Popular Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is scheduled to play a concert at the Albany Civic Center in Georgia next week, but the plug was almost pulled on the performance according to WALB News.

City Commissioner Bob Langstaff tried to cancel Gucci’s appearance, citing La Flare’s racy lyrics. Yet city leaders said they have taken the necessary precautions and contracts with the venue have already been signed.

The Albany Civic Center is not taking any risks, though. Alcohol will not be on sale at the show and there will be extra security. "We will have more uniform officers than we might have otherwise," Wes Smith, Albany's Assistant City Manager, said. "The crew looks to be in the 30, about 30 to 35 range, some internal, some external so we think that we've got good coverage." 

In related news, cops and residents were concerned when news that 50 Cent would be performing at a free event in his Jamaica, Queens neighborhood next week. Fif ended up canceling his performance, but it is uncertain if he will still appear.

Gucci Mane’s concert is set for August 29. -Max G