Young Jeezy Plots Special Performance In NYC

While in New York this weekend for the America’s Most Wanted tour with Lil Wayne, Atlanta rap giant Young Jeezy will be making a stop at Manhattan’s Prime Nightclub for a special performance.

The intimate concert, set for this Friday (July 31), is in celebration of the Snowman’s partnership with Belvedere Vodka. Jeezy first announced his deal with the company in January. “I’m excited to work with Belvedere, it’s my vodka,” he previously said of the relationship. “We have developed a platform called ‘America Reborn’ — they support me as an artist, and share my creative vision. I’ve always known the Belvedere brand represents quality, creativity and self-expression. I see a lot of similarities in what they are doing and feel at home with them.”

Jeezy graces the cover of XXL’s upcoming 12th anniversary issue. In the feature story, Mr. 17.5 speaks on his new disc, Thug Motivation 103 and his beefs with Gucci Mane and DJ Drama, among other topics. The September issue, hits stands on August 11. –Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    I can’t wait to not go to this show…

  • Thuggerkn0t

    Yeah snowman way to kill two birds with one stone

  • Enlightened

    I’m glad I don’t live in NYC

  • PerfectPoints357

    Gotta give Jeezy his props he is one of the few artist in the last couple of years who have been able to stay consistent with each of his projects that he has put out. Some may feel his lyrical content is lacking but i personally think he go in wether on a collabo or on his own. The Belve deal is a good look atleast he is being endorsed and getting paid by them. When the Roc was screamin it and showin it in all they videos back in the day i wonder were they getting paid for it? Belvedere knows what they are doin they picked a strong artist to piggy back off of and try to make a resurgence back onto the rap scene. But you can also look at it from a different perspective lets call it the liquor store on every corner effect.

    • PerfectPoints357

      or should i have said a liquor sale on every track?

  • EmCDL

    Now you know damn well Jeezy ain’t say that comment like that! I like how them publicists make rappers comments’ so damn intelligently spoken LOL

    • Chris Cash


      I always think that shit too.

    • $ykotic


      Jeezy said “Hell yeah I fukks with Belve. And I’m getting a check cut n*gga for free sh*t!”

  • DUDE


  • Bway’s Finest

    Jeezy get a lot of love, out here, I’m definitely in there!

  • Rated R 357

    I commend Jeezy for growing a little business-wise. Iit isn’t often that a rapper with his subject matter gets any endorsements. However, I distinctly remember him regularly stating his love for Gray Goose early in his career. Just a note.


    Ha HAAA! Jeezy got a endorsement, good for him. he have been saying Belve’ a lot lately, i didn’t make the connection (“i’m a blame it on the Belve’ – Blame It remix). shit, instead of that bottle of Ciroc I was gon cop 4 this weekend I just might get the Belve.

    On another note… dis nigga PUT ON for any city that he’s IN. in N.O. he brought out B.G., & I think he brought out Jada @ another concert in NY a while ago. @ birthday bash in the A last month, he brought out Wayne. you gotta give it to him, he give the fans what they want. he PUTS ON a hell of a show, WHEREVER. & he rep for the streets & niggaz in the struggle everywhere. that’s just a lil bit of why he get so much love & respect.

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  • Fireforreal

    This just in. WHO GIVES A FUCK !

  • Grimey G

    I really don’t get why people like this fucking guy at all. He is a terrible rapper. Don’t get me wrong, I love when rappers rap about dealing drugs, violence, the streets, and jail more than anybody but this fucking ninja turtle jeezy doesn’t do it in a particularly entertaining way at all.

  • YOM

    Jeezy gets love its the coons like gucci,juice and soulja boy that annoy me.

    To that enlightened fool we all glad you don’t live in the N.Y.C.!!

  • goldie

    Jeezy da realest nigga for da streets , he said he wasnt a rapper since day one, cant speak for new york, but when dis nigga come to houston all da real dough boys go to da shows, he already said he do it for da street niggas not u hip hop critics,matterfact i can speak for new york when dey shot soul survivor in brooklyn da streets was there in full effect. he got da real niggas vouching for him(Big MEEch)

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