Black Eyes Peas Bump Fabolous From the Top Spot

Fabolous earned his first ever no. 1 Billboard debut last week with the release of his fifth studio album, Loso’s Way, but this week the Brooklyn rapper took second place to the Black Eyed Peas.

In their ninth week on The Billboard 200, the Peas’s latest effort, The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies), shows no sign of ending its dominance on the charts. Moving one notch up to no. 4, the group added 44,200 units to their overall tally, which now stands at 872,200, according to Nielsen’s SoundScan.

Fabo, on the other hand, barely managed to stay in the top 10 this week, falling 8 slots to no. 9. The Def Jam MC suffered a 63% sales drop in his second week, with 37,000 discs sold this go-round as compared to last week’s 98,700. Loso’s Way has sold a total of 135,900 so far.

Ten spots down at no. 19 is hip-hop heavyweight Eminem. The Detroit lyricist’s comeback disc Relapse continues to keep registers ringing in its 12th week on the charts. Shady fans copped 22,200 CDs this week, making the album’s stats stand at 1,341,100.

Making his debut on the charts this week is Texas rapper Dorrough. Dorough Music landed at no. 36 in his first week clearing 12,600 units from the shelves.

On the R&B side, Maxwell is still the top dog, sitting at the no. 7 spot. Despite sliding 4 spots this week, the soul singer still scanned 43,300 copies of Blacksummer’snight this sales cycle. After 5 weeks the Brooklyn-bred crooner’s stats stand at 593,000.

Also debuting on the charts this week is  is Detroit artist K-Jon. The singer/songwriter’s fist release on Universal, I Get Around, sold 33,400 discs and landed at the no. 12 position.

Rounding out the top 40 is Def Jam crooner Jeremih. The up-and-coming talent’s self-titled debut sold 13,500 copies this week, making his 6 week total 151,700.

Next week look for the Internet’s favorite supergroup Slaughterhouse to make their mark on the charts. –Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    Let’s hope Slaughterhouse makes a dent…

  • EmCDL

    Damn Loso was doing good last week what the hell happened? Well at least he got his first #1 spot…BEP still killing it…Pierzy!


    I predicted slaughterhouse will sell 1,300 copies


      I hope the Slaughterhouse album sell atleast 40,000.Even though that’s probably not gonna happend.It’s a pretty raw cd.

  • Jericho

    The Black Eyed Peas have clearly learnt that to sell records faster, you need to suck harder.


      Full Cosign.

      I’m goin to Best Buy to get me two copies of that SH. They should sell a good 100K

  • BeerGangsta

    BEP is trying hard to reach Platium. Dam Fab drop down in his 2nd week. I am not sure did BEP have a member to die in that group. Was that another Group. Somebody let me know.


    ^^^co-sign Jericho. lol. damn that pop music.

    i predict slaughterhouse to either do 60-75k first week, or it’s gonna be an even bigger success than i thought & they’ll take that #1spot with about 100-250k. “the Internet’s favorite supergroup” can pull it off if anyone.

  • alderman j

    Slaughterhouse will only do about 40-50k, when i heard this group formed, i vowed not to listen to anything on the internet, wait until the album dropped, i still havent heard anything but the joint they playing on MTV 2. They wont do what they suppose to do because mostof the cheap skates will get what they can off line and burn somebody elses copy, they wont get there due. If this was 1996-1997, they would do 200k out the gate. but with the internet the recession, and most heads dont buy it in the store they download and burn, 40-50k max. I still have it in the plastic, i aint breaking it open till i have time to sit down have a session and take it all in!!

  • Jericho

    I am not sure did BEP have a member to die in that group. Was that another Group. Somebody let me know

    BeerGangsta, you’re half right. Kim left the Peas in early 00s.She did not die (at least not till she heard this new garbage.)

    She clearly must have been the one with all the good ideas…

    • Tony Grands


      Nah, the asain looking dude’s brother was killed.

  • notblocked

    Slaughterhouse will not crack 20,000.

  • Nate

    All Slaughterhouse needs to be a “success” by comparitive sales standards I guess would be is to surpass Doroughs 12,600 1st week.

    After all he probably got at least 100,000′s of spins. I don’t listen to radio more than about once a week on accident in the car, but my friends say they bump his “Ice Cream… joint nonstop on the radio.

    So good job Ringtone! 6 months radio push= 12,600 first week… If the millions who heard radio got to hear 1 week of slaughterhouse’s songs I’m sure they could push at least 50-100K first week. But even 20, 30, 40, is good for THIS MARKET….

    Well, I got my 2 copies yesterday. Best album I have heard this year. dubcnn has a thorough review. Gave it 4.5/5 dubs. And I haven’t ever seen them give a album 5. Only The Source does that- when it’s a NY group…

  • Future

    Slaughterhouse is gonna do 40k at least in the 1st week I copped the album it’s pretty dope joell ortiz killed every song as always

  • $ykotic

    I stand by my prediction:


    Budden sounds better on “Escape Route”(yes I even put $ in his pocket and DL’d off Amalgam).

    But I’m still watching mainstream rap die before our eyes.


    “But I’m still watching mainstream rap die before our eyes.”
    ^^ true shit $yk. on that note i’m goin over to the guest blog to learn something.

  • yessir


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