Not only is sleep the cousin of death apparently it can cost a ton in legal fees. In a lawsuit filed today (July 9), Lil Wayne was accused of sleeping through a scheduled concert date, according to

Red City Entertainment is suing the New Orleans native for close to half a million dollars after Weezy was a no-show at a planned September 27, 2008 performance in the Bahamas.

The company alleges that it put up close to $432,000 to set up the event, but when it came time for Weezy to hit the stage, he was nowhere to be found. Reportedly when authorities searched for the rapper they found him passed out in his hotel room, that Red City paid for.

In addition for fronting the hotel bill, Red City also claims to have given Wayne $210,000 in advance. They are seeking compensation for all the expenses surrounding the canceled concert.

Wayne has yet to comment on the allegations. –Max G