Lil Wayne Accused of Sleeping Through Concert In New Lawsuit

Not only is sleep the cousin of death apparently it can cost a ton in legal fees. In a lawsuit filed today (July 9), Lil Wayne was accused of sleeping through a scheduled concert date, according to

Red City Entertainment is suing the New Orleans native for close to half a million dollars after Weezy was a no-show at a planned September 27, 2008 performance in the Bahamas.

The company alleges that it put up close to $432,000 to set up the event, but when it came time for Weezy to hit the stage, he was nowhere to be found. Reportedly when authorities searched for the rapper they found him passed out in his hotel room, that Red City paid for.

In addition for fronting the hotel bill, Red City also claims to have given Wayne $210,000 in advance. They are seeking compensation for all the expenses surrounding the canceled concert.

Wayne has yet to comment on the allegations. –Max G

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  • Pierzy

    Sizzurp’s a bitch…

    • HERM

      Hahaha! Exactly.

    • joe p

      hey he in the forbes top 5 right ? i think he can afford a nap or two …

  • Phresh


    Excuse me…….. PIERZY!!!!!

  • Oxford


  • brandon

    fuck a concert

  • Dallas Penn

    Why the fuck does Lil’ Wang have to perform on his birthday?

    Fuck Red City Entertainment! Libras stand up!

  • Jr

    hahaha go head weezy

  • Tony Grand$


    Yeah, that wasn’t YOUR cocaine on that tour bus that time. We believe you.
    I’m not keeping a tally, but, in legal fees alone, this dude’s blown through half of the profits from Tha Carter 3.

    Stay losing?

  • Junior


  • HipHop_Fiend

    This is funny, but sad. Can you really blame Wayne for being a hardworking man? LOL.

  • Clever

    Damn! Life’s a pill ah 2 ruff huh Wayne? LOL!

  • Deuce53

    hahahahaha woooow! this dude doesnt give a fuck about his fans, thats proof rite there! sooooo why do y’all even care bout him?! im not hatin, i like weezy in small doses (which is wat he needs to fuck with when it comes to the robituss) but this dude is ridicilous


    it’s not his fault when you mix alot of drugs together sometimes they knock you out.

  • Ron Mexico

    “you know what it is. you smoke a lot. you drink a lot. you black out.” -bizzy bone

    even if you weren’t concerned about your word and your professional reputation… that’s entirely too much money to be fuckin up.

  • $ykotic

    This n*gga took an expensive nap I tell ya…

  • yoprince

    LMAO.. sometimes you need your rest at all costs

  • CLaRK

    i like wayne, but dude lets a lot of fans down.

    Ill never forget when he no-showed when i went to see him in boston.

  • EmCDL

    I hope it was worth it Lil Wang! Damn dude must think he can get away with anything…these show promoters stay in his buttcheeks

  • anutha_level

    that’s some ignorant sh!t. word to strugglin promoters tryin to make it happen…



  • Teddy

    hahaha leaaaaaaaaaaaann

  • Sleepy Wonder

    Sleep Is The Cousin Of Debt…

    • makaveli1671

      lol…you aint never lied sleepy

  • thelupend

    lil wayne gets sued all time,it aint nothin new.

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  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    yeah comin down from a coke and lean binge will do that to you. This nigga need some serious help or he gon end up like pimp c god rest his soul.

  • PerfectPoints357

    Damn vhing you said somethin that made since im foolin cuz, real talk though these dudes get this money and fame and lose their damn minds. That old sayin i came from nothin so i gotta get it all is playin out. I cant speak for all of us ( us being young black men ) and im not Farrakan or nothin like that but we have to at some point take responsibility for our actions and the things we do. Shit aint nothin wrong with puttin one in the wind or doing whatever your vise may be but to go from having nothing you figure cats would have a lil more respect for gettin that legit paper. Jus as quick as he made it to the top he tryin to get back to the bottom just as fast. Jus my .15

    • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

      I think we sometimes get to much to soon and don’t know what to do wit’ it feel me? we come from a culture thats not use to havin everything accessible every minute so when we get in that position we take it to far not knownin’theres circumstances that come along with over indulgence. on the real he need somebody to step in and tell him “NO” before he one his self.It’s gon have to be an outside force tho’ cuz’ baby keep’em high to keep’em workin and his cohorts are all yes men.


    LMAO!!! the nigga fell asleep in the hotel THEY paid 4, & gave him half upfront… i dont think i ever been so fukd up (or sleep) to where i’m a miss out on ANY money!!!

  • Max Profit

    Too much syrup and Too many shows!

    Everybody burns out once and a while!

  • http://lilwayne rita sims

    lil wayne needs to step back and look at our boy micheal jackson because if he keeps taking all this cough syrup he wont be around to take care all the babies hes making.i love little wayne and would hate to see him die.

  • Sadam

    LMAO,Syrup in d System……. F**k Dis Nigga he was Slow………