Black Eyed Peas Lead the Rap Pack, Sean Paul Fails to Crack Top 10 on Billboard 200

The Black Eyed Peas continue their chart dominance as top rap act on the Billboard 200.

Holding down the no. 5 spot, the party-starting quartet raked in an additional 40,700 albums in its 11th week in stores. With 958,100 in total sales, The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) is quickly approaching platinum with no end in sight. 

Trailing at no. 19 is Fabolous, who moved 18,400 copies of Loso’s Way in his fourth week in stores. While the single “Throw It In The Bag” continues to perform well, the album tallies 178,000 to date.

Three spots later is Eminem’s Relapse, which builds on it’s platinum-plus total. With an additional 17,900 in sales this week, Em’s fifth solo album sits at 1,379,600 copies moved.

Repping for the R&B heads, Maxwell slips out of the Billboard 200 top ten this week, moving 30,300 copies of BLACKsummer’snight at the no. 11 slot. After seven weeks in on the charts, Max crooned his way to a total of 661,400 copies moved. Sean Paul is next up, as his Imperial Blaze album makes a hot introduction, at no.12 stacking 28,500 in sales. N’awlins songbird Leisi also made her debut at no. 14, selling 27,000 copies of Turn Me Loose.

Next week, look out for Queen Latifah, Lil’ Ru, and Letoya to hit the chart with new projects. –John Kennedy

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  • E-Hustle

    I feel for Sean Paul, dude aint get no promo, no radio play, nothing. This album was doomed from the get go like most acts these days.

    Good to see Shady still moving some units. But how the fuck BEP’s been running billboard for 11 weeks in a row and still aint platinum?
    Damn, I mean, in two week they will be, but that’s going to be over 3 months! Shit crazy!

    • westcoastaggie

      Remember: the #1 consumer of Music (the ones who buys CD’s and downloads from ITunes) are girls, 12-21.

      BEP appeals to that demographic.

  • K.ola

    Damn where is slaughter house and joe buddens…

    ross flopped so hard the nigga can only afford tuna meats

    EM will be two x plat in the states by Dec…

    can’t wait to see how bp3 does…

    • jburg

      Tuna Meats!!!! LMFAO!!



  • HU

    This dude said where’s Slaughterhouse and Joe Buddens…LMAO. These posts keep me rolling on the damn floor. Anyway, what the fuck is Lil Ru? The word Lil=do not listen.

  • PenDragon

    This music ain’t like 10 years ago when bullshit albums were even going 2x platinum. Whoever Lil Ru is they promoting the shit out of him on here.

    New Mixtape out now!!


  • EmCDL

    Like K.ola said, wheres Slaughterhouse at? (Joe Budden I can care less about).

    BEP is killing it on the charts, they should have went platinum by now. Maxwell’s cd should be going platinum as well….oh I forgot, this isn’t the 90s.

  • ?

    Go Em :]

  • Fireforreal

    True.B.E.P has a craaaaaaaaazy following with the ages 12-20 who buy what’s on there top 40 radio,and there parents cop because there safe and non threatining. Sort of like how 10,11 years ago will smith’s big willie style did like 7 mill the first year. You have to remeber who is actually buying these albums. Slaughterhouse is dope but there following is know more for illeagally downloading these albums or burning a copy from a friend.

  • Nate

    Slaughterhouse sold 6,500 according to So that brings their 2 week total to just under 25,000.

    It doesn’t make them world beaters but when you look back at all the artists coming out with anything in 2009 it will make them relevant… Besides like fire said above, so many “fans” buy albums digital or illegal so you can bet 100,000 at least have heard the album..

    All without real radio or major video time…

  • Nate

    You fuckers got it wrong AGAIN with the title
    “BEP lead the RAP pack…”

    No, they lead the POP rocks pack………….

    hiphopdx and probably many others referred to them correctly in their titles…

    “Pop group Black eyed Peas….”

    Don’t lump those sellouts in with any rappers
    They are dancy pop jerks since their third album.(when they added the video ho)

    So the true “LEADER” in rap sales again this week would be Fabolous. Not BEP

    • jburg

      You sound like a hater? Why are they sellouts because they don’t talk about guns and drugs and shit? They make shit that everyone can listen too. By looking at their sales, some one should be taking notes. This is three albums in a row for them to have hit single after single. They found a formula to reach the masses and they are taking full advantage of it. You can’t hate for that. They may get the BIG grammy for this one. Mad respect for those cats to step outside the box!!

  • larry

    xxl always promotes the fuck out of an artist. who tha fuck is lil ru? honestly does any body know? thats why im switching to when it launchs in septemeber

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  • BeerGangsta

    BEP will go Platium next week. They are a strong group. Dam Slaughter House did not sell shit this week. This is the 2nd week for there CD. The shit not going to Sell no more. XXL did not put they Sell on the cover because they did not won’t to embrassed them.

  • DUDE


  • Fireforreal

    Ya’ll need to read again what Nate is talking about. That dude is the truth LOL

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