50 Cent Planning Free Concert in Queens, Cops in Fear

Jamiaca, Queens-native 50 Cent is secretly planning to put on a free show near his hometown, but authorities and residents fear it will bring violence and gunplay to the neighborhood.

The New York Post reports that the concert will take place near the Queens projects where Fif almost lost his life before signing to Shady/Aftermath. “We can’t control the area,” one law-enforcement source told the paper.

“Someone’s gonna try to make a name for themselves,” another source said. “They’re gonna take a shot at him, and they’re either gonna hit him or they’re gonna miss him and hit some poor, innocent kid or grandmother.”

A slew of police officers will shut down the 20 block radius of the South Jamaica Houses for the performace, which is set to draw in close to 10,000 fans.

The show is scheduled for August 30 at 5:30 p.m. at public elementary school P.S. 40. It will be a part of the neighborhood’s Family Day celebration. –Max G

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  • fastflipper

    50 is giving back to the hood

    • joe p

      good lookin by 50 but someone gettin shot …

  • Philip

    “Get rich or die tryin” takes on a whole new meaning I guess…smh =(

  • beaver

    like its good dat hes doin a free concert at his hood..
    but hess gonna need sum more security..
    50 is a dope rapper..
    i don’t wanna hear he got shot an shit..

  • K.ing

    it’s 50…

    best believe he already then hired half the goons in queens to watch his back…

    you talkin about someone who has an estimate of 450 million dolaar net worth….

    in other news (slow bitches) Bow wow just signed to cash money…

    • that nigga

      You mean the Cop’s and they aint gettin paid, 50 Is one of them so their donig it for free.

    • A

      50′s beyatch. You mean he’s gonna pay half the police force for protection. Coward ass fagg!

  • Sincere

    Glad to see a rapper on their communtiy activist grind. Not for nothing dude is building parks, fundraising, concerts, even taking the whole hood to six flags. Do your thing Fif “if they hate then let em hate and watch the money pile up.”



  • tronthadon

    Why they so fearful didnt he go on a hood tour a couple years back?..and like ol boy said $450 million he got gunnas already in postion for sum fuck boy tryna get bold..damn thats alot of fuckin money

    • NYknowsBest

      we already kno 50 got cash men… them pigs are there to stop fuck heads from shooting each other…duh!!! Seriously, if u’all thought the police are there to protect 50 get ur mind outta the gutta. How many shows 50 had wit 10k or more ppl and how many times u heard it come on the news cause of security issues… This one’s free and free shows always attract hoodrats that jus wanna start shit… get real ppl

  • RL

    Let’s see here:

    Bulletproof vest-CHECK

    Ultra-violent rhymes where the very people who attend the concert are often castigated for not being as rich as 50 and put down for being poor-CHECK

    Diamond encrusted jewelry-CHECK



    Looks ok to me.

    • Kali

      post of the year…funny shit

  • General

    Good to see 50 doin a show for Queens, but how the fuck they gonna let him do this show at a Public Elementary School???

  • http://www.djremike.com DJReMike


  • D-Block

    ok lets see whats gonna happen. you know a dumb motha fuckas gonna shot off his piece and ruin it for everyone

  • http://myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

    This has mistake written all over it. Somebody somewhere is planning to do something really stupid and we ALL know it.

    I’ll start the body count at 2 dead, 15 injured… who wants in… I’m so serious.

    E6 of the vlog is up!!! youtube.com/federalranga Let’s Get It!!!


    • http://www.myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

      “I’ll start the body count at 2 dead, 15 injured… who wants in… I’m so serious.”

      For real. Ain’t you seen my glasses? I can see into to the future with them shits.

      And please, please watch my vlog, you will see how a real player gets it in at the cash register. I swipe them cards like Nelly.

      • http://www.myspace.com/federalranga Federal Ranga

        Really, please watch my vlog. My mama said she can only watch it so many times to try to get the number of views up, and I know there is only gonna be like 4 niggas from the Commission that watch it. Please, please watch it. I’m trying not to shoot it at the Shell station anymore. I did one from my bedroom and one from the basement, please. I got one on a park bench. I even tried one without the glasses, although I couldn’t see shit. Please watch it. Please. You can even catch some footage of South Beach.


  • Slimm

    THE MASSACRE!!!!!! Wonder if Ja got tickets. Might as well do something constructive with his life and take the kids out to see a good show. GGGGGGGGGGG unit!!!!!!

  • tronthadon

    life and death is in the power of tha tounge..watch ur mouth dumb ass white boy thats a kids and family event..hope for the best but since its in tha ghetto you cracka jacks wonna rite em off…smh

  • King Joffy Joe

    It’s good that 50′s giving back but, I think he might be a little in over his head on this one. Last time I checked, 50 was not “all good” in his old ‘hood, and i’m willing to bet you that there WILL be some nigga with a huge chip on his shoulder, that claims to have SOME kind of “beef” with 50. I hope everything turns out ok.

    -K. Joffy Joseph

  • beautiful nightmare

    well i think it’s going to turn out just fine. 50 cent donated 1.5 million for this event, so he will probably have undercover cops out there as well as the ones in uniform. even though u have some people that just dont give a damn about police they will bust a shot right in front of police just to prove a point. but i hope it turns out great….

  • K.ing


    where did you check that????

    Niggas is funny….

    i got one name for you Money Ron….

    anyway enough talking to suburb bloiggers…

    hire half the cops / goons whatever…. niggas act like goons make you harder…

    nigga i would love to have the police doing my dirty work… (word to suge)

    but if u niggas really knew gunit is good in queens….

    • drox

      CO-sign K.ing
      50 good in queens and u betta bet ur bottom dolla I’m b @ the show jus to see what it all about!!! I’m drive up from Hamilton Beach jus to see this shit…

  • http://xxl gside

    Shit were did he shot them pimpin curly, videos what project was that.

  • willshady187

    fuck 50 and the rest of the g-unot bitches. hope he gets shot again but die this time bitch

  • http://tonygrands.blogspot.com Tony Grands

    Bette Midler’s name is attached to this shit too, so all necessary precautions will be put into place. Them cops don’t want their city to be known as “the place Bette Midler died”.

    • makaveli1671

      LOL at GRANDS….You know that will be the headline of the year if that was to happen….”Rap violence claims the life of legendary singer Bette Midler at troubled rapper 50 cents free concert”…..you couldn’t even roll a blunt to that one…you’d have to light a j

  • Silly Willy

    “…..but authorities and residents fear it will bring violence and gunplay to the neighborhood.”

    And we all know there has never been any violence or gunplay in that particular area. This gangsta artist will teach people to kill one another.


  • illp

    hope everything turn right but 50 a smart man if he doing something like this one thing that is sure he aint gonna miss security so ain’t scared for that shit but still a lil stress about it but 50 cent the man fuck anyone saying he dont give back to the hood !!!!!!!!!

  • DJ Postman

    Do anyone else find it ironic that 50 is performing as part of a “Family Day celebration”? “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’” really screams family to me!

  • http://www.msn.com Sweetpanties

    Damn All Yall Trying To Bring Out Some Negative Energy Just Cause Fool Cops Wanna Act Fearful!!!!

  • http://www.msn.com unitymama

    Damn All Yall Tryinga To Bring Out Some Negative Energy Just Because Some Fool Cops Wanna Act Fearful,The Only Reason They Acting Like That Is Because They Don’t Want To See It Happen Anyway!!!!

  • biggnate09

    All these rappers r fake look @ they rap sheetz no phuccing felonz just mistameanorz 50 t.i and ricky ross r kin 2 each other riding 4 tha poe poe!Who started this gangsta chit tha white ppl did fa real

  • lostgyrl

    Sounds like something I would love to attend being that I’m from Jamaice myself but I can imagine the CROWD!! NO THANK U!!!


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