Nas Responds to Kelis’s Divorce Demands

The divorce case between Nas and Kelis continues to get super ugly. Nas claims Kelis over-reported his income by more than two times his actual earnings in their bitter breakup.

According to, the Queens rapper claimed in legal documents his album deal earned him $4 million, not the $11 million that Kelis suggests.

“I did not receive even half that amount,” Nas’s papers read.

Kelis says Nas hasn’t provided any child or spousal support since they couple split in April. Meanwhile, Nas claims he’s agreed to drop $350 for a stroller, $450 for a baby sling and $1,598 for two baby cribs. 

Kelis, who is pregnant with Nas’s child, unsuccessfully attempted to move the hearing date forward last month, as not to conflict with her impending delivery. The judge was on vacation, so the date remains set for July 21. –John Kennedy

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  • brand-new



      Damn why she tryin to stick me for my paper

  • brand-new


  • John Cauner

    Super ugly…

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Get ready for some fire music from Nas after the dust settles. That fine-ass milkshake-ass Kelis is gonna light a fire under his ass, beliedat.

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Fernando

    Whatever… not my problem.
    why does this stuff need to be made public? He’s not an elected offical. He’s a rapper.

    Keep making good music thats all I care about.

  • DownSouth

    Dang Nas, had ta get caught up. Dats why I’m never gettin married!!!!!



      me either. BACHELOR TIL I DIE!!!

      • bam

        Whether or not that’s by choice is debatable.

        • Sleepy Wonder



          lol! real cute ‘bam bam’. notice i said ‘bachelor’ not ‘single’, i get ho’s bruh. i just have yet to meet my MATCH, & the scandilous (however u spell it) shit females is up to nowadays, she gon REALLY have to prove herself to me.

  • BigMike

    Nas stay losing

    • Barack Yomama

      THAT shit was funny. Well played,

  • Mike Game

    Why did I come in here and expect to see a Nas quote simply saying “yeah, fuckign right”

  • romil

    get back 2gether, cheaper to keep her.

  • b true


  • Tony Grand$

    If he were smart, he would’ve married down, like Hugh Jackman.

    That way dude could’ve done whatever he wanted to, & she would have just been grateful to have him when she does.

    • anutha_level



    Yeah… nas is fuckin a let down… his music ain’t what it used to be which is why hip hop sucks… he killed it by not being as good anymore musically… and then this.. whatevers whatever but dude hold it down… i see this shit everyday and people who don’t act like they all holy like nas handle it better… he ain’t real.. or may be he is.. regular dead beat like every other wack mufucka like him…

    • Superstar Extraordinaire

      na nigga nas didnt kill hip hop… was ur dancing crack baby niggas that killed it….shoot yo self for sayin that shit bitch!!!!!!

  • Beast McCoy

    I don’t know what is stirring her up like this but it’s seems like the old phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…”. To tell the truth I really didn’t expect their relationship to last but I would have never pegged it to be this damn short. Brothers need to stop thinking with their “other” head and use the one on their shoulders. Great sex is not worth half of your fortune or 18 to 21 years of misery as you try to deprogram your child from thinking you are the world’s biggest dirtbag as per their mother. I’m going to take some advice from the 90′s courtesy of BBD – “Never trust a big butt and a smile”… who would of thought these be the words a lot men would have to live and die by. It’s a damn shame.

    • Tony Grand$

      ^^^^Spoken like a grown ass man. Co-sign.

    • anutha_level

      word homie.

    • $ykotic

      Super co-signature.

  • El Tico Loco

    If he didn’t get a ‘nup, he a dumbass, is not like they came up together.

  • Superstar Extraordinaire

    This bitch is crazy!!! Why the fuck should Nas give her “spousal support”. That bitch is just lazy; she don’t wanna get in the booth and sing anymore (or should I say she don’t wanna shake her milk anymore?)

  • Sammy P.

    Damn she must of read super head new book.

  • 3rd degree

    Actually it was BDP that firt said never trust a big butt and a smile in 88 on the my philosophy album…the J the I the M the M the Y The J the I the M it’s Jimmy!

  • IndyKid

    co-sign @ j.m. mufujas


  • thelupend

    I’m pretty sure kelis had atleast one platnium album and she’s saying she’s broke. Goldigga

  • husseyn husseyn

    LOL….NAS is one of my favourite rapper and i feel so letdown that kelis is making him go through this.she must’ve had this plan before they got married just as to make some money of advice is for him to settle out of court.i’m sure nas ‘ll come out of this with his head up high.

  • RDS


    Kelis’ first single should’ve told Nas everything he needed to know about shorty…smh.

  • Manamongst Hussein

    co-sign Beast McCoy & RDS

    I don’t know why she feels entitled, she’s gonna find out how getting out lawyered up and HIM keeping a working staff will help him. They AIN’T getting divorced in Cali, Tri-state doesn’t care how much she’s accustomed to. She was with him when the majority of his wealth was earned….and she’s been an earner which makes the courts even more compelled not to set her up. She will get paid with the child, or if she walks into court with proof of unfaithfulness, which wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

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  • cold

    MEN , why do you keep getting married ?
    there is nothing in it for you !
    i have known enough women to know
    they are ALL emotional wrecks !
    why make it harder and more expensive to leave ?



  • I’m a real woman. I bought what I got!

    Men. Please. Why is it always the woman’s fault the relationship never works out?? Some of you all are just as trife, married for money is nothing new for either sex, K-fed showed you that. Yeah some women are trife, I have to admit, but ultimately its your choice to marry without getting to REALLY know your possible significant other. Marriage is truly a beautiful union, but it is also like fine print in a contract. You have to THOROUGHLY read it to discover all the details.


    I use to think being a bachelor was cool till me and a group of my friends seen a old school playa at a titty bar alone trying to get in our convo. as for nas killing hip hop be fo real. just cause his music aint popular doesn’t mean that its not good. nas still is relevant. nas might wanna patch things up because it is cheaper to keep her and kelos coming for tht head.

  • Leroylove

    I think Kelis mad she aint get the Beyonce treatment from her man….Then he goes out and pulls a Kobe on her, withouth the multimillion dollar make up ring. Bruh should have known better. A box of Trojans would have saved him more money than them Geico commercials…

  • Stimoroller

    Dude should’ve known that Bitch was only in it for the staus they had as a celebrity couple. She saw Nas as the quiet nigga and decided to get all cocky and bossy like her song suggests. But she doesnt deserve a dime.

  • B-Bear

    Well as they said on the track… Let´s get it on in public… I promise that you love it.. She should ba able to take care of herself

  • Fuck Jay-Z

    Make Nas Mad………….u get his best music a la’ STILLMATIC & Ether

  • Oaklands Own

    “Bitches aint shyt but hoes and tricks…..”

    Ok, for real tho!?!…Aint Kelis in the same industry NaS is in?!? That bych prolly sold just as much worldwide as he did (she is hella popular overseas). That bych shouldnt be crying broke?!?

    I used to be a fan of hers, but Im over the bych after this shyt. Its a sad situation, cause the bych is fine…..crazy, but fine.

  • aquil

    frist let me say nas is still one of the top mc’s of all time. 2 you live and learn. 3 get ready too come harder then ever. and nas will. a fan 4 life. chi-town has left the building.

  • http://xxlmag.con erik

    yo shes fucked up lik hes nass and hes never had problems with this hoe and u never herd of them really lik in a bad way then she does this lik she chould have dun this in a machor way but no

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  • stoik udeen

    Kelis i just 2 lazy and egoistic.She should beg Beyounce to teach her how to be an independent woman. I hope Nas will agree now that JayZ is far greater than him in all ramification.