Details Emerge in DJ AM’s Death

DJ AM, 36, the celebrity spinmaster who was born Adam Goldstein, was found dead of an apparent drug overdose yesterday afternoon (August 28) in his Manhattan apartment.

According to the New York Daily News, authorities found a half-empty bag of crack under AM’s deceased body along with a crack pipe. Investigators also found several bottles of prescription medication used to treat anxiety on his kitchen counter.

In previous interviews AM told reporters he had been sober for eleven years after battling a severe drug addiction in his early twenties. He was working on a show with MTV called Gone Too Far along with Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg – who served as the show’s executive producer – where he helped to stage interventions for troubled teens. The fate of the show is unclear at press time.

Just last year AM was involved in a tragic plane crash with friend and musical collaborator Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. They were the only survivors in the accident; two crew members and two other passengers died.

AM had extensive ties to the hip-hop community. Throughout his career as a DJ he had worked with Jay-Z, Will Smith and Madonna as well as forming a group with Barker called TRV$DJAM that perfomed as a house band for last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, where he backed up such acts as Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco. DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Drama, ?uestlove, Alchemist, DJ Premier and DJ A-Trak were among the friends that expressed their condolences to him on their Twitter accounts.

As of press time plans for his burial are unknown. –Elan Mancini

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  • Technique

    On some real shit, everytime i look at the news, some celebrity is overdosing. WTF

    Shit if i had dough like that I damn sure could find something besides rock to spend it on….cats get on that pipe it’s over..

    No disrespect to the man. God Bless the Dead

  • Teddy

    price of fame

  • latino heat

    damn you survive a plane crash and then o.d. on crack. that dosen’t make any sense. what the hell is wrong with celebrity’s?

    • BGZ

      Exactly my thoughts…
      Ungrateful muthafucka shoulda’ count his blessings.

      • Ghetto Thug

        Why are you so much about death? You just posted trash about a precious rabbit a few months ago, bastard.

      • anothagansta

        man, shut the hell. go visit a dead corpse. you to much about death, muthafucker. did your mother get raped, nigger? lmfao!

        • anothagansta

          btw go suck a human prick.


    maybe he couldn’t fight his addiction anymore due to the crash…i mean, if you go down in a plane that shit has to be scary and then to be one of the two lone survivors of the crash…maybe he thought he wasn’t worthy of life…sad shit, condolences to his fam.

  • Master Cheef

    change his name to DJ PM, that dude done put himself to sleep.

    he was probably haunted by nightmarish memories of having sex with nicole ritchie

    • Silly Willy


      Cheef ! That was highly inappropriate…….Funny as fuck, but too soon…….

  • BeerGangsta

    God got to do something about all this stress out here. You can know a person for lots of years. Don’t know how much he hates life. This is a real world. We as people got to do good in life one time we live. RIP DJ AM!!

    • matty21

      Yo, sum pretty real sht BeerGangsta…except for wantin god to do sumthing bout da stress…god doesn’t control stress and didn’t create or put stress on earth….each person controls his or her own stress and does something about it by putting the things that cause stress in gods hands and by praying, dats wat da bible says neway…god doesn’t want us to suffer or be stressed out but he cannot control it, just like evil in da world, its the devil behind da sht…i believe he would love a perfect world, but knows it is impossible…dats y we are supposed to put him first in this tough life and he will guide us through and show us the light….everyone: real posts, good sht all da time, besides da jokes n sht bout mocking da dead…. r.i.p.

  • Mark Pine

    RIP AM

  • Mic Turner

    ive never commented on a site before…but the nigga that said “change his name to DJ AM”…..SIMPLY HILARIOUS

  • james dean

    “Most kings get driven so insane that they try to hit the same vein that Kurt Cobaine did”

    r.i.p. AM

  • Ghetto Thug

    Who cares?

    • matty21

      Ghetto Fag: his family n friends probably care just a lil’ bit….people close to him, his fans, people he helped in life, people who looked up to him and loved him, i would think dat dey care…… u need a hug or sumthin maybe

  • BigCityG’zzy

    I wish dude would have been more careful,but life can be real f#cked up and cruel sometimes..Goldstein family,ya’ll in my prayerz..R-I-P DJ AM!


    Rest in peace D.J A.M and may God be with your family and friends in this time of mourning.

  • black dude

    i bet if he was a black guy all you comment leavers wouldnt be disrespecting him. Master cheef is a mug

  • stoneyisland

    White boy Junkie OD’s and it’s a national crisis. Mean while in any ghetto USA, black folks die everyday and there’s no media coverage………I have no sympathy for junkies fuck DJ Crackhead.

    • stoneybologna

      na na na if funk flex died from an overdose it would be a “national crisis” too.


      ^^^^ This is the prime example of an uneducated,middle school dropout,wannabe thug.

      Dude’s been listenin to Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise a tad bit too much.Why bring race into shit when it’s not about that.Dude has hip hop ties with d.j’s like Premier,Funkmaster Flex and so on.

      At the end of the day he was a human being like you and I.Why don’t you take your ass to the any ghetto U.S.A library and take some classes on how to write.Dumb ass talkin about national crisis.Stoneyisland or Stoney Jackson,go suck outta Oprah’s ass with a straw and read a book,cunt.

    • Grimey G

      Maybe theres no media coverage because those black people weren’t famous you retard. White people die everyday too, so do asians, mexicans, and every other race. When famous black people die they will get media coverage, don’t worry

  • to Stoney

    yea right… if dj khaled o.ded a whole nation wouldnt be mournin?

    the reason it got attantion cause he was famous dude – fucked up but true
    race has nothing to do with it

    grow a back bone and stop feeling sorry for urself

  • me

    right here final mastered version of drakes “forever” song featuring lil wayne eminem and kanye west.

  • Escobar9300

    Lmao I like how this issue has absolutley nothing to do with race in any way whatsoever, yet Stoneyisland makes it about the media holding down blacks. What in any way does this have to do with race or racism? Oh I remember now, NOTHING. Rip DJ Am.

    • X

      Exactly right, Escobar9300. stoneyisland is looking for racism that just isn’t there.

  • FinalDestination

    God granted him a 2nd chance and he does this…DJ AM the latest Darwin Award Winner.

    “Stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death. There is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity.” – Robert Heinlein

  • Ya Boy

    This shit smells of some Chappelle “Sprinkle some crack on him” ish only he was white.

  • Nel

    Crack wasn’t designed to get off of, I also doubt he was sober for 11 years. Rest in peace because your god isn’t here.

  • enzo

    God bless the dead. and a fuck you goes out to all you disrespectful pieces of shit that come on here desecrating the dead. Tacky, no class having dickhead cowards.

  • *BLOCK*



  • Brass Tacks

    I never listened to dude or that hip-hop/rock project that he had with Travis Barker. Ill just say it like this. He was probaby never sober except when he had to tell the media he was, and ended up dying from something 60 minutes gave heavy coverage to in the late 80′s. Do I feel bad for him No. His family Yes!

  • Tha Chosen 1

    lol..fuck this wack crack addict, Dude only brought it upon himself, why show any compassion for this fuckin’ idiot.

  • Ty

    how is crack a good and bad thing? i dont know one person who crack help out.. lol… crack is a bad thing… RIP DJ AM..

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