In Nipsey Hussle’s new blog entry for he speaks in detail about his role in the new Ving Rhames film, Wrath of Cain.

Produced by Rhames, the movie centers around two brothers from opposing gangs who are at war with one another. The veteran actor specifically drafted Nipsey, a first-time actor, for his role in the picture.

“The homie Ving Rhames is real tight with my manager Big U,” he wrote, explaining how he got involved in the flick. “He had reached out to him sayin’ he needed to get me in his new movie that he was shooting. As soon as I heard what the movie was about I could relate to it and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Not because it was about gang banging but because of what the story line and plot represented which was a Blood and Crip that turned out to be brothers and wound up fuckin’ with each other because of the trials and tribulations they went through in the streets.”

Throughout the blog Neighborhood Nip speaks on his respect for Rhames, a Golden Globe-winning actor, who is known for his memorable tough-guy roles in such films as Baby Boy, Con Air and Pulp Fiction.

Philadelphia-based rapper Gillie da Kid also stars in the flick playing Nip’s brother. The film was shot throughout the young MC's hometown of Los Angeles and the Cybil Brand Prison. It is set for a 2010 release.

Stay tuned for more from Neighborhood Nipsey as he will be guest blogging with all week. -Elan Mancini