City Commissioner Tries To Shut Down Gucci Mane Show

Popular Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is scheduled to play a concert at the Albany Civic Center in Georgia next week, but the plug was almost pulled on the performance according to WALB News.

City Commissioner Bob Langstaff tried to cancel Gucci’s appearance, citing La Flare’s racy lyrics. Yet city leaders said they have taken the necessary precautions and contracts with the venue have already been signed.

The Albany Civic Center is not taking any risks, though. Alcohol will not be on sale at the show and there will be extra security. “We will have more uniform officers than we might have otherwise,” Wes Smith, Albany’s Assistant City Manager, said. ”The crew looks to be in the 30, about 30 to 35 range, some internal, some external so we think that we’ve got good coverage.” 

In related news, cops and residents were concerned when news that 50 Cent would be performing at a free event in his Jamaica, Queens neighborhood next week. Fif ended up canceling his performance, but it is uncertain if he will still appear.

Gucci Mane’s concert is set for August 29. -Max G

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  • Silly Willy

    Maybe Langstaff is on Gucci’s payroll…..I mean the REAL Gucci, on some Crystal campaign unnecessary-support-from-rapper shit

  • the brown

    Yo! O.k.

  • Tony Grands


    Some psycho can bring a automatic rifle to a townhall meeting, but Gucci isn’t allowed to babble incoherently about God knows what?


    • Silly Willy

      Same thing for B Siegel this week. Come on, being muslim, the guy can’t even get hammered, can’t he just smoke weed ?

      Racy lyrics….it’s not even lyrics, it’s merely random mumblings in a made up language that’s closer to Klingon than the Enterprise.

      And if celebutante sextape is OK for mainstream, then LaFlare is for the kids!!!

      • Tony Grands

        Lack of skill isn’t grounds to infringe on one’s freedom of speech.

        Even when it’s an extremely blatant lack of skill. Void of talent. Utterly underachieved. Borderline usele-you get the point.

        Free Plaxico!

        • Silly Willy

          Damn right, Tony!

          At least we know that a heavily armed Plaxico in a townhall meeting ain’t dangerous……well except for Plaxico……

        • NAWLEDGE

          ^^^^^^^^Full cosign Grands and Sill Will. People can bring GUNS to a town hall meeting on HEALTH care(kind contradictory dont’cha think?), but Gucci cant speak his retarded mind.

          And they call Obama the fascist.


    i don’t like Gucci but, thats fucked up to try & block someone’s cash flow b/c of some lyrics. & well damn! i don’t know how many security officers they usually have but, its JUST Gucci Mane.

    • Tony Grands

      The powers-that-be don’t want Jeezy coming through to turn that place into Blood Alley.

      He might as well just catch him slipping @ a strip club.


        yeah, damn. better safe then sorry. i’m not a ‘Gucci hater’. i actually bumped Gucci for like the past year (a whole year!), when i stayed on the Eastside (how ironic?) up until, really, since he got out. he get on a hard ass beat (shout out 2 Zaytoven) & say some crunk shit. so i kinda gotta be in that mood.

        & since ya’ll giving shout outs: ZONE 3, CLEVLAND AVE, CAMPBELTON RD, STANTON RD, & last but not least CANDLER RD. waddup my niggaz.

    • BlackWallin

      fuck southside a town u fagget guccis ripping beats up hes one of the hottest rappers in the street right now and its just gucci the nigga that shot that mofucka trying to rob his ass

  • tronthadon

    the brown you a dumbass thats Oj Jay..Gucci from my neck of tha woods Zone 6 Bouldercrest Rd..shout out to Gresham Rd, Candler Rd Flat Shoals ,Lithonia, Ellenwood tha whole 6..and shout out to my west end and westside niggas..get tha money Gucci Burr

    • the brown

      Yo! Why you pickin’ on me? What the hell is an Oj Jay?

  • Jericho

    I thought only girls went to a Gucci Mane uhm “concert” What kind of trouble could they make?

  • salla

    The real news is that actually has concerts

  • alderman j

    Im from the south, i lived in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and even i cant understand what he spits!! Its got to sound ten times worse coming out live over a microphone. The guy is the worst, i dont get it?? But i wonder who is a better bad rapper?? Gucci Mane or Flo-Rida???

