XXLMag.com has learned that Compton rapper The Game will be dropping his new album The R.E.D. on Interscope Records.

“Game will definitely be directly on Interscope,” Chuck Taylor's longtime manager, Jimmy Rosemond, told XXL in an email.

The West Coast heavyweight’s first disc, 2005’s The Documentary, was released on the label but after his falling out with G-Unit he was moved to Geffen where he put out his last two LPs, 2006’s The Doctor’s Advocate and 2008’s LAX.

Along with Cool & Dre, The R.E.D. will also feature collaborations from Lil Wayne, Lady GaGa, Pharrell, Kanye West and Gucci Mane, according to Rosemond. The disc is slated to hit shelves in early December, unless it conflicts with Game’s role in the new A-Team remake. Although he wasn’t confirmed for the part earlier this month, Rosemond assures XXL that Game will be playing B.A. Baracus, Mr. T’s signature role from the popular '80s TV show—in the upcoming film. “He's slated for an early December release,” Rosemond said of the album, “unless he starts shooting The A-Team movie this October in Canada.”

Game is currently on tour overseas. –Jesse Gissen