DJ Kay Slay Recruits 50 Cent, Drake & OJ the Juiceman for New LP

The Drama King is back. Mixtape DJ and New York radio personality DJ Kay Slay is prepping the release of his new album, More Than Just a DJ, and the Harlem native has called in the big guns.

50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Plies, Cam’ron, Jim Jones, Bun B, OJ Da Juiceman, Drake, Juelz Santana and Joell Ortiz are among the slew of rap heavyweights slated to make appearances on the disc.

Slay recently released the LP’s first single, “Blockstars,” featuring Plies, Jones, Busta and Ray J and another single, “Thug Luv” featuring Papoose, Maino, Red Café and Ray J is soon to follow.

“There is a lot of talk about bringing New York hip hop back,” Kay Slay said in a press release. “I was a part of the birth of our culture, and my new album does not disappoint. More Than Just a DJ is bringing real hip hop back!!”

More Than Just a DJ is set to hit shelves on October 13 via E1 Music. -Elan Mancini

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  • *BLOCK*



  • Pierzy

    The first album was aight…not amazing but had some hot shit on it.

    • EmCDL


      The first cd was pretty tight but the second one wasn’t really nothing to talk about. I ain’t really checking for this one though.

  • Y.O.

    first album wasnt anything spectacular but it was ight
    but that single “you heard of us” wit d-block, g-unit and ray j is tight styll


    why this nigga got ray j on so many songs ? thug luv, blockstars, you heard of us.

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    “More Than Just a DJ is bringing real hip hop back!!”


    • Curtis75Black

      I so co-sign that statement. Nowadays, DJ’s have no vision – just putting the hottest on a track thinking it will sell. You want to bring Hip Hop back ? Bring back some real emcee’s for 1st time collabo sessions. Get some of those new cats to rep on old beats and bring some up and coming internet spittas to kill the mainstream ones who are wack. Do a Whatchu Want – LL/Freeway type track. get those milk carton emcee’s found on your cd.

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  • E-Hustle

    How this bum gonna say he bring NY back and he got lame clowns like Plies, Ray J (multiple tracks! WTF!?), OJ The Juiceman, Drake to name a few.
    I fucks with Bun B, but come on son, how you gonna say NY this and NY that and you got all these other dudes on their from other regions ?

    On top of that most of them are on the 1st single! This dude is a fraud talking that bullshit about bring NY back.

    I’m surprised Papoose isnt listed on every one of his tracks.
    This dudes album gonna be some shit. Another DJ album flopped with cornballs.

    What we need is a unified album from G-Unit, D Block, bitch ass Dipset, Jay, Nas, Mobb Deep (hold yo head up P), Rakim, KRS One, Fab to get together for a joint monster album.
    But that shit will never happen with all dem muvafukin egos.

    • TH

      Took the words right out my mouth, and saved me from typing!!

  • Tony Grands


    No Snoop Dogg?! No Soulja Boy!? I guess he got Ray J instead & killed two birds with one stone.

  • drox

    NY in this bitch all day… can’t wait to see this shit drop and I don’t care bout the complexity or lyrical content but jus wanna c cats from NY do smt together.

  • Sleepy Wonder

    This Shit Is Gonna Sell Around 500 Copies Kay Slay, Why Even Bother?

  • Fireforreal

    What ever happened to Papoose ever coming out ? I know his deal with jive went sour but damn ! that was 2 years ago and all he’s said is he’s taking his time ? he’s been killing mixtapes with real songs for damn near 10 years when can we get the album lol

  • Apollo

    My Blog, Please give me some feedback!!

    And there is too much talk about drake, I figured by now the people at XXL would know that most of its readers are hardcore hip hop heads, with a few exceptions

  • BeerGangsta

    I am a big DJ fan. Dam KSlay you pick some fuck up sorry Rapeers on this one. I remember when you had ugly 50 and Pall Wall on the same song. Honkey Pall Wall Shitty all on this G-UNOT Bitch!

  • Kay Gay – The Drama queen

    Corny ass sellout. If you goin for the $$ my man just say so . . don’t talk about bringing “real hip hop” back, cause that roster alone is contradictory to “real hip hop” :rollseyes: Drake? lol Feel like I’m in a circus surrounded by all these clowns

  • Goldie

    Everybody mad cause he aint puttin ny on it if he do it wont sell dats why he got da south on it

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