Twista Debuts in the Top 10

Windy City vet Twista blew onto the charts this week with his seventh solo studio album, Category F5.

Although failing to knock out Maxwell or the Black Eyed Peas, Twista made an impressive dent in the top 10, landing at the no. 8. The disc, which features cameos by Kanye West, Lil Boosie, R. Kelly, Gucci Mane, Busta Rhymes, Akon and OJ Da Juiceman, managed to sell 45,300 copies in its first week out, according to the Nielsen SoundScan.

Still reigning high is R&B favorite Maxwell who only fell one spot to no. 2 this go-round. Fans of the Brooklyn-bred crooner brought home 103,300 copies of BLACKsummer’snight this week, making his two week sales total stand at 422,000.

The Peas hold tight at the no. 5 spot for the third week in a row. The E.N.D. generated an additional 54,300 in sales this week, bringing the disc’s tally to 726,800 after six weeks.

R&B mainstay Joe debuted one notch over Twista with his latest album, Signature. The LP sold 48,900 in its first week on shelves.

Falling four spots to no. 13 is Eminem. The Detroit rap giant’s Relapse album pulled in 28,400 more in sales this week, bringing his overall stats to 1,269,900.

All the way down at no. 84 is former Shady foe, Everlast and his group La Coka Nostra with their indie debut Brand You Can Trust. The album, which features guest spots from Snoop Dogg, Bun B and The Alchemist, among others, sold 5,400 in its first week out. –Elan Mancini

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  • Pierzy

    I’m still knocking Relapse almost daily…

    • S.I.O

      @ Pierzy

      Yo p, Relaspe is dope no question, Dre went in on the boards, But in just my opinion has Em Blew His Load Lyrically? I only say that to the effect that 10 years removed from his debut (13 or 14 if your counting infinite and other underground stuff) has he really evolved beyond mother issues depression, snappin on pop culture. is it funny hell yeah but we heard all of this before. I won’t use his sale figures to say that he fell off or any thing because it’s a different climate in the industry right now (Even though wayne cleared 3 million, but it just was wayne’s time) Em’s time might have past and time is a friend to no one.

      • Pierzy

        What’s poppin’ S.I.O.?

        I’m not afraid to admit that I am an unapologetic Em stan so take what I write with a grain of salt.

        At first, I was like, “another Mom song?” but I can’t lie – that shit knocks. And I think we can agree that his flow is still water…I mean, every song has a different flow – how many other MCs can do that? The way he rips “Stay Wide Awake” still amazes me.

        In terms of lyrical content, I was unsure and there are some songs that sound formulaic ["We Made You" of course and "Same Song and Dance"] but songs like “Déjà Vu” and “Beautiful” are deeper than most of his previous work that didn’t involve Debbie Mathers [aside from "Yellow Brick Road"].

        If he had done like 13 songs about dealing with drugs and depression, wouldn’t we be sitting here saying that it’s depressing, self-loathing and we wish the “old Em” would come back and call Mariah all types of names and try to bait Nick Cannon?

        He said that Relapse 2 was recorded at the same time so I’m assuming it’ll be more of the same…for better or worse.

        • Tony Grand$


          Good looks on that article. I always enjoy a good read. That was VERY interesting, almost forgot it was based on hip hop.

        • Pierzy

          Yeah man…it’s nice to see accurate “mainstream” reporting on hip-hop.

      • $ykotic

        What up fellas?

        The top 3 albums since last year: Carter 3(3 mil +), Paper Trail(2 mil +), Relapse(1 mil +).

        I’m thinking Relapse 2 will probably have a lot of features on it. Get his boys(D12) some more bread then fade in the background.

    • makaveli1671

      Relapse sucked!…I liked encore more than relapse….It’s the only Em cd that doesn’t have one song in my music playlist rotation…I love beautiful but I played that song so much when the album dropped that now I’m tired of it….rap is really going down the drain fast…I hope slaughter house or jay-z or even 50 drop a quality disc…kiss cd woulda been good without all the features. Lord know’s I miss 90′s hip hop

  • Tony Grand$

    Damn, Twista still rapping?

    “If @ first you don’t succeed, try & try again”.


    “Practice makes perfect”.


    “I thought I told ya that we won’t stop, I thought I told ya that we won’t stop…”

    For real, if he included a copy of all his lyrics, I think he’d sell more albums.

  • EmCDL

    When did Joe come out with a new album???

  • R word

    where is rick ross??? i know my man sold should be at 3:45…

  • BeerGangsta

    I know Twista was going to be in the top 10. Fans are haters! Ya’ll could have brought more CDS on Twista behalf. Twista is a good rapper that can rap off any beat. Aderaline rush is the shit today.

    • Federal Ranga

      Twista is garbage!!! Shut your mouth. I thought we ran you off this site already.


      Don’t forget to check out my new vlog coming out next week XXL.COM PRESENTS: FEDERAL RANGA-IN MY ASS/THE BATHROOM EPISODE

      • makaveli1671

        Twista is garbage?……motherfuckas need to keep they kids off the goddamn comment pages…..sure he been suspect with all the lovey dovey ass singles (i hate that wetter bullshit) but if you know anything about rap you would never say some idiotic shit like twista is garbage.Question…if Twista is garbage name ten CURRENT RAPPERS that YOU like that’s better….dont worry I’ll wait lil nigga

  • D Sizzo

    danm i thought la coka would sell more i got theyre shit and it actually pretty good

  • DownSouth

    I’m about to pick up that Twista today. I feel like hearing some fast rap. I’m still trippin off how Maino didn’t sell that many albums and NYC alone has over 8 milli people. That goes to show the lack of support there. SMH


    • LegendKiller

      that twista do go hard

  • El Tico Loco

    They sleeping on that Alchemist, there’s something for everybody on there.

  • HU

    Twista should’ve sold about 400,000 copies. This is bullshit. It’s the best album this year behind Relapse.

  • Saint

    I tink em is dope jst hope relapse 2 is beta..

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  • The Southern Comfort

    Twista is meh and BEP died with fergie appearing. i picked up the la coka nostra album as had been checking them for a while and it’s pretty good and got better with a few listens too. it’s not hugely diverse but it’s gonna stay in rotation (and definitely in my car)