    • Silly Willy

      Imma have to side with the Rida. I don’t get down with Flo like that, but bad bitches still get off that Low bullshit. Gotta have priorities……..

    • debbie

      A bunch of Gucci haters, but for the less challenged people Gucci is a hell of lot better than flo-rida.Plus is really from the street, who actually raps about how he really lived.Just because you all don’t get him trust me there a millions that do, he’s living dam good to me.

      • chris Livingston

        So what he’s “from the streets”, thats not a substitute for real talent. I can name hella people that rap about how they lived better than gucci can and remember, people liked Vush too, that doesn’t make him a good president.

  • tronthadon

    Yall really sum l7 bloggin ass niggas..if u aint from tha A..i mean not lived but born and raised shut tha fuck up..real niggas know what it is..Gucci aint tha best but flo rida is for surban blacks white kids

    • General

      Doesn’t matter where your from…if your garbage your garbage…I’m happy for Gucci Mane that he has found his lane in hip hop to make some money, but it doesn’t mean that we should all make excuses for the lack of quality

    • chris Livingston

      I bet if you went to any burb you would see all the kids bumpin Gucci and OJ all day. If it make me fake to want good lyrics and varying topics then i guess im fake. by the way what’s a “real nigga”?

  • alderman j

    I got family in the A which means im down there all the time, Gucci Mane is terrible, i dont know what a REALNIGGA

  • homerpimpson

    I live in Albany lol…niggas love gucci here, he’s my favorite wacknificent rapper

  • alderman j

    I got family down in the a, im down there all the time, GUCCI MANE SUCKS!!!! I dont have to spend my whole life in the a to tell you that nigga sucks, he sucks!!!!!! Seriously, he sucks!!!

  • tronthadon

    Again if u not from here u wouldnt understand..and fuck ur family

    • General

      Damn Gucci does have groupies…who knew

  • eddiesixes

    they just didn’t want gucci in a crowded room, that cold he has is probably pretty contagious

  • tronthadon

    it aint a groupie thing fuck boy its a region thing..most of yall bloggin ass L7 aint even from here or even seen a trap so how could you say summin trash?..he aint lyrical he even say that but south hate its wide spread dont hate us hate tha dj in ur city cuz im sure he playin our shit too

    • Tony Grands


      We come on this site, daily, & throw shade in whatever direction we see fit. Why should Gucci Mane be treated differently than TI or Curtis? Especially given the fact that he has nowhere near the skillset of a TI or Curtis.

      I don’t perceive any of this as hatred; if you do, my suggestion is re-think what’s important to you in life. I’m almost positive that Gucci does not know you’re even in existance.

      The people in the COMMENTS SECTION are called COMMENTORS. Not bloggers. Thats hilarious that you’re calling dudes L7 (that’s mad corny, btw), but don’t even know the legitimate name for your role on this site.

      Stop talking others’ opinions so personally, dude. Now you’re flailing all over the page, throwing a cyber-tantrum, giving people an excuse just to get under you skin.

      Gucci Mane is a sub-par rapper who grinded until someone took notice. His success does not speak to his ability to craft music, but more his tenacity as a hustler.

  • whats CraCCin

    im from the south and i scream FUCC guCCi

  • P. Harris

    I’d listen to Gucci all day over Flow Writer…

    and I’m sure Gucci don’t know this but the whole “La Flare” thing… I mean, me… being an educated man and shit who took french in high school and 1 course in college (I was tired of that shit)… when he says it he says Gucci man La Fleur sometimes… and that shit means “Flower” Gucci man the Flower…

    I’m just saying…. it’s funny to me…

    • P. Harris


      “La” is feminine… “Le” is masculine…

      like I said… funny to me…

  • tronthadon

    @ Grand you got a point..and im not on a pc all day so i could give a shit if blogger or whateva u said was a diffrence im not that type of dude to distinguish tha too..but you right but it seems to me like sometimes people speak just to do so..he aint the best rapper but his shit knock so it is what it is

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    you gotta be on triple stacks to get gucci, if you sober it all sounds like kenny from southpark goin thru puberty.Whatsup Glenwood! whatsup Candler Road, Whatsup Convington! Whole eastside mang! Victory Landing, Kensington Station, Waverly place off in here!

  • DetroitDraper

    Gucci Mane does make good songs. Maybe not the most lyrical but great club night, blowed, or hit the trap music. Period. You have to be nowhere near “the streets” or “the hood” to not know that Gucci has a fuckin CULT following. Just not here on these nets.


  • BeerGangsta

    Shut the Bitch down! Fucker is wack anyway. What difference does it makes. Find your ugly azz something else to do.

  • 360

    let guccie have his concert all u guccie haters calm down the south is hip hop get over it we run rap

  • 360

    let gucci have his concert all u north gucci haters calm down the south runs rap if u wanna take it back sell more records…..oh u cant

    • Chris Livingston

      You guys “run” hip hop because all the white suburban kids love ur shit, they love to see you shuck and jive and talk about shootin niggas, and postin the block, and pimpin without any message or lyrics. Face it if it wern’t for the burbs the south wouldn’t even be popular right now.

  • heartlandG

    It was a text goin aroun here that he died in a car crash…Any truff to this???
    Omaha,Neblastya! Norfside! 40z till tha death

  • yo yo yo

    yo on some real shit i was born and raised in Albany, Ga and i must admit when Gucci is in town the entire city goes FUCKIN NUTS! Didnt think it would be this big because we been waiting on his return for a while and it seems the city took notice of all the wild shit that happens when he’s here… oh well i’ll be there. GUCCI!

  • Mr. 229

    yo on some real shit i was born and raised in Albany, Ga and i must admit when Gucci is in town the entire city goes FUCKIN NUTS! Didnt think it would be this big because we been waiting on his return for a while and it seems the city took notice of all the wild shit that happens when he’s here… oh well i’ll be there. GUCCI! and not to mention the city of Albany is a mostly African American so the city officials who are protesting probably black.

  • postmysh*t

    yo on some real shit i was born and raised in Albany, Ga and i must admit when Gucci is in town the entire city goes FUCKIN NUTS! Didnt think it would be this big because we been waiting on his return for a while and it seems the city took notice of all the wild shit that happens when he’s here… oh well i’ll be there. GUCCI! and not to mention the city of Albany is a mostly African American so the city officials who are protesting probably black.

  • Chris Livingston

    1. he’s not that hot, i hear on the radio sometimes but his verses don’t blow anyone away and he is just another generic southern artist.
    2. His lyrics are not really hard core he is more like bubblegum thug, he says he did stuff but he isn’t lyricly talented enough to say what that was or describe how it felt much.
    3. I wouldn’t want him performing in my city to break in our new stadium either. I would want a good artist a big name with talent, not a run of the mill i got money, i got ho’s, i got ice rapper that are a dime a dozen.


      Chris just said everything I was thinking. Thank you dude. And I’m from Fla so people down here go crazy when Gucci come down also.

      The guy FUCKING SUCKS!!

  • illadellph

    reading everyones diverse responses was like watching the wire. thanks everyone for entertaining 45 minutes of my time.

    and ok he lacks what most consider talent but hes gotta be the most entertaining babbling crack head since odb. plus hes just raw hood assuming that he street cred holds up, which im sure it does considering some of the other COMMENTORS’ responses were just as illegible as gucci’s lyrics.

    FUCK IT. who here doesnt wanna see a street war erupt between a couple celebrity status hood rats

    peace i gotta go listen to ebonics, see it helps me understand what the fuck TURBOTRON was talking about

    You want real talent and hope for hip hop youll pay attention to IMMORTAL TECH. fuck where youre from its about the vision being real

  • money mitch

    Like ol’ boy on quit hatin’ the south said on ugk’s record! “There trash in the south but i promise you from the east to the west some of yall garbage to As long as the beat tight and the lyrics hot sun i could give a rats ass where a rapper is from” Unfortunately for you gucci stans he doesn’t fit into that category!! Whack is Whack and gucci is whack period now t-rock he’s a real rapper from atlanta!!!