Tru Life’s Lawyer Speaks On Murder Rap

Since being arrested last month on attempted murder charges, fans have yet to hear from  Tru Life. recently reached out to his attorney to find out how the former Roc La Familia rapper is holding up and to gain more insight into the case.

As previously reported Tru, born Roberto Guzman Rosado, was arrested on second degree murder and gang related charges on June 22, for allegedly fatally stabbing a man and leaving another man in critical condition. Tru’s brother Marcus Rosado, was also picked up for the supposed incident that authorities believe occurred on June 15 in a Midtown Manhattan lobby, as part of an ongoing dispute between both parties.

“At this point [Tru Life’s] still incarcerated and he’s awaiting arraignment in Supreme Court,” Tru’s lawyer, Alan Abramson, told XXL, after declining to answer how his client’s spirits are behind bars.

Although Tru has already entered a not guilty plea, Abramson explained to XXL that the rapper has not officially been charged for the crime. “This is just the initial court appearance so we can find out exactly what he’s being charged with.”

Once charged, Abramson is completely confident that his client will be cleared of any wrongdoing. “He is an extraordinarily talented young artist and we believe that he will be vindicated of any charge they throw against him.”

According to Abramson, Tru is scheduled to appear in Manhattan Supreme Court on July 27. –Jesse Gissen

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  • Worley

    Don’t they have to charge you in 72 hours? And what happened to all this n*gga’s chips? How is he still in jail damn near a month later? There is a fail in here somewhere.

    • mobstar251

      he, hasnt been formally charge which means he hasnt been indicted yet,his case will go b4 a grand jury and they will decide whether to indict or formally charge him w/ the crime, they may not indict him for ex: due to lack of evidence. theres a difference between being charged and indicted

    • Big Push

      When it is a felony charge, especially for a fatal stabbing, different laws and regulations apply. With it being a violent felony Tru can be held until there is evidence to build a case. When you are a violent offender you pretty much stay in jail until you appear for your arraignment which can be as much as 3 months away. Considering Tru doesn’t have long money he probably can’t afford a high price lawyer who would go rabid pit bull on the judges ass. So heres you Tru.

      Question: How do these guys, who have so much to loose, put themselves in situations where they can/will loose it all? Stupidity

      • 31third

        i aint even know this nigga was locked up.

    • Anonymous

      no bail dummy

    • Anonymous

      ny state doesnt allow you to bail out on murder charges they wont give you a bail you have to sit between 2 and 3 yrs before you even go to trail thats just how it is in the rotten apple

    • irshhhhmob

      Its a muder charge…he prolly got remanded withot bail…a charge like this rarely if ever do they offer bail or bond…and if they did it would prolly be liek 10 million…sicne he hasnt dropped a real album yet i doubt hes got money like that

  • 239allday

    “How is he still in jail damn near a month later?”

    Nigga this aint no DUI charge, there aint no bond for murder when you’re a Z-list celebrity. Get ya mind right!!!

    • General


      Now thats some funny shit



  • http://xxl All Dae

    lol to the whole situation….

    • 6

      WHY LOL When someone was murdered and a man has to suffer in hell? aka jail?

  • General

    Not to hate, but is any hip-hop music fan gonna even know the difference if he stays locked up. Its not like he has a whole gang of hot songs he’s been droppin

  • Tony Grand$

    “….after declining to answer how his client’s spirits are behind bars”

    What the fuck does that mean? You can’t tell us if dude is doing okay or not? Must be the latter.

    Sounds like they might just be trying to get him to roll on his brother.


      the golden rule when your life in on the line…when in doubt, DON’T SAY SHIT!

      • Tony Grand$

        Real talk…..

        • $ykotic

          Triple ripple co-sign. Even mommy tells you…


  • giantstepp

    Just start snitching Tru Life!!

    • los

      thats some shit ur faget ass would do my nigga is a gee he dont need to snich. any ways ya niggas need to talk what ya know not what u here ….yo bob aka. tru life and my nigga mark aka seven dirty keep yeah head up my niggas l.e.s. alday…uh-yuh

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  • Melchizodok

    He ain’t gonna rat his brotha out, those spicks stick together.

    • Robert

      PHUCK HEW…………

  • PR Rudeboy

    @melchizodok… your moms lips and my nutz stick together!! faggot nigga

  • PR Rudeboy

    @melchizodok… ur moms mouth and my nutz stick together!!

  • Stephen

    Yo we dont need the racist crap on here on some real that shouldnt even be permitted and Im black soo stop the hatred

  • Sammy P

    My thoughts go out to tru life…you can always take a loss but you can’t make up for lost time.

  • Its Over 4 This Grease Ball

    TRU Life going to get LIFE!

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma


  • Lou

    True life is a fuckin G. Hold your head up boy LES is riding for ya.

  • http://xxlmag Chops

    He was killing alot of people on his tracks i guess he finally killed somebody in real life lets see if he going to be talking all that killer shit after all rhis bullshit

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  • AUTHOR!!!

    damn this is when flashing guns in old smack dvd’s comes back to haunt you..hold ur head my nigga

  • emoney

    he’ll be out soon and do a remix with snoop to “murda wuz the case dat they gave me” hold ya head boy.

  • PhilYehmanUK

    and e cud rap his fluckin ass off man..
    song cry freestyle was no joke ting..
    e shud hit jay up 4 a lawyer man, wheres the loyalty?
    like jay sed WHERES THE LOVE?
    cant name many as real as tru, yano the kind who jus ‘tells the truth’ on record
    hope e beats it man, p.o.

  • crooklyn

    jay aint give 2 shits bout beanie sigel so y he gonna give a shit bout tru life…. smh loyalty is a myth these days… hold ya head tru

  • bx

    dont put ur self in a hole u cant get out of …liked the dude but ..shit happens

  • http://tofzonanorte tiago

    masssa pakas ;*

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