Method Man, Redman & Ghostface Form Like Voltron for Summer Tour

With Raekwon and Rza currently on the Rock the Bells tour, there is no hope for a full-fledged Wu-Tang tour this summer, but two of its most popular rappers Ghostface Killah and Method Man will be hitting the road together starting at the end of July.

Fellow Def Jam MC and Meth’s longtime rap partner Redman will also be joining the bill, titled as The Foot Print in Hip Hop Tour. Set to kick off in Asheville, North Carolina on July 22, the rappers’s bus will make stops in cities like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, New York, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas and L.A., before their last show in San Fransisco on August 16. 

Meth and Red will be promoting the release of their latest disc, Blackout! 2, the sequel to their multi-platinum selling 1999 debut, while Ghost will be plugging both his greatest hits collection, Ghostdeini The Great released last December, as well as his upcoming R&B album,The Wizard of Poetry.

In related news, Tony Starks recently announced plans to release his first comic book. Following in Meth’s footsteps, the book entitled Cell Block Z, will be published by Hachete Book Group who put out the Iron Lung’s self-titled graphic novel last year.

For a full list of tour dates and to purhase tickets fans can visit -Max G

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  • CeeHawk

    Will certainly be there for the Austin leg of the tour.

    • joe p

      ill be at that baltimore show !!

  • romil

    Lol, they going to asheville, aint nuthin out there but Mountains & hippies all the real ngaz left.

    • that nigga

      Yeah but atleast they have a hot show on the count of the Hippies, and Meth, Red and Ghost love of that piff. Trust me , they know what they doing.

  • General

    What the hell? No stop in Chicago? Would love to see it, but come on, we can get no love from these cats in Chi Town?

  • El Tico Loco

    Asheville NC? c’mon I know they won’t play ATL because of the turnout they had the for RTB, but what do you expect when you book a show on a weekday, and the people going to the Asheville show will be from outta town and that’s a Wednesday WTF? Keep making those decisions and the show money’s gonna match the record sales money.

  • Jamal7Mile

    No stops in Red’s own Bricks??? I guess Detroit can forget about it then.

    • http://www.jamal7mile/ Jamal7Mile

      Besides we all know they are garbage anyway. Buddens gonna crush all 3 of them before its over

  • No Los Angeles Tour

    they aint coming to LA. No love whats up with that.

    • MO

      It says L.A. learn how to read. RETARD.

  • yoprince

    lol @ niggas going to Asheville first to pick up pounds of that mountain piff…

    will be at the NY show.

  • donknottz

    Jamal7Mile U Have lost your Mind! Joe BUdden. Name a joe budden clssic?????? Exactly cause they’re aint one. Reggie will wipe the floor with misses budden and when it comes to being an MC Red, Meth, and Ghost in that order wax all those fools in slaughterhouse. Royce is a dope MC but cant make nothing but Mix tapes. I’ aint knockin him either I met Ryan he’s a real cool cat but not one of them will ever have the career of redman or method man or even ghost 4 that matter and I’m not the biggest ghostfan but he’s got WU and these guys will always be just under the surface Mixtape rappers Period! Unless Em picks royce back up then he’ll be chillin again. Cmon JOE BUDDEN HEHEHE Whats the world coming to…

    • Jamal7Mile

      The dude who responded to my post is really 3rd Testicle the impostor. My name has a link. 3rd Testicle, who also fucks with other peoples name, does not.

      Real is Real. Cocksuckers are cocksuckers.


      • ko

        Budden is garbage the game already bodied that clown back in the day. His girl is more known than he is. Buddens ain’t got shit.

  • $ykotic

    Let me find out XXL can’t spell!


  • Donknottz

    Real Bs is Real Bs. You know nothing about MC’S obviously if you think joe budden is a better mc than redman. Next you’ll say he’s better than black thought. And no i dont have a lame website where i put up my lame opinion about lame rappers. Talk to me in 15 years and we’ll see if budden is still around. No imposter I am who I am Donknottz from worcester, ma there jamal eminem movie name man

    • Jamal7Mile

      Wasn’t even talking about you, donknottz…

      THERE IS ANOTHER GUY USING MY SCREEN NAME. He is an impostor. He’s trying to confuse YOU and other people. He’s laughing at the board because he has nothing better going on in his pathetic inbred hillbilly life.

      He wanted YOU to get mad at me. Don’t fall for that shit.


      • Donknottz

        Aah got ya I’m glad to see the world is not a sad a place as i thought. Cause the day Budden Blazes Reggie I’m gonna Blaze Myself. Sorry 4 any ill will like I was Nasty Nas

      • $ykotic

        J7! Peace my dude! Long time no muster…

        Brah don’t sweat that. Your look is even better now Commission Generale.

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  • Nate

    Knottz- Listen to Joe Buddens street albums or Padded Room- You will hear classic songs- they just won’t be “payola radio classic” because we are in a different age of rap….

    Meth/Red are nice, but in the modern age you have to match songs up against each other and BOTH artists are putting out fire.

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