Nas Likens “D.O.A.” to Hip-Hop Is Dead

While tracks like Jay-Z’s “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” and KRS-One and Buckshot’s “Robot” crusade against Auto-Tune, Nas says people will miss T-Pain’s preferred vocal effect.

According to the Boston Herald, Nas says Auto-Tune is “hot,”but not what he records, or listens to. “Auto-Tune’s gonna be the shit like 10 years from now,” Nas told the Boston Herald. “We’re gonna all remember that time when Auto-Tune was what everyone was doing. And you need moments like that. It’s like, ‘Wow, remember when everybody had synthesizer beats? Or remember when everybody used to do cuts in their choruses? Or use this kind of sample or use that kind of drum machine? It’s just another moment in music.”

The Queensbridge rapper—who insists Auto-Tune will not be found on his upcoming collaboration with Damian Marley, Distant Relatives—likens Jay’s “D.O.A.” to his own quasi-eulogy, 2006’s Hip-Hop is Dead.

“Everything comes to an end and goes to a new phase,” Nas said. “So records like ‘D.O.A.’ have to be made right now. That’s why I did Hip Hop Is Dead. These records have to be made. It’s rappers making records that resemble what the real rap sounds like to shake up all this other (stuff).”

Nas marked an milestone in his life yesterday (June 22), when at-odds wife Kelis gave birth to his first son, Knight.

The couple—currently embroiled in a heated divorce case—missed yesterday’s court date so Kelis could deliver their first child.

When asked how his drama with Kelis would affect his new record, Nasty Nas had this say, “You know what it’s funny, I never know if (personal drama) is gonna influence the music until I’m making it. The record I’m working on now has a focus; it’s me and Damian (Marley) and we have our focus and we already started working on for a few months now. So I have no idea. It’s interesting though. I’m interested to see it myself, you know?”

As of press time there is no release date on Distant Relatives. The duo is currently headlining the Rock the Bells tour. –John Kennedy

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  • Pierzy

    One of my 2 favorite emcees but NaS loves to put himself over. Anyway, I heard his show with Damien Marley in NYC recently was “off the radar!” [How 'bout that?]

    “You know what it’s funny, I never know if (personal drama) is gonna influence the music until I’m making it.”

    He forgot to add: “It’s because my music is influenced by weeeeeeeeed”

    • $ykotic

      I’ll let you know how it is at the end of the month.

      • Pierzy

        Definitely…you’re my correspondent. Ha.

  • Enlightened

    Hip-hop is on some real bullshit right about now. Doing something somebody else did used to be the last thing you wanted to do – in any kind of music.

    Why didn’t we hear Prince, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross or anybody else on that vocoder when Roger and Zapp brought it to the game.

    Imagine Prince being like, “Computer Love is the shit!!!! I’m using that computer voice shit on my next album!”

    Hip-hop ain’t dead, it’s just a watered down, weak, pathetic, bullshit version of everything it used to be.

    • mike

      Well said, thankyou.

    • El Tico Loco

      Don’t say that too loud, a grown crack baby might get on the comments and tell u that originality is played out, and now you gotta do what they tell you is hot.

    • Oxford


      • Justice4All

        Double CO-SIGN

    • $ykotic

      Co-sign E X3.

      “There’s a sign on the door, no biting allowed”-Rakim “Move The Crowd”

      Something most dudes do not do these days.

      “Weak ideas, irritate my ears/Is this the best that you can make?/If not, and you got more, I’ll wait.

      But don’t make me wait too long/I’MA MOVE ON/the dance floor/when they put something smooth on/so turn up the bass, it’s better when it’s loud/CAUSE I LIKE TO MOVE THE CROWD.”

      Jay’s lucky KANE fell back.

  • erik

    its funny how nas and jay-z had problems but there cool know and i hope that they conect on a new track on nas new album or on jay-z new shit becouse they have same feelings bout the state hip-hop is in and i whant to see them togather to see wat they can do and that track with buckshot and krs-one that shits hot so i just whant to see wat they have to say bout hip-hop it will be interresting when it comes out=]=)=}

  • Federal Ranga

    I’on know about ya’ll, but that was still on bitch move on Kelis’ part to not let the nigga see his own son’s birth…

    As far as what Nas is saying, I can only kinda agree… “Everything comes to an end and goes to a new phase,” co-sign, but complete bullshit from him (or at least I’d have preferred to hear someone else say that)…

    Back when he felt like hip hop was dead, he was all like “fuck hip hop. Bury it and piss on it’s grave, let’s get this money” and shit then turn around and said it’s just a phase? GTFOH, man.


  • Gerv


  • KCI’s CEO

    All I know is hip-hop is something I grew up in and those younger than me did the same, to those who watched it flourish and grow,it would seem watered-down or carbon-copy. But I feel like when something like this becomes more popular,more people attempt to accomplish what only few can do,which is make a classic record,but Nas and Damien Marley have proven that on more than one occasion and in this day and age few can stand next to them lyrically or spirtually when it comes to touching people with their music,period.

  • brand-new

    i’m still a lil unsure about this nas/marley album. especially after saying last summer that he’s finally going to do the long awaited nas/preemo album. nas needs to come correct this time, im sorry but, the untitled album was boring. i tried to force myself to like it, but couldn’t do it.

  • Wyzard of Hop 297

    Nas is that dude. I mean lyrically, got the mean pen and decent stories with some nice new school “public enemy” seasoning. He is a well rounded office but he jus lacks the ARTIST charisma/charm and connect of Jay Z (whom I think is the best LIVING – he is just like runnin bpluses to APLUSES in all statistical categories including charisma, artist to fan connect, best stories, can do any kind of record and he kills his features) and Nas don’t even have the charm, charisma and artist connect of a 50cent. NOT sayin I think FIF is that hot and YES I know his day has been dead since Game killed him (btw Game has the IDENTICAL problems and slights that Nas suffers from, read the list again and think of Game if you doubt me)

    as far as hip hop being dead, it is in a coma. I did not move to the south or souja boys mama house, them niggas should be the suspect in its murder. Y is hip hop dead?? In short b/c it is no longer about a hot beat a DOPE lyrics and someone grabbing every track and (screamin’ at it) “Im the best and HERE is WHY!”

    the wizard has spoken,..

  • Sleepy Wonder

    And I Was Hoping To See Nas Jump On That Official “D.O.A. Remix”

  • crenshawblvd
  • kid kid mikey

    thats why i hate when people say lil wayne and kanye aint hip hop;
    “That’s why I did Hip Hop Is Dead. These records have to be made. It’s rappers making records that resemble what the real rap sounds like to shake up all this other (stuff).”

  • Darq

    Co-Sign Sleepy
    Wassup Pierzy…Sky???
    I think Nas is on point…and i feel like he…right alongside Jigga is one of the most sincere emcees out there. What peeps don’t seem to get is: the whole of life is a stage…you oughtta be growing. If you ain’t growing…you’re dead. That’s why most of these cats seem to contradict themselves. Because one particular way is how they felt at a particular time…and then they know better later…

    Kinda like Game saying he’d never take shots at a legend…and then…
    But that’s bullshit though…lol.

    Word from Nigeria.

  • $ykotic

    Growth is life. Being alive. Striving for perfection. Being mentally dead is not a good look in these days and times…

    And it’s $yk man! Like “sike” or “psych”…


    • Tony Grand$

      Eff it man…..

      I’m “Grand” & you’re “Sky”.


  • DJ Kells

    When HIP was in its growth …..the WORST thing you could do was COPY someones dress/style/persona…. that shit was a CRIME!!!!! You had to be creative with what you had you had to stand apart , thats why Kane didnt sound like BIZ , or KRS didnt sound like Rakim , and CHuck D, didnt sound like L.L ….NIGGAS WAS O-R-I-G-I-N-A-L!!! I mean Erick Sermon had a fucking lisp when he rapped!!!

  • king Tony

    simply put the greatest rapper of all time. Lets go Esco!

  • BeerGangsta

    Nas the master. Always speaking the truth. Hurry up and make another CD. Nas take 2 long to make a new CD. Auto Tune will be the shit Summer 2010.

  • B-Roc

    iono im hoping the next fase in hiphop is getting back to lyricism and dope beats theres some hope in my mind with slaughterhouse starting to make some noise Im a huge Joell ortiz fan and when he hooked up with all those other dudes i was like damn this could be something there all lyrical monsters and have been ripping rock the bells along with nas. I hope this nas dame thing work out. I think he needs to get on this preemo album though that should be tight as fuck i heard he wanted 2 do 2 albums one with preem and one with dre and drop them in the same year that would be fucking CRAZY

  • g5$%%$$%

    i feel like with every stage in rap music ppl always feel nostalgic and want things to be like what they used to be…when Hov was on that “excuse me whats your name” shit ppl was like man i want the old Hov and shit like that…then when the nigga did something different they wanted the excuse me hats your name back..and same wit every other artist ppl always think they contemporary work aint as good as they old shit unless its similar or just undeniably good. I guarantee Pac and Big had problems wit what Nas was doing when he entered the How naw Big cosigned him. But all i’m saying is that hip hop is dead shit didn’t come about til the south got hot and thats fucked up b/c we not the only ones making that bullshit and dance music…The east coast had chicken noodle soup, the harlem shake and a whole bunch of other shit where they jockin our swag…I guess its alright for Ron Brownz and Dipset to hit the Autotune but its wrong for T-Pain and Weezy??? All i’m saying is niggas need to watch it when they take an absurd or just different stance on shit…the nigga Jay talkin bout DOA but i guarantee Rhianna need it to fix her pitch on that new single he got and the same thing go for Beyonce every singer uses it…they jus aint got it cranked up like Pain

  • H1N1

    Hip pop aint dead itz alive I got it. fuck Nas his past his prime only rapper that stood the test of time is King Jay Z all hail to the king bitches Jay Z is revelant Nas is not Jay has one alter Ego Hov Nas has several like a homie said Nas has a identity Crises





  • DazzOne

    “The Queensbridge rapper—who insists Auto-Tune will not be found on his upcoming collaboration with Damian Marley, Distant Relatives—”

    I would at this time like to say that one of my FAVORITE songs on Marley’s ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ album, “For the Babies” had an auto-tune like effect on the vocals. It wasn’t following a trend, it was just dope, and the lyrics and content did not take a back seat at all to the style. Few artist have that talent.

    Let me re-iterate…TALENT!!!