne put me in this position,” he said. “But as an artist I have to do my own thing at this point. I’m not sure if that’s gonna be a struggle in the next couple of month, to set myself apart. I don’t want it to feel like a disrespectful thing, but I know it’s a bridge that I’m going to cross as far as becoming my own person.”

As far as the album is concerned, Drake’s camp says that Kanye West, who has already directed the clip for “Best I Ever Had,” is toying with the idea of executive producing the project. Drake has already went into the studio with Rihanna, Pharrell and Ye for the album, entitled Thank Me Later.

Drake is currently recovering from a knee injury during a stop on the Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival with Weezy, Soulja Boy and Young Jeezy.

The issue of the Fader hits stands on August 18. -Max G

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  • Mrs.Jonez’s

    First.Shout out to DRAKE!

    • BD

      man fuck drake…nigga a gay

      • Anonymous


  • DownSouth

    Congrats on Drake’s deal. The only problem with such a big advance upfront is that if you lp doesn’t sell, then that advance money still has to be recouped. I might funk this his lp. That first single is growing on me.


    • Vlado

      the money wasn’t an advance. its just to sign. thats what bidding wars are about. he doesn’t have to recoup nada.

      • Truth

        This is inaccurate. Drake didn’t get a million dollar signing bonus. The million is his budget, and all moneys paid by labels to artists are recoupable. What corporation gives away 1 million unaccountable dollars???? Stop spreading false info.

  • Oaklands Own

    Damn Drake is tryna distance himself from Weezy already?!?….

    …It seems smart tho. Weezy has peeked (IMO) and can go knowhere but down at this point. He is wearing himself thin with his audience. Drake on the other hand is a breath of fresh air type of artist, he is doing things (like singing, not tryin to be a Dope-boy, etc) to set himself apart from the industry. He wont get to where he wants to be by dick riding Wayne.


    Real shit that nigga is on point right now, but good that you show love to the niggas that put you on, I. E. the Kanye route.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/EmCDL EmCDL

    Damn talk about beef! LOL

  • Cynthia Marie Foster from Upper Darby PA

    Drake’s head may be getting a little too big for his own good.

    • DJ Postman

      Seen. Just look what Kanye’s Big Head did to “The Best I Ever Had” video. I would NOT want him involved too heavily with my project. A couple of beats would be okay, but he could start putting his own influences on Drake’s album.

  • Beast McCoy

    Would this be XXl if we didn’t get our mandatory Drake update? Honestly, this starting to be a little like overkill. Drake’s Label and Management must be sending you guys baskets hourly because You guys keep his name FRESH on this site.

  • yaboi

    i still dunno wat da big deal bout drake is about =/

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  • niggafrommemphis

    the dog that ate the cat that ate the rat that ate the cheese. baby and slim are the ones on top of anything from young money,these artists today are lame.

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    …In related news, Drake bought a soda from a local 7-11 in New York. The soda, rumored to have been a Diet Shasta, was on inside the glass refrigerator shelf when Drake, & an unidentified asian man entered the establishment & said, “Damn. I’m thirsty”, according to witnesses.

    Drake, set to drop an album this year, told the middle eastern clerk to “Keep the change, dawg” & “Be easy”, before leaving.

    In other news, rapper C-Murder’s trial…..

    • Quan

      ^ ^^ ^^^ ^^

      . Classic.

    • capcobra


  • $ykotic/Don McCaine


    I don’t know Sylvia but ain’t she like put on numerous cats in the game? For years holding down labels?

    Who is this cat to come out hollering at her?
    And call her name, don’t disrespect the NAME OF MOTOWN.

    I see it though. There’s a coup for control of the rap game. Drake:Omen 4 is the head.

    Good looking Scarface!!!

    p.s. And he’s mad because Wayne clowned him when he fell(lol). Naw but this dude is part of a different agenda.


      Slyvia hasnt done shit her whole time in the bizness

  • Can’t Stand Cry Babies!

    @Beast McCoy

    Niggas like you are real annoying. If you don’t wanna read about somebody, then don’t read it. Don’t read it, then bitch and moan about it.

    As a human being you are entitled to not do some shit. So how about next time you see a Drake story, you ignore and read some other shit. Did you ever think of that?


    man the more i see this dudes pic the more he starts lookin like ginuwine.this dudes corny, why is everyone ridin his dick so hard?.dude is lame.please bring back real mc’s.the more time that goes by the more im realizing how bad the music industry is doin.especially since they are constantly lookin for the next big hype.man i feel for young music fans today.90% of the music out right now is straight garbage.i feel like one of the old cats that used to say that shit to me growin up.i never thought back then i would be in my thirties sayin it though.ill stick to the music i grew up on.its timeless,unlike most of this shit out today.




  • yo


    I don’t know Sylvia but ain’t she like put on numerous cats in the game? For years holding down labels?

    Who is this cat to come out hollering at her?
    And call her name, don’t disrespect the NAME OF MOTOWN.

    I see it though. There’s a coup for control of the rap game. Drake:Omen 4 is the head.

    Good looking Scarface!!!

    p.s. And he’s mad because Wayne clowned him when he fell(lol). Naw but this dude is part of a different agenda.”

    You serious? this is the same broad that was trying to sign shyne WAAAY back then and fucked that up.

    • $ykotic/Don McCaine

      Yeah that was one. I’m pretty sure she has a couple of L’s under her belt but that doesn’t take away her 20 plus years in the game putting on other people(Missy/Busta/EnVogue/Gerald Levert, etc).

      She may be Pres. of Motown, but she’s also Executive VP of Universal. The same music entity he’s signed to. She’s still gonna get a check for his “success”.

      And like I said, call her out, not Motown. This is the reason of the post in the first place.

  • BeerGangsta

    Motown! I forgot that Motown was born! Don’t even waste your time fucking with Motown. I agree with Drake on this one.

  • Omunique

    Don’t disrespect Motown you clowns!I love MotownDoing that is disrespecting great legends like Marvin Gaye,The Temptations,Smokey Robinson, and Jackson 5. Motown is also responsible for introducing us to one of the greatest performers who ever lived:Michael Jackson. The list could go on and on. That’s all I have to say.


  • abdulnasir

    tony grand, u’s a funny motherfucker!

  • X

    Drake is an awful rapper. Why is there so much coverage about him?

  • FUCK Drake

    Drake Is gay that gay suck my dic two times fuck n gay drake you and your music is shit fuck you

  • http://soundverite Sound Verite

    co-sign x

  • Kira

    Drake will sell a lot with his overhyped succes, just like wayne

  • 25 sets in the Yard

    I just got paroled wednesday, what’s a drake?

  • http://myspace.com/monstarrmacc Monstarr.


    But Omunique, I mean it’s not like he’s callin’ the all the legend’s names. His experience with her led him not to even think of signing to Motown…that’s why he would say “I don’t fuck with Motown”. Honestly it’s not like all those artists are still recording there and/or need Motown…They’re legends themselves….I would’ve gotten a Michael Jackson album offa Koch. LMAO.


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  • http://SarcasticDBag.Blogspot.com dsuth313

    This article is written very poorly and the author uses the word “upcoming” 3 times in the first paragraph.

    Interesting story though.

    If you want to read a funny article about JAY-Z, KANYE WEST AND BLUEPRINT 3, check out this link:


  • Nate

    I heard that Drake sent one of his boys to the store this morning. I think you guys should take a camera down there and get a interview about what he buys. Start a XXL-TMZ spinoff site for the daily Drake news.

    When he puts out a album I will give it a listen but I don’t see else what about him that is “exciting” from a human interest or musician standpoint other than he puts together some good rhymes… Because all I have heard from him in terms of stage show is
    A) the preteen Lil Wayne award show fiasco
    B) That he hurt his poor legs… and that he
    C) isn’t touring right now….

    any more from you guys till the album comes out and I KNOW you will be desperate for any story…. Why don’t you go out there and concentrate on artists who put out albums or the various shows going on this summer…

  • J. Cole

    J. Cole NIGGAS. Drake is aight. But J. COLE is the real deal…

    and also, tell these dudes to respect the older heads before they get punched in the face like Joke Buttons.

  • fresh1

    dis is 2 NAPTOWN NUISANCE: why everybody say we need real mcees when soulja boy came out niggas said we dnt want ringtone rappers we want some reall music….now we got drake and people dont like 4 wat reason…is it bcuz everybody just started recongize him is it bcuz he nots talkin about “i got snow by da ski slope” imean dude got talent hes a real lyrists and all his songs actually got 2 do wit somethin not just some random subject so stop hatin bcuz he did a tv show we got rappers in movies now and it be da main ones sayin dey aint goin hollywood but be the first 2 tell everybody when they movie comin out dis year we got reall rappers wale doin his thing, CURREN$Y BEEN DOIN HIS THING AND PEOPLE STILL AINT GIVE HIM A DEAL HE REALLY DESEVERE IT, YOUUNG CHRIS MAKING MOVE, BIG SEAN, J.COLE,WIZ KAFHIA, AND CASSIDY THEY DONT GET THE PROMOTION THEY REALLY NEED EVERYBODY I NAMED R LYRISTICS SO DONT TALK ABOUT DRAKE NOT BEIN A REALL MCEES HE WORKED HARD 2 GET WHERE HE AT SO LET NIGGAS DICK RIDE DRAKE JUST GON KEEP BEING DRAKE….REALL 1000 AND DETROIT GOT SOME RAPPERS 2 PAY ATTENTION MICHIGAN REALLY TRYIN 2 COME UP STRETCH MONEY AND CASHBASE ENT XXL NEED 2 STOP THRU MICHIGAN AND HOLLA AT DES LABELS


    drake is a dude making it in a time of music where dude is only average if that. cat is weak.

  • Rwayne

    if im gone “Say What’s Real”….Drake to me is A Poorman’s Kanye….Im not saying dude is talentless, but he hasn’t found his own lane to me….also his punchlines come off kinda Wayne-ish….if that’s a word lol

  • vvrvdes

    Drake is the biggest tool in the rap game, he shouldn’t even be a topic.

  • Brooklyn

    @ fresh 1, all the dudes that you mentioned are great emcees, but the problem is that mediocre emcees like drake get the shine while these good emcees are forced to do the underground thing. and i have to disagree with drake working hard, drake hasn’t worked nearly as hard as curren$y, wale, wiz khalifa, or cassidy. this dude is a child star, he made his first million when he was like 9, he didn’t have to hustle and grind like the others. there was a bidding war over this dude, which did not happen for any of the other rappers you mentioned. drake has crossover appeal, that’s why he’s being forced down our throats, as opposed to someone that’s making some substantial shit.

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  • Tellem!

    BROOKLYN juss cuz drake was a child tv star doesnt mean he didnt work hard you really think its easy to be an actor you really dont know what it takes and to do music and acting it does take hard work and there was a bidding war cuz this niggas shit is hot!

    • Brooklyn

      i never said that it was easy to be an actor, i said that drake didn’t have to go through as much as those other artists that i mentioned based on the fact that: a)he was a child actor, meaning that he was known before he started rapping, and b)he has the money to promote his own music and make his own mixtapes, which a lot of the others didn’t. and to prove that, when drake had that single out a few years ago with trey songz, he did that with his own money, not with a label’s money. and as for his shit being hot…it’s aight. but the artists that i mentioned are ten times better than him, yet, they have no labels fighting over them. it has nothing to do with how good your music is, most of the best hip-hop artists are as yet unsigned and largely unheard of. what i was saying is that we’re being innundated with news about drake all the time when he’s not that great an artist.

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  • http://whatweknowne.info/ Illa Vondrasek

    Can be blogengine a lot better than wp in some manner? Must be because it’s increasingly popluar recently